View Full Version : New warriors of Chaos List.

10-10-2008, 22:14
Hey people. I've been looking throught the upcoming new Warriors of Chaos releases coming out soon and I had an idea. I have no idea about the points :( but here it is:

Wulfrik the Wanderer as himself, or using the model to represent my own hero.
24 Warriors of Chaos, Full Command, Shields.
Either: 2 x 6 Marauder Horsemen with Full Command or 12 Marauder Horsemen with Full Command.
2 x 10 Chaos Warhounds.
5 Chaos Knights with Full Command.

Criticism (and points :p) are welcome.

.CLeaver out.

Esco Thomson
11-10-2008, 20:16
Well unless you plan on bringing a unit of marauders with I see no reason for Wulfrik. He's still good, obviously, but you should want to be able to take full advantage of his special deployment.

I'd keep the horsemen at five with a musician, then equipment and marks is your call.