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09-10-2008, 08:54
Alright People.

This is a first draft list. No real theme behind it. Design to be a tourment list. ie take on all comers.


Sorcerer Lord (370pts)
Lvl 3
Crown of everlasting conquest (regen)
Axe of Khorne (+1 str, and killing blow)
Conjoined Hormonculus (once per player turn, added D3 to either casting or dispel roll)
Mark of Tzeentch (6+ ward, +1 to casting)

Exalted Hero (201 pts)
Chaos Runesword (+1 to WS, str, and Attacks)
Chaos Stead
Mark of Nurgle

Exalted Hero (ASB) (185pts)
BloodCurling Roar (2D6 str 1 hits, no armour save)
Bronze Armour of Zhrakk ( Immune to Psychology, Killing Blow, Poison. Doesnt allow Ld bonus)
Glaive of Putrifaction (unsaved wounds, reduced str and toughness to 2, for rest of game)

Sorcerer (215 pts)
LvL 2
Book of Secrets (give one extra spell from either Death, Shadow, Fire. Gen extra power dice. and miscast roll is D6+1)
3rd Eye of Tzeentch (allow mage to know enemies spells and cast them)
Dispel scroll
Mark of Nurgle

Core Units;

24 Marauders, shields, LA, FC, Mark of Tzeentch (182 pts)
24 Marauders, shields, LA, FC, Mark of Tzeentch (182 pts)
24 Marauders, shields, LA, FC, Mark of Nurgle (192 pts)

Special Units;

5 Knights, FC, Festering Shroud, Mark of Nurgle (305 pts)

Rare Units;

Warshine, Mark of Tzeentch (150pt)

Grand Total 1982

The plan.

3 Blocks of Marauders march forward while the mages, (hopeful) throw out a decent amount of magic.

Knights and Mounted Hero hang to the back of the army being screened by the large blocks. along with the warshine. The warshine helps beef up one of the units.

Already starting to think I have to many heros. I am think about dropping the mounted champion, and adding a couple of small units of hound, along with other harder hitting units. and also changing the Nurgle sorcerer for Festus the leechlord

bork da basher
09-10-2008, 09:21
without sounding rude i dont think the list will do well at all. i'll begin with the charecter choices, a sorcerer lord should concentrate on magic, lvl 4 should be the first thing you buy, secondly MoT and an axe of khorne is just plain wrong, if it isnt khorne specific in the book is should be. he shouldnt need a magic weapon his primary role should be to cast spells and not to risk his life in melee, use the points to buy the extra lvl, other than that id say he's fine.

IMO the exalted hero isnt needed, drop him and save the points for more units. the BSB is tooled up for combat, chaos have some very nice standards available it might be a good oppitunity to buy one. seriously overloaded on magic items here.

sorcerers cant take the book of secrets its meant for non magic wielders to cast a spell. again with the MoN and third eye of tzeentch, its just wrong and third eye isnt really essential.

marauders, why MoT its rubbish on units, MoN is best for marauders, make them real tarpits with LA/Shield/HW combo and -1 to hit and full ranks makes them hard to shift. win by CR no kills.

knights unit doesnt need a champion, 20pts for 1A is a waste. festering shroud is rubbish and should u kill one or two with it, it generally means thats one or two less they should kill in combat thus reducing your combat score and the chances of you breaking the unit. ditch this.

overall your far too charecter heavy and those that you have are so laden down with magic items they become a hinderance. buy at least two more units and i suggest rethinking your marks and the usefulness they have on each unit. as it is you have 3 units of marauders and a unit of knights in 2000pts. they're full of hard charecters but u will be marchblocked, charged (M4) flanked and cut to pieces simply because u dont have the units. a shooting or magic heavy army could decimate you beyond recovery by turn two.

09-10-2008, 10:09
:)I don't agree fully with basher. A level 4 Tzzentch Soc Lord with RuneSword in a 30 modelTzeentch Marked Full command LA HW Marauder Unit would be effective. Add in a smaller similar Tzeentch Soc Tzeentch Marauder Unit and Tzeentch WarShrine and you would have a semi Combat Bunker type Centre to lure the foolish onto.....

:)I recon if you split your list down Tzeentch half....Nurgle Half...you could form quite an army. Kick out the use of M Items that :cheese: off opponents and stick to those suited to your Tzeentch & Nurgle Models. This will still give you plenty off top picks and may even make the army better by forcing you to concentrate. Hope that helps LION

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09-10-2008, 14:20
Your Sorcerer Lord does not need axe of khorne. He only has three attacks so it is unlikely he will score a killing blow. Give him sword of strenght, it's cheaper. You could drop MoN on the mounted exalted, if he stays with the knights, shooting will be at -1 BS anyway, same with enemy WS in combat(except for challanges). Just dont keep him next to the guy with festering shroud...
Drop bloodcurling roar on the BSB, apparently you cant Stand and shoot with it, and it's only S1 so it will hardly do any damage. The glaive is very cool, but really only useful if you go against some tough opponent like a hydra... so if you intend to keep it, make sure he is pitted against something nasty. :)

Mark of Tzeentch on the marauders... a 6+ward is pretty worthless imo, MoS might be more worthwile, especially if you face daemons and undead.

Hopefully, you will now have some spare points to squeeze in either a spawn or a unit of marauder horsemen.

09-10-2008, 17:06
[QUOTE=bork da basher;2995937]
sorcerers cant take the book of secrets its meant for non magic wielders to cast a spellQUOTE]

nope its just an enchanted item,its only restrictions are no MOK, so its great to boost wizards

11-10-2008, 22:55
Right having taken these points on boards and re-read the new army book. There are a few things I would like to say before listing the re-written list.

1. There is no restrication on giving the axe of khrone to a sorcerer.

2. Why not tool up an BSB. if all I am wanting him for is the re-roll failed Ld checks. Almost, this means the character is less likely to die, if gets caught in a challenge. (which under the new book he would have to do)

3. I was already thinking where were too many characters. and I had stated this. but cheers for the ripping any way.

so the incompleted revised list is:

Sorcerer Lord
Lvl 3
Crown of everlasting conquest
Book of Secrets
Conjoined Hormonculus
Mark of Tzeentch
Chaos steed

Festus the Leechlord

Exalted Hero
Glaive of Putrifaction
Enchanted shield

Core Units;

19 Warriors, Additional Handweapon, FC, MoK
12 Warriors, Shields, FC, MoN
24 Marauders, Shields, LA, GW, FC MoN
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

Rare Units;

Warshine, Mark of Tzeentch (150pt)
Warshine, Mark of Tzeentch (150pt)

Not too sure for the grand total.

The plan;

The sorcerer lord join the unit of 12 warriors. The only reason he has a steed is to give him a 2+ sv.

Festus join the 19 warriors with the MoK (I already hear people crying that not legal. Well as far as I can see it is(cried "thats not fluffly" I say boo-hoo get over it)). This means the unit has a basic of 4 poisoned attack at WS 5 and Str 4. Plus 5+ regen. A proper tank if you ask me.

The Exalted champion joins the marauders to up the killing power, and the reason for GW is. If they get the charge why not.

The 2 warshine hang round the back bumping units stats, and generally being annoying. and a possible flank charge later.

The hounds are screening/flanking/war machine hunts units. which can be thrown away. like a bone. still have some points left. not too sure how many as get. this list was though of the bus home with out the book in front of me. oh well.

please any thoughts including rippings i will gratefully take.
if you join want to moan that you can make an un-fluffy army take to your local GW store.

12-10-2008, 18:10
The mok warriors really need shields to improve their save vs shooting. You could probably afford to cut a warrior or two and field them in a 6x3 block to maximize attacks.

Also, you really need a third mage if you want to get some spells through. Swap the exalted for a mot level 2 on a chaos steed with the glaive (for challenges) and one of the familiars.

13-10-2008, 07:10
you have all the anvils and no hammers, so as soon as you get to your opponents juicy lines, you'l be stuck there slowly being flanked and run down.
big unit of khorne warriors will be lead on a merry dance, if not ignored and shot.

try dropping a warshrine, and the 12 warriors (not big enough for an anvil, not hitty enough for hammer) and buy a unit of 5 knights of tzeentch with blasted standard FC, to go with the lord they can act as an hammer then before they charge, let the lord leave the unit and run off into warriors.

with spare points grab 2 spawn of chaos as flank protectors and general annoyance.

13-10-2008, 08:09
;) I would also advise the Lord moving into a Knights unit if you leave him on the CStead.

:eek:I am 90% certain that the Book of Secrets is not intended for a Sorceror. You could read its entry as giving an extra spell from Fire Shadow or Death, but if you follow that logic you would be triped by the wording saying the bearer generates 1PD and rolls 1D6 + 1 on the Miscast Tabel!! Thats not generates one Additional...generates one power dice. You would effectively lose 2 power dice + put your general in a warp visiting position to gain but one spell and pay points for the pleasure. Poor trade. LION
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Lord Khabal
13-10-2008, 09:04
Im not a fan of the warshrine. random effects just isnt my thing. rather use something that hurts, like... hum, chaos knights?

Put the Tz wizard on Lvl4, give him da disk and golden eye (3+Wsave and Asave!!!) and a sword of might for war machine hunting and thats it (also give him the roar or stream gifts - I dont like the roar unless im expecting a lot of cavalry!)
By the way, having your near 400 points character stupid (with Ld 8) isnt funny, trust me... not a big fan of humunculus myself.

If youre going magic heavy use the +1PD item.

Festus on the warriors rules!!! MON (or even MOT) is very good.