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10-10-2008, 15:29
Hi guys, painting up an Empire General has recently focused my mind back onto an army I've been wanting to build for a long time, inspired by the Teutonic Knights. The idea is a pious Knightly Order taking to the field alone without state support, literally a Military Order force; I'm still bouncing around a name, but I want something along the lines of 'The Teutonic Order of St. Magnus' Charge'. Their common 'fluffy' opponents would be Bretonnians and Chaos; Bretonnians as their rivals for glory (I imagine their fortress being located near the border), and Chaos as their most hated foes!

Anywho, here's a list picked with the theme in mind. Comments are welcome, but please note that the sheer quantity of points poured into the knights is intentional; most Empire armies I have seen have a lot of knights, so I figure I ought to have more to hammer the theme home.

Knightly Bretheren

Grand Master Heinrich von Trier - 235pts
(General, lance & shield combo, Sword of Power, Shroud of Magnus)

Seigfried Rusdorf, Battle Standard Bearer (Captain) - 157pts
(barded warhorse, full plate, Banner of Sigismund)

10 Knightly Orders - 274pts
(standard bearer, musician, Steel Standard)
(to be joined by the General and BSB)


Johann Konig, Warrior Priest - 129pts
(barded warhorse, great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron)

5 Inner Circle Knightly Orders - 200pts
(preceptor, standard bearer, musician, great weapons, Standard of Warding)
(to be joined by mounted Warrior Priest)


Heinrich von Rothenstein, Warrior Priest - 144pts
(great weapon, Dawn Armour, Sigil of Sigmar)

17 Dismounted Knights (Greatswords) - 200pts
(champion, standard bearer, musician)
(to be joined by foot Warrior Priest)

Serjeants of the Order

8 Halberdiers - 40pts
(Greatsword detachment)

24 Spearmen - 164pts
(shields, sergeant, standard bearer, musician)

10 Halberdiers - 50pts
(Spearmen detachment)

10 Halberdiers - 50pts
(Spearmen detachment)

10 Crossbowmen - 100pts
(marksman, standard bearer, musician)

Peasant Levy

28 Free Company - 160pts
(sergeant, standard bearer, musician)

10 Huntsmen - 100pts

Total: 2003pts
4 Dispell Dice, and 3 units have magic resistance. Ward against the power of Chaos! :D

VC Doke
10-10-2008, 17:33
I doubt you're going to need the stubborn banner in that big unit. Drop the magic banner and give the BSB a sword of might + dawn armor. This will protect him better as he'll already have a great armor save with a a re-roll.

The other cavalry looks good.

The warrior priest on foot needs the armor of meteoric iron. A 4+ re-roll isn't as good as a 1+. The warrior priest on horse should take the white cloak. He'll love that against flaming attacks. Fear is frequently a problem. I'd put the icon of magnus on him instead of the cloak if you're playing against anyone, but elves.

Drop the marksman and standard on the x-bowmen. Its a waste of points. In fact they'd be better placed as a detachment to the foot knights.

List looks good. I use to play Empire a lot and this list makes me miss it. Tell us how you do.