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Fenris Regimental Command
10-10-2008, 03:23
Rather than start two different threads, I've decided to combine my two most recent inquiries into a single one;

The title pretty much explains it. What is the one(or many) thing(s) that whenever you see it at the table, your brain has an appreciationgasm.

For me, It's a beautifully painted army(always makes me jealous, I'm only a mediocre painter), An army that performs seamlessly - acting like a fluid waltz of destruction as it hacks/shoots the opponent to pieces, or a really fun/original-looking army list. And occasionally I'll mutter a soft 'Wow' when I face off against an army that I haven't played against in a long while(but with those, I usually just get more excited about the game to come, rather than marvel at the shock value of facing them)

The first time I faced off against Jetbike Eldar, they were painted a beautiful Royal blue, Orange, and Silver. It was a spectacular game (I lost, just because I didn't know what to do against that kind of army at the time) and it's definitely ranked as one of my top games of all time.


Now for the second question;

What is/are your top game(s) of all time? Why are they said 'top games' on your list?

My first would have to be the first game that I played tag-team with my wife. Her incinerator sisters combined with my mass-artillery guard was gorgeously synchronized into a Symphony of Destruction ;) We laid waste to an Ork Horde paired with the Pink and black devotees of Slaanesh. The pair of us ended up taking first place in the tournament, as the harmony of our armies (though unintended) just couldn't be stopped.

As it just so happened, we knew the tournament was going to be tag-team. But the judges had told everyone that partners would be picked randomly via hat-drawing. Talk about luck! My wife and I ending up playing together.

My second would then fall to the aforementioned Eldar Jetbike list...such a beautiful army performing so spectacularly...one step ahead of me the entire game. I did my best, and had so much fun that I nearly asked the player for his number, just to schedule games again at a later date.

Edit; Apologies for the whole color mix-up...I just tend to overuse parenthesis, so the colors make it easier to differentiate.

10-10-2008, 04:28
wow icelander in texas how did that happen?
nice painted armies are cool to see but i really flip over cool unique conversions or themed converted armies.
almost all 40k games are fun except against necrons, killem get up killem get up boring. but best game that mattered was game 2 round one of ard boyz against beefy ork army. had to ram his heavy su8pport lobba tank thing fir two kill points and victory last turn and it worked. woohoo.

Fist of Crimson
10-10-2008, 04:28
Wow at the table:

Any army painted to a higher standard than mine. I just wonder where someone finds the time/effort to put any more detail in than I can manage in my spare time.

Top Game:

1st game of 40k against an opponent that wasn't myself.
Back in 2nd edition, I had played myself a couple of times to get the rules figured out, but it was such a ridiculous amount of fun to play my first game against someone else. It helped that I won :)

Cannot generate the same excitement and anticipation again.
Got close with my first grand tournament game though.

10-10-2008, 04:57
Wow on the table. I appreciate a extremely well painted army and well set up force like anyman. However, the biggest thing that makes me go WOW is when I do anything to vehicles in shooting. I have such horrible luck its like a gift from god when I kill something armored.

10-10-2008, 04:59
A strong oponent. Makes the victory all the more sweeter.

Cry of the Wind
10-10-2008, 05:13
Hmmm this is interesting and makes me think a bit. As for the wow factor it has to be heavily converted armies. Painting is up there too but really its the conversions that get me going. They need to be painted at least average but generally those who wow me with conversion also paint very well too.

As for most memorable game, I really don't have one that stands head and shoulders above the rest though I can think of my top 3.

Playing in a tournament where the terrain was literally a fortress on one side and an open field on the other. It was early in 4th Ed and I was using Craftworld Eldar against a Tau player. Guess who lost both table edge and first turn...yeah it was me. This game is in my top 5 because of all the crazy luck I had and the tricks I pulled out of some dark nether region to pull off only a minor loss. People complained about Falcons a lot but when you are sitting in the open and not moving fast looking down the barrels of several rail guns... Great game because I to think harder than any other game with those evil Falcons of doom and the looks of growing desperation in my opponents face as what should have been an easy victory turned into a nightmare for him. I'm just glad I didn't win because the guy might have had a heart attack.

Second game that is very memorable for me was also using my evil Falcon army of doom. A different tournament but this time it was the final game on the top table. The winner was going to get Best Overall and the loser might still have Best General if it wasn't a massacre. The mission had night fight for the first 3 turns but also escalation. This meant my Falcons were coming on randomly. Funny enough I was playing against a Tau player this game too. Long story short I have a Falcon move on only to be blown up by a rail gun. Next turn 2 more Falcons show up...and crash into the ground with rail gun slugs through the cockpit. By the end of the game there was a pile in one corner with 3 dead Falcons, 5 dead Vypers and 1 Devilfish all wrecked (many on top of each other). Since I knew I was toast after the second Falcon went down I just laughed off the rest of the game as both me and my opponent couldn't believe his luck (he thought he was doomed at the start).

3rd game that sticks out in my mind was against Beastmen with my Lizards in a WHFB tournament. Granted it's not 40k but it is in my top 3 so I'll just inculded it anyway. Game goes great for me on turns 1 and 2. By turn 3 I have my big uber unit with Slann mage priest surrounded on 3 sides with their back to the table edge by Minotaurs, Chariots and Beastherds. By turn 6 I only have 1 Kroxigor left but since we were having so much fun we let the game run till turn 9 when he finally died (note that I was killed fast enough that even though we were playing in a big tournament we still had time for 9 turns :p).

Common theme in all my best games, well yeah I actually lost all of them but it was the guy on the other side of the table that made the game awesome. Each was a different player but the back and forth goading and general rapport that we had for those games was on a level that I rarely see. Funny thing is all these games come from tournaments where the common consensus around here is that they are only for heartless uber geeks who need to prove something with their super cheesy army and lack of respect for their fellow games sense of fun.

10-10-2008, 18:18
The Wow Table…this is tough but I would say people who use unorthodox army lists and/or tactics always wow me. And all my favorite games are against these kinds of armies.

My favorite battles.
#1 my second ever game of 40k was a 3 on 3 my Blood Angels a friends wit his space wolves, and a friend with his imperial guard against 3 players where all playing chaos. The battle was 2000 points per person, so there were 12000 points on the table hundreds of models it was incredible. This was during the days of second edition (back when a chaos champion could have 20+ attacks and 6+ saves with the right wargear) the forces of the Emperor were defeated but only after 6 long hours of intense fighting. That was my first real big game and now I love the huge games.

#2 When the new space wolf book came out I started my space puppies, is my best painted army and there first encounter was against the forces of changer of ways at a local tournament (my local store really likes to run things at 2000 points for some reason) and his army was beautifully painted as well, and we both had a reputation for being skilled commanders so when we faced off we actually had a small crowd watching we decided to playthe parts of our respective commanders due to the age old battle between the thousand sons and the space wolfs so here were two grown men slinging insults about the Emperor and the chaos powers taking over and such. I won the battle but very narrowly and great fun was had by all including the spectators. Just goes to show how much fun can be had when you get into character lol.

Ubermensch Commander
10-10-2008, 19:15
1) WoW! factor for me is if someone has done up a beautfiully themed army. They are playing cuz they have a background, a unfying factor, and are sticking to it. Especially if it is a theme not seen often, like a massive Goff army.
Not...say....the Ork army that found old reruns of Godzilla movies and worship him as incarnation of Gork and Mork. While amusing, that does not WoW me. That makes me chuckle and shake my head slightly. Really nicely painted and converted work does it for me as well.
Also, if someone bring their themed army, even if somewhat unorthodox is unit selection, and makes it work.
2) Best game? I don't know. One of the best was when I played my friends Ulthwe strikeforce with my DE. Gets me heated, as I hate someone portaling against me, but still fun.
Oh! Just remembered. One of the best games I ever played was a 5 way game with a guard player holding the center. We had to take it. It was a FFA. Necrons tried to hide and got stomped by the ordanance fire and a LaTD force. One guard minor officer with power fist held up a unit of mutants, big mutants, and won against them. It was epic. Also, Talos lands in the center, wreaks havoc amonst the guard...i sweeping advance over to the command squad....sucked down ridiculous plama. It was cool. Not sure if the Talos died from that but it was very cinematic. In the end, the T-sons player won by having a unit on the objective. I believe I had run with my Archon, rallied, and ended the game just off the objective so I could not contest it! ...one more turn....one more! Wait sorry, no Archon, just the squad. I forgot....this is the game where I didnt want to lose and incubi to a plamsa shot...so I boldly proclaimed id take it on the lord and said "Anything but a one!!" You can guess the outcome =) Steaming pile of Archon bits. Ick. ahha.

10-10-2008, 19:31
1 Close games
2 Theme armies

10-10-2008, 22:14
Indeed, a nicely painted army always does the trick.

Wow after the game, where I had to think so hard, grey matter is oozing out of my nose. You know the games, where you get a equally matched player and an equally matched army, and you have to play at the top of your game if you are going to get a result. The ones where you sit back afterwards and your brain is buzzing.

Any army with a nice conversion that makes me think 'wow, thats fantastic, I'm gonna have to nick that idea and use it myself'. I do believe in the phrase 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'.

10-10-2008, 23:53
I will have to say nicely painted armies/conversions as well. I also like a good generalmanship and hard fought games where the die gods decide to leave us alone and nothing is out of the ordinary.

10-10-2008, 23:56
A hard win, easy wins aren't very fulfilling for me.

Well painted armies are good yeh, but i really go 'wow' at armies where EVERYTHING has been tweaked or converted, making it much more personalised.


EDIT: Forgot my best games :P

Hmm, first time using my Vostroyans, my Vanquisher hit a Rhino (AT shells ftw) managed to kill everyone inside (10 man tac sqaud) and the blast got 6 others in a squad, forcing them to fall back :D, Ofcourse now my vanquisher never hits ever (BS3 epic fail), but that one time it was cool :)

11-10-2008, 00:06
A strong oponent. Makes the victory all the more sweeter.

This - the greater the challenge the mightier the victory.

Hence why everyone remembers the defence of Rorke's Drift, not the many other battles that happened in the anglo-zulu war.

Though the problem then becomes when you are the stronger player in a game and do crush your opponent.

11-10-2008, 00:18
Though the problem then becomes when you are the stronger player in a game and do crush your opponent.

The game quickly loses its fun. I haven't played in a while because of this.

Ubermensch Commander
11-10-2008, 04:32
1 Close games
2 Theme armies

Ooh! well said!

sing Sang a song
11-10-2008, 04:35
wow moment, when i see a bizzare conversions. like HE silverhelm got some eldar weapon and became shining spear squad.......,

11-10-2008, 05:54
I'd like to think I am working on a wow army in the form of my pre-hersey Night Lords but I doubt it considering some of the converted armies I've seen, like the Chaos Tau at my store or some of the truly stunning paint jobs that make appearances. So yeah, my army will be 'meh' compared to those. Still seeing big stuff like Phantom Titans, super heavy companies, and the like always manages to impress me. Part of the reason I'm working on a Banelord. And yes, the mega battle at Games Day Baltimore was great, especially the bombing runs where entire tables where simply declared destroyed, no rolls, just lots of screaming and if successful (the attackers chanted louder), just remove every model on two tables.

I will end up showing my age a little but...
My most memorable game of all time, was back in the day when I faced my first vehicle ever. I set up my Marines and my foe sets up his Eldar. The last unit to go on the table was his Land Raider. I was floored that I was actually facing a vehicle. I grabbed the rule book and flipped to the color insert of it and saw that it had no less than 30 damage points at toughness 8 with a save of 5-6. After pumping crack missiles into until I knocked out the bolter and cut it's move in half, I found myself doing worse than I hoped with the Eldar running off with hostage. The GM delcared the game a loss for both of us when the hostage was killed when the effects of a hallucinogen grenade I tossed came up as a randomly shoot at stuff in range on the Eldar escorting the hostage. Of course the guy torched the hostage with his hand flamer.