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11-10-2008, 00:39
This started as a reply to a thread in 40k general but it got very long and complicated so I'll put it here instead.

Here's how I would do Ork traits.
Three main categories: Gorky, Morky, Orky. Each category has several traits within it.
All Gorky warbands may only take 0-1 mobs of Lootas, 0-1 looted wagons, and no Shokk Attack Gunz.

Stomp stomp stomp!
The warband may take up to one dreadnought as an HQ choice. HQ dreadnoughts allow a dreadnought to be taken as a Troops choice exactly as a Big Mek does. Additionally, each Big Mek or HQ dreadnought allows a 3-strong mob of killa kanz to be taken as an Elites choice, in addition to the Troops dreadnought. Warbands with this trait may not use Bikers, Deff Koptas, Looted Wagons, Trukks, or Battlewagons.

Footsloggas warbands must take at least one maximum-size Ork Boyz (not 'Ard Boyz) mob. The 0-1 restriction on 'Ard Boyz is removed, but Boyz mobs upgraded to 'Ard Boyz are Elites choices. Trukks may not be selected as Dedicated Transports except by warbosses, and trukks thus selected may only be used to transport the Warboss or units containing the warboss. Stormboyz, warbikes, deff koptas, and warbuggies may not be used, but Ork Boyz, Nobz, Tankbustas, and Kommandos may be taken as Fast Attack choices.

Ork Boyz mobs may be upgraded to Skarboyz for 3 points. This gives them S3.

Morky warbands may only take 0-1 Nobz mobz, 0-1 Meganobz mobz, and 0-1 Warboss. You may only take as many Slugga Boyz mobs as you take Shoota Boyz mobz.

Expert Lootas
If Big Meks are taken for HQ, they do not allow dreadnoughts to be fielded as troops, instead allowing a Looted Wagon to be fielded. Big Shootas in Boyz mobs and on Trukks may be upgraded to Deffgunz for +4 points and +5 points, respectively. Vehicles may not take the Red Paint Job upgrade. Bikers, stormboyz, kommandos, warbuggies, and battlewagons are all 0-1 choices. May take up to one vehicle from Codex: Imperial Guard as a heavy support choice for the cost listed in said codex. This vehicle will use BS2. Heavy Bolters may be replaced with big shootas for -1 points, lascannons with zzap gunz for -8 points. Must take at least two mobs of lootas.

Sneeky Gitz
May not take meganobz or anything else in mega armor. 0-1 of the following: Big gunz, deff dreads, killa kanz, warbuggies, bikerz, deff koptas, battlewagons. May take kommandos as Fast attack choices as well as Elites. Ork boyz mobs numbering 12 or fewer may take the Scouts special rule for +3 points per model.

May not take warbosses. May not take Nobz, in mobs or as upgrades. May not take kommandos. Boyz mobz numbering more than 16 must be armed with shootas. May take battlewagons and looted wagons as Elites choices. Must take at least three vehicles.


Feral Orks
May not take: Mega armor, warbikes, buggies, deff dreads, killa kanz, looted wagons, zzap gunz, flash gitz, lootas, burna boyz, deffkoptas, big meks, stormboyz. May only take 0-2 trukks and 0-2 battlewagons. May only take 0-1 tankbustas and 0-1 warbosses. All vehicles use the Don't Press Dat! special rule from the looted wagon entry and the Ramshackle special rule from the Trukk entry. May only take 0-1 big gunz mobs. Ork boyz have BS3 and are armed with shootas. They can take the following upgrades and no others: Nob (as normal), Wildboyz*, Boarboyz*, Huntas*. Only one upgrade marked with a * may be taken.
Wildboyz Exchange their shootas for two close combat weapons for -1 points.
Boarboyz(+4 points/model) Use the Cavalry special rule and may exchange their shootas for a slugga and choppa or two close combat weapons for free.
Huntas Gain the Move Through Cover special rule for +2 points. May not take rokkit launchas or big shootas.
Nobz mobs and Warbosses may be mounted for +4 points/model and are treated as Cavalry if they do so. Mobz that take this upgrade may be selected for Fast Attack choices or Elites choices. Nobz mobz consisting of only three nobz may be upgraded to Shamanz for +2 points. If they do so, every turn they must cast a weirdboy power. If you do not want them to, you must pass a leadership test. If they cast a power, roll a d3. On a roll of one, the spell is disrupted as one of the shamanz suffers an 'eadbang. The mob takes a wound. On a roll of two, the mob may cast a random power from the Weirdboy Psychic Power table. On a roll of three the mob may cast a power of the player's choice from the Weirdboy Psychic Power table. Note that only one power is cast for the whole mob, not for each nob. Only weirdboyz may join Shamanz mobs.
Squig herds may be taken as Troops choices. They consist of 5-30 squigs using the Squig profile from Old Zogwort's entry at 4 points each, and 5+ ork boyz taken at 7 points each.
Squiggoths may be taken as Heavy Support choices, using the forgeworld Big Squiggoth rules.
Ork Cavalry models, already being Fleet, instead roll 2d6 to Run on a turn that a Waaagh! is declared.

Old Skool
Old Skool warbands believe that proppaness has both Gorky bitz and Morky bitz, and are among the few orks that grasp the idea that new and shiny isn't always better. Unfortunately, they grasp to this idea with the usual orky enthusiasm. They may not take killa kanz, zzap gunz, kustom force fields, kustom mega blasters, stormboyz, lootas, looted wagons, shokk attack gunz, deffkoptas, or warbikes. They may only take 0-1: warbuggies, kommando mobz, meganobz mobs, trukks, flash gitz mobs, dreadnoughts. They may take 0-1 Squig herds and Squiggoths, as Feral Orks can. Warbosses and Nobz may be mounted on boars exactly as their Feral Orks counterparts can. 0-1 Nobz mobz can be upgraded to Shamanz. Ork Boyz mobs can be upgraded to boarboyz as Feral Orks mobs can, but mobz thus upgraded are Fast Attack choices. Nobz mobz may not take Battlewagonz.

Speed Freeks
Every model in a Speed Freeks mob must be either a vehicle, deployed in a dedicated transport, mounted on a warbike or deffkopta, or wearing a rokkit pack. Mobs may not number more than twelve. Vehicles must select the Red Paint Job and Grot Riggers upgrades whenever possible. May not take any walkers. Warbuggy skwadrons may number up to nine vehicles, warbiker mobz may number up to 20. Warbiker mobs may be upgraded to Outriderz for free, losing their Dakkagunz and gaining the Scouts USR. Warbiker mobs may be taken as Elites choices.

Rebel Grotz
May not take: Warboss, big mek, meganobz, burna boyz, lootas, kommandos, nobz, flash gitz, tankbustas, weirdboyz, stormboyz, deff koptas, warbikers, Ork boyz. All vehicles use BS3. May take the following units as HQ:

Instigata (5 points): WS3 BS3 S2 T2 W2 I3 A2 Ld9 Sv6+
Equipment: Grot blasta and choppa
May take 'eavy armor for +2 points, stikkbommz for +1 points. May exchange grot blasta for a slugga or six shoota for +1 points or a choppa for free. May exchange both weapons for a power klaw for +8 points or a Grotzooka for +10 points. The Power Klaw will use S6 as it is (bizzarely) used two-handed.

Banna Wavva (5 points): WS3 BS3 S2 T2 W2 I3 A2 Ld8 Sv6+
Equipment: Rebel flag and grot blasta.
May take 'eavy armor for +2 points. May upgrade grot blasta to slugga or six shoota for +1 points.
Rebel Flag: Any Rebel Grotz with line of sight to the Rebel Flag and within 18" of the Banna Wavva may use the Mob Rule special rule. Once per turn the Rebel Grot player may force any enemy Grot Mob or Big Gunz mob to take a leadership test or be pinned.
Keep da banna wavin'!: If the Banna Wavva is killed, the closest Rebel Grot Mob within 6" will take the banner. The model that takes the is replaced by the Banna Wavva model, but this has no effect on its wargear or profile other than the addition of the Rebel Flag. If the mob has an Agitata, the flag will go to him. Otherwise, pick any normal grot in the mob to bear the flag.

Any mob that could normally take Runtherds instead may take an Agitata for +5 points. Gretchin mobs are upgraded to Rebel Grot Mobs, granting them the following options:
May take a trukk (Grots take up 1/2 of a transport slot) if the mob numbers 20 or fewer. Mobs with this upgrade may be Fast Attack choices.
For every ten grots, two may form an 'eavy weapon team. One of the grots receives: Shoota for +2 points, Rokkit Launcha for +4 points, Snazzgun for +3 points, Grotzooka for +8 points, big shoota for +3 points, burna for +5 points, 'Uge Choppa for +2 points, tankhammer for +4 points.
For da Cause!: If a vehicle or independent character within 6" is hit by a shooting attack (that is not Ordinance, Template or Blast), a heroic Grot may throw himself into the line of fire. Roll to hit as if you were firing a weapon. If you 'hit,' remove a Grot from the mob. If you 'miss,' apply the shot to its original target as normal. If you roll a one, remove the grot and apply the hit as normal.
It's a Grot's Life: As normal.

Rebel Grot armies may take an additional HQ choice for every three Rebel Grot Mobz fielded.

Six Shoota: Range 12" S 3 Assault 2.

Stormboy Boot Kamp
May not take warbikers, tankbustas, weirdboyz, shokk attack gunz, grot mobs, killa kanz, flash gitz, lootas, looted wagons, warbikes, meganobz or nobz mobz.
May take Stormboyz as Elites.
Ork Boyz mobs may be upgraded to Sharpshootas for +1 points/model, granting them BS3.
Warbosses and Big Meks may take Rokkit Packs for +3 points.

Must take at least one vehicle. Characters must take at least 20 points of wargear, if possible. Warbosses allow Flash Gitz to be taken as Troops rather than Nobz Mobz. Vehicles must take upgrades, if possible. Boyz mobs limited to 16 models, as these greedy gitz abandon their humble beginnings at the first chance.
The total number of Elites and Heavy support choices may not be greater than the number of Troops choices.

Traits of notable Klans and Tribes:
Deff Skullz: Expert Lootas
Blood Axes: Sneeky Gitz
Evil Sunz: Mek Waaagh!
Snakebites: Old Skool
Bad Moonz: Toof-drenched
Goffs: Skarboyz
Stomperz Tribe: Stomp Stomp Stomp!
Waaagh! Wazdakka: Mek Waaagh and Speed Freeks
Waaagh! Bork: Mek Waaagh!

And that's all for now.

12-10-2008, 16:36
Ork Boyz mobs may be upgraded to Skarboyz for 3 points. This gives them S3.
Do you mean S4?

But most of this stuff seams either pointless, or already covered in aspects of the main list. The only things really are Feral Orks and everything else is just really quite pointless. Sorry... Because almost all of your edits and whatnots are somewhat covered in the normal list, like Speed Freaks...

13-10-2008, 10:55
cough of disagreement to the above statement

i think that this is a great idea and im loving the grot army!!! but d'ya not think that the hq should be str 3 and tou 3???? i think that you should make a special character(mini greeny of course!) that is ....well..... very groty!!

sincerly DP