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10-10-2008, 14:05
what you think?

185: lv2 Mage (silver wand, 2xpowerstones)
175: lv2 Mage (ring of furry)
172: lv2 Mage (barded steed, jewel of the duks, gem of courage)
120: 10 Seaguard
140: Lion Chariot
140: Lion Chariot
290: 14 White Lions (FC, banner of sorcery)
225: 7 Dragon Princes (standard, musician, banner of ellyrion)
50: Great Eagle

10-10-2008, 14:50
That's a lot of magic in 1500... and a lot of your points... I'm sure it could do very well if used right.

10-10-2008, 15:08
:evilgrin:Your list would be a good Daemon counter puncher....but if it your "friendly tourney list" then please post your "unfriendly tourney list"

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13-10-2008, 10:16
unfriendly would be 0-1 mages with magic resistance 2 on the white lions, and a noble with loremasters cloak in with the dragon princes

14-10-2008, 00:22
I definitely agree with LION's comment. This is hardly friendly unless you play in a very competitive environment.

As for the lists abilities...
- You have plenty of mobility with the chariots, eagle, and cavalry
- Magic shouldn't be a problem to counter or cast.
- Sea Guard are a good all-rounder choice, but 10 is hardly enough for cc. Considering that you might as well take the archers unless you add more.
- Generally, it seems quite intimidating. You sacrificed shooting but your combat and magic damage potential more than make up for it.