View Full Version : Warhost of Rhak-am-Hotep 1000pts

12-10-2008, 06:42
Tomb Prince Rhak-am-Hotep=152 goes with the first unit of skeltons
- Armour of the Ages
- Vambraces of the Sun
Liche Priest Nebunfer=165 goes with second unit of skeltons
- Collar of Shapesh
- Heiratic Jar

15 Skelton Warriors=160
- light armour and shields
- Full Command
16 Skeleton Warriors=169
- light armour and shields
- full command
10 Skelton Warroirs=80
- bows
8 Skelton Heavy Horsemen=188
- Full Command
- Banner of the Undying Legion

Tomb Scorpion=85


Rhak-am-Hotep acts a reliable general in combat with 4 wounds, while my heirophant, Nebunfer is in the other unit and thanks to his collar he ignores all wounds he takes on a 4+ with a skeleton dying instead.
the core should be sturdy and capable of taking hits. my archers can move and shoot as they always hit on a 5+. the horsemen can take one of my flanks
the tomb scorpion goes where i need it to be. this means i can deal with gun lines and artillery.

i'll take any advice that is out there.

14-10-2008, 03:02
I'd drop one unit of warriors for chariots. at the 1000 points level you lack the magic to move that many skeleton infantry effectively, so get a unit of chariots, possibly with the prince in one of them, and then buff the size of the one remaining warrior unit up. Also, what's with the size on the heavy horsemen? Huge works for hurt and tarpit, 5-6 works for flank, but 8? Drop some of those to buff up the units that will actually benefit from more models

14-10-2008, 08:44
Being a tomb king player myself: I agree. Also: chariots are a lot more effective in small scale games since the enemy is more likely to include small units that are not big enough to take a chariot unit charge and stand!