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Gharof von Carstein
13-10-2008, 04:51
hey guys so heres the deal. im looking to get out to my first tourney ever with a friend of mine. problem is the only thing hosted soon is a 500pts each doubles tourney. Now i play VC and my m8 plays O&G. I know these races can ally but i was wondering a few things i hope you guys might be able to answer.

1) wouldnt it just be smarter for us to both pick 500pts from my VC troops? my m8 doesnt have much O&G yet, sorting 2 500 lists of the same race would arguably give you a advantage, right?

2)there is little info on the rules for the tourney just yet. but if anyone knows any good tips and tricks to give us, that would be great.

3)what are the best races to make small armies with? we can take a few armies as our choices but i think the mentioned 2 armies have our preference.

4)any and all experiences shared about these types of tourneys would be great, any of you have any?

thx a bunch already guys!

13-10-2008, 05:10
The answer to #1 would depend entirely on how the tournament handles allied players. If you are just two separate armies working together, being unable to cast IoN on each others units, then taking troops from two separate armies would probably work best.

I would have to recommend against VC. In this size of a game, VC can't take advantage of their powerful magic. OnG could do very well, I believe, with a couple NG blocks with fanatics and a whole mess of chariots.

Beasts of chaos, with thir core chariots, are excellent for 500 point games. HE too, because they only need one core unit, the reaver bow is great in this size a game, and their chariots are top-notch. Empire, with core 1+ AS cavalry, are also a good pick.

What would be best hinges upon the rules of the tourney, so find those out ASAP and plan around them.

14-10-2008, 00:35
i know very little about tournaments but o&g would be great. a couple blocks of night goblins with fanatics and an orc boss for leadership. a cheap wolf chariot might be good to