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11-10-2008, 23:47
This was a big tester game for me and my two friends, since two of the three of us wanted to try out some new stuff, and the only place for that is on the field. In the end it turned into a very good game with alot of thought put in, lucky and unlucky dice rolls from both sides.

The sides lined up as so:

Orcs and goblins (2000) (that's me :D)

Black orc warboss on wyvern, heavy armour, shaggas screamin sword, bigged's kickin boots, enchanted shield
Black orc big boss with heavy armour, BSB, Mork's spirit totem
Goblin shaman with staff of sneaky stealing
Night Goblin shaman with dispel scroll
30 night goblins with full command, spears and 2 fanatics
30 night goblins with full command, spears and 2 fanatics
21 orcs with full command and additional choppas
21 orcs with full command and additional choppas
5 squig herds
6 squig hoppers
rock lobber - bully
doom diver
2 pump waggons

High elves (1000):

wizard with anual crystal
17 spearmen with full command
16 spearmen with full command
16 phoenix guard with full command
5 silver helms with full command
tirinoc chariot

Wood elves (1000):

noble with great weapon, hail of doom arrow and helm of the hunt
10 glade guard with standard and musician
5 glade riders with standard and musician
12 eternal guard with full command
12 dryads with branch nymph
5 scouts with musician
5 wild riders of khurnous with full comman

The elves chose sides and placed their free forest in the centre of the board, splitting it in half, however where made to deploy first. With the bonus for first turn, the orcs and goblins took it.

The board, after deployment:

1 - wyvern warboss
2 - big boss
3 - night goblin shaman (with 6s to 1s spell)
4 - goblin shaman (with d6 str 2 no saves spell)
5 - orcs
6 - night goblins
7 - squig herds
8 - squig hoppers
9 - pump waggons
10 - rock lobber
11 - doom diver

blue and brown:
1 - noble
2 - wizard (with fireball)
3 - eternal guard
4 - glade guard
5 - glade riders
6 - dryads
7 - scouts
8 - wild riders
9 - spearmen
10 - phoenix guard
11 - chariot
12 - silver helms

brown circle - hill
green circle - forest
grey circle/square - ruin

Turn 1:

With the orcs and goblins seizing the initiative, they romped foreward in true orcs and goblins fasion, some quicker than others. The goblins on the east flank squabled, whilst the central orcs waagh!ed a mighty 6" foreward, with the rest following suit. The wyvern boss flew prety well straight foreward, wasting no time to get within 6" of the glade guard. The magic was uneventful with the one wizard that could cast failing to make 5 on two dice, and the shooting phase saw similar results with both pieces landing dead on the phoenix guard, but scattering wide enough to avoid contact.


The elves started by passing the initial terror test, then made a defencive barrior infront of the wizard, encircling the flying beast infront of them. The west flank saw some shimmying foreward from just about everyone, except the dryads who too the chance to get a foreward possition in the forest next to the scouts. with fireball being cast on 10, the goblin shaman was forced to raise his partchment and unleash the dispel scroll, cancelling a possibly embarasing moment for the towering warboss (little did we know this would be the first and last spell to be cast succesfully in the game :p). The shooting phase cam out with a bang as the hail of doom arow was let loose on the warboss along with the glade guard bows. totalling 15 shots, 12 hits, of which 8 hit the warboss himself just from the one (although now shattered into lots) arrow, the warboss was left with a minor cut (a single wound), whilst the wyvern suffered three, bringing both down to two. The scouts and horses on the other side took down three orcs from the central unit, cutting off a crucial rank.


Turn 2:

The orc warboss, clearly outraged by the tinacity of the puny elves below him, declaired a mighty charge on the glade guard, who chose to bugger off, leaving the wizard (although brave enough to pass a terror test) to fight the mighy beast all on his own. Random movement saw the hoppers moving 14", nearly all the way through the line of terrain, but stopping just short to leave themselves a very nice place for charges in the next turn, whils the pump waggons moved 6 and 10", encircling the squig hoppers in a frail shield wall of wood and snotlings. The western flank saw more monotonous moving foreward from all three units (with two fanatics being thrown foreward, only to land short), with the orcs on the far side racing foreward. The magic phase saw the goblin wizard roll a 3 for the second turn in a row whilst trying to cast a 5+ spell, and the 6s to 1s failed to be unleashed. Shooting saw more scattering and little to show for more prety much dead on aims. comabt saw the high elf wizard battle valiently to get a hit and wound, but the blow was shrugged off again by the magical shield of the warboss, who in turn tore the elf to shreds. He then overran into the fleing glade guard, who ran off the board with the warboss hot on their tails (who also claimed their banner in the mean time)


The elves, distressed by the loss of a key unit ran foreward to take the fight to the smaller units of the army. The eternal guard and spearmen on the east flank both charged into a pump waggon, while the silver helms ran to the side of the large goblin unit, managing to only lose 1 model to the two fanatics, who both managed to hit their target (a few to many 5+ saves where made for my liking), and they landed themselves on a hill, dying in the process. The horses then trotted on into a flanking possition, invisible to the norrow sited goblin unit. On the western flank the two wooden units, the chariot and dryads charged the western most orc unit, who failed to overcome the fritening aura of the treemen. The centre was left as a stailmate while the glade riders turned into the now vacant forest to threaten the flank of the goblin unit. Magic was passed without a die being rolled, and shooting was minimal, however, combat saw the elves on the east rise to the chalenge. The noble and eternal guard cut down one pump waggon with ease and overran into the squig herd behind, with the spearmen following suit, but who chose to not overrun into the eternal guard just infront of them. The west combat saw the elven side truely fluff it. The chariot rolled a single impact hit, killing an orc, while the dryads, whilst hitting with 8 of their 9 attacks, only killed two orcs. The 5 attacks back all failed to reach a 6, however the power five prevailed with ranks, standard, outnumber beating the three wounds, and the dryads pegged it, 4 inches, but where still out of combat, leaving the chariot alone in combat.

(before combat has been resolved)

Turn 3:

The orcs and goblins declaired no charges of their own, however the squig hoppers bounced their way into the side of the glade riders (who clearly forgot of their pressence), and the fanatics decided to collide, which even though one survived (with sucessive twos), he promptly ran himself into the nearby forest, which gave us all a laugh. The warboss maid a triumfant return to the field, plonking himself right behind the easter elf blocks of infantry. The remaining movement consisted of very little, except the east goblins truning to face the new threat, leaving the wizard hidden from enemy sight half in the forest to cast his magic on the eternal guard, however a second roll of 8 meant the elves where free to enjoy rolling 6s. The shooting finally saw fruit, as the doom diver took out all but one scout, and the phoenix guard lost a model. Combat saw the squig hoppers fluff their to wound rolls, getting 3 1s and killing only 1 horsy, leaving them with a drawn combat, with the hopper staying even with low leadership with te help of the battle standard. The other squigs had an equally bad combat, getting cut down to size by the charging eternal guard. This meant they lost combat, died instantly, and (for the 2nd game running) rolled 12 for their 'we eat everything within 2d6"' roll. This killed a total of: the remaining 4 glade riders, the whole 6 squig hoppers, 5 high elves, a wound on the warboss and the goblin shaman, and four goblins, leaving everyone with a horrified look on their face after the initial laughter of rolling 12 (and the tense moment of getting 2 hits of the warboss). The orc vs chariot combat whent predictibally, with the orcs losing one to the chariot losing one. The chariot then high tailed it through the forest, losing a further two wounds, and the orcs pursuid into the dryads, who fled another 7".


The wyvern proved its worth as more than just a transport as he started the elven turn by fleeing the unit of spearmen he was behind The silver helms decided to end the sure to be continuouse dancing around with the goblin unit and declaired a charge on them, followed by the spearmen into the other goblin unit, who also grew tired of the stailmate. The chariot and dryads both failed to rally, and both fled, however the dryads remained on the board with another flee move of 4". The only other moving was the wild riders moving to replace the glade riders, and the eternal guard turning to face the wyvern. combat was met with the silver helms killing four goblins, but the power five meant th combat was drawn and the two nits sat still, face to face. The spearmen had an equally bad run as they only killed 3 goblins, and where cut down by the big boss' mighty choppers. They fled after losing five models and where cut down as they turned, leaving the goblins to trudge foreward.

(before combat resolution)

Turn 4:

The Warboss raised his choppas high as he exclaimed a deffening WAAAAGH!. He surged foreward 4", but this was the only gain it brought, as the two central units both rolled natural 6s, and the far orcs failed to reach 6 with their 2 ranks. The warboss then charged the eternal guard to showdown with the opposed general, and the orcs charged headlong into the phoenix guard (thanks to the waaagh! movement they didn't need to take a fear test). The free units lined themselves up for charges next turn, the orcs reforming out of the forest, and the goblins reforming round to face the phoenix guard's rear. Magic was left with another failed attempt to cast anything. The doom diver finally finished the job of taking out the scouts, while the rock lobber only just failed to conect with the horse riders in the forest. The eatsern goblins, thanks to the silver helms no longer gaining their lance bonus, won combat and fled the noble hersmen off the board, claiming yet another banner for their orc masters (who'd inebitably steal it from them for their own trophy rack :D). The wyvern issued a chalenge to the wood elf noble, but assesing the situation, he chose to refuse and slipped to the back, whilst the warboss was left to cleave 4 guard, along with a 5th from the wyvern itself. The attacks back where nervously rolled, but the warboss' 3+ save did not fail him for the one save he was made to make. The unit, although stubborn at ld 9, fled, and where cut down by the rampaging beast in an instant, much to the horror of the wood elf player. Another banner brought the count to 4.


The elves responded with a flank charge on the orc unit from the wild riders, however the dryads failed yet another leadeship test and fled the field, while the spearmen in the centre held firm and regrouped. The ensuing combat phase was bruital from the elves, with no mercy being shown, and the orcs being run down in short order after being outnumbered by fear causing enemies (even the battle standard's re roll couldn't help them).


Turn 5:

As the game started to get to its closing stage, there was very little left on the field for the elves to chear about. No charges where declaired (as the phoenix guard escaped the goblins behind them with 7" persuit), leaving this turn entirely about menouvering. The magic and shooting phases both held no results as shots skattered wildly.


The elves followed suit by spending a turn to reform for the final assault on turn 6. The phoenix guard turned around to face the goblins (admiting they'd been truely out menouvered), the wild riders, having passed their terror test, shimmied around the wyvern, mearly to escape its charge arc, and to have LoS to the battle in the middle, should the phoenix guard survive


The final turn!

The turn started with a couple of nervy rolls, but with a sigh the elven players where not blessed with a 1 or a failed fear test, leaving the wyvern in the back and goblins in the front of a very scared phoenix guard (who through it all passed their fear test). the magic phase was cut short by the goblin wizard not being able to affect the game in any way, and the artillery failing to achieve wounds, combat was left. The battle was started by some shakey rolls to get the last wound from the warboss, but as the final die fell, a 6 was rolled for the boss' single 4+ save, and he was saved by his magical shield once again. He, along with the goblins and big boss, initiated in cutting down the phoenix guard, killing 5 with the sword, and the rest with combat resolution, leaving the wyvern in the front of the wild riders after persuit, and with a 3rd banner for his collection (5 in total).


The game was ended with a handshake as the elves called it a day, admitting the wild riders would be cut down in short order and a 6th banner would be claimed.


the orcs and goblins had a significantly massive number of victory points, of which 1504 could be traiced entirel back to the warboss and his trusty wyvern (thanks in part to his 4 banners and the killing of the opponent's general), and a massicre was conceaded, but the game could have been left with an entirely opposite ending should the warboss have been poked by one more arrow, or the goblins on the east not passed one save to ensure a drawn combat and save themselves taking a ld test at 5 and facing 3d6 persuit.

15-10-2008, 11:45
:D Enjoyed the report & was happy to read about a Wyvern Riding Warboss that has escaped from the display case!

How do you find he works against other Armies with more powerfull leaders + any chance of a mug shot? Again thanks for the report LION

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warlord hack'a
15-10-2008, 13:11
I tried my wyvern warboss (svg orc) once now and he also won the game for me. Only danger is first turn magic and shooting, with a bit of positioning he should either be in combat or chasing someone off the board on most of the other turns.. Screaming sword is a godsend for this guy.

15-10-2008, 14:12
Great report and glad to see the orcs take control of the field : )

15-10-2008, 16:01
Yup, this is the big beasties first trip into the battlefield, and all in all, it went prety well :D

TBH, magic isn't that much of a worry, I'v got 8 dispel dice and a scroll, so he should make it into combat against anything but a gunline or anything with >2 bolt throwers (along with some luck obviously)

I think I'll start writing a bunch more reports, there good fun to write and really do tell me what went well/badly for the next game, so a camera may be added to my plastic bag of gaming equiptment (which I have to carry along with my single sized case with 4 sheets in it :P)

Thanks for the comments

EDIT: and for anyone who wants a site where the pictures aren't linked: http://www.takeforum.com/baboonsamurai/viewtopic.php?t=373&mforum=baboonsamurai

15-10-2008, 16:57
very good battle report, best display of an orc warboss on wyvern in battle I've read yet. I would love to read more of your battle reports.