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15-11-2005, 11:05
November tournament, batreps (1000 pts)

While you are reading this tournament report, please keep in mind the following excuses for my less-than-optimal performance:

- I had been attending a movie festival the day before and didnít get much sleep
- I hadnít prepared anything, just grabbed my list and army of the previous time
- I was overconfident after my results last time
- The dice hate me
- My tendency to take risks because Iím curious what will happen

... and ofcourse any other pathetic excuse I haven't thought of yet. ;)

What it all comes down to Ö I made a mess of it all, but despite that I still managed to enjoy myself en left with my ego (tough slightly damaged) still intact. Time to revise my strategies I guess.

Once again I brought my Khornate Raiders to the battle field:

The Tempest of Blood, a Khornate raiding party of 999 pts

Exalted Champion of Khorne @ 157 pts
- barded chaos steed, shield, great axe

5 Chosen Knights of Khorne @ 320 pts
- full command

2x 5 Marauder Horsemen @ 81 pts each
- musician, flails

Chariot of Khorne @ 150 pts

3x 5 Warhounds of Chaos

8 Chaos Furies

2 power dice (yeah right, like I need those)
5 dispel dice
40 models, 9 units to deploy

Battle 1: Lizardmen

It looked good at first glance. Taking down armies like this are just what my raiders excel at. Itís slower than me, it doesnít hit as hard as my heavy hitters, it has no shooting and only light magic Ö easy meat. :evilgrin:

From memory:

Saurus Scar veteran with great weapon and the magic item of You-hit-last
Skink Priest lvl 2 (spells: second sign and the comet) Diadem of Power
Large saurus warrior unit with spears
Large saurus warrior unit

5 Saurus cavalry with I-suddenly-move-extra banner
10 Skinks skirmishers with blowpipes

The battlefield was mostly open terrain with some impassable cracks and ravines on the right flank. Plenty of room for a solid charge through the centre and left flank though.

The lizardmen deployed fairly straightforward, both the infantry regiment next to eachother somewhat left of the centre with a skink screen in front and the cavalry on the right flank. Both his characters joined the regular saurus warriors unit. My deployment pretty standard as well: a central screen of the warhound units to keep my frenzied units under control, marauders on both flanks to make him worry, the furies ready to go anywhere and the heavy hitters behind the warhounds.

The lizardmen took the initiative and remained exactly where they were. Hmmm. The Skink Priest however did try to cast some magic. No way that a determined follower of Khorne is going to let that happen! Ö The spell however was cast with irresistible force and a few seconds later a gigantic comet slammed into my army, sending two furies back to the Warp and killing two Chosen Knights of Khorne. Dammit.

My troops were understandably eager to escape from the magical onslaught and surged forward en-masse. The marauders advanced at top-speed on the flanks and the rest pushed forward through the centre. The furies landed just out of range from the skinks, ready to make their lives miserable next turn. For some reason the skinks didnít quite agree with this and aimed their blowpipes at the furies and about half of them were indeed just within range to shoot heir blowpipes.

Well, that didnít worry me at all Ö I mean, with a nice -3 to hit (double-shot, long range and skirmishers) there was nothing to fear. The dice however decided otherwise when all but two of the dice showed a six! By now I was down to just two Furies Ö

I decided to pull the furies from the action and ďpromoteĒ them to rearguard, that way they will at least prevent my opponent from getting full points because he canít get them all killed that way. The rest of the central advance manoeuvred into charging positions and the marauders got ready to threaten both flanks of his battle-line.

So far, so good.

The Skink Priest managed to steer another comet into a collision course with the battle-field, this time aimed at the left flank where the marauders were Ö it didnít arrive yet though. In a remarkable display of bravery the skink skirmishers avoided the warhounds and charged my Chosen of Khorne in their flank. Dammit. I should have payed attention to that because now they would pull my main unit from the central advance when they have to pursue the skinks after the combat.


The skinks won. They won. They really did. They managed to beat my 300+ pts unit of pure combat goodness. The bad thing (beside the utter humiliation) was me loosing frenzy, the good thing that I now could restrain from pursuing next round.


The skinks were ofcourse defeated the following round (my general took things in his own great-axe-wielding hands) Ö and I ofcourse failed my roll to restrain from pursuing. Oh look, they ended up right next to the spot a comet was heading for. Oh look, the Skink Priest tries to steer another comet that way. Oh look, I fail another dispel roll. I believe that every time he tried to cast the Comet-of-Ouch! He either rolled double six or I rolled double one trying to dispel.

On the bright side Ö I did have one Chosen of Khorne left to accompany my general after both the comets hit their mark. :cries:

The right flank marauders were surprised by the saurus cavalry, but they fled out of harms way and ofcourse didnít rally the following turn. At least the saurus cavalry was out of position now and wouldnít be able to assist in the centre. By now I was getting a bit desperate, loosing large parts of my army and gaining nothing in return is not a good way to win a battle Ö so I started taking risks and making mistakes.

A unit of warhounds placed themselves in front of the returning saurus cavalry to redirect them off the table should they charge. The General, his entourage of one Chosen of Khorne and the left flank marauders charge the regular unit of saurus warriors Ö and my chariot charged the Skink Priest who had walked out of the unit in front of the chariot.

When someone places a character out of a unit in front of a chariot, he obviously wants to be charged Ö which should be reason enough for me not to want to charge him.

Ö so I charged him (I must have missed the large neon sign above itís little head flashing ďTHIS IS A TRAP!Ē) :eek:

The cavalry charge was not enough to break the saurus warrior, the chariot pulverised the Skink Priest, but arrived too late to add itís combat power to the cavalry charge Ö so I messed up my best change to finally break his lines. The next round his Scar veteran activated the item that made me hit last and he turned my big expensive chariot into very small pieces of chariot with his great weapon Ö by that time I conceded.

Beside the obvious mistake I made in the end I also have to take another look at some of my tactics regarding screening. Oh yeah, I hate my dice.

Results: Ö I was massacred, totally and utterly massacred. Khorne hates me.

Medals: The warhounds! Despite every other unit in my army failing in its task, they did exactly what they had to do Ö screen and disrupt enemy movement where possible, claim table-quarters.
Next up: Dark Elves

16-11-2005, 14:09
Battle 2: Dark Elves

The next army I was about to face on the field of battle were the dreaded Dark Elves. My opponent was somewhat un-experienced and had (I believe) never before used Dark Elves Ö he had borrowed some models. This would explain for the unusual set-up of his army:

Noble (general)

Large unit spearelves
Large unit spearelves
10 executioners
5 Cold One Knights
1 Cold One Chariot
WarHydra named Kirby

(note: no wizards to rain comets at me and no skinks to humiliate my Chosen Ö Iím happy!)

He deployed his knights and the chariot on the left flank, the Hydra and a block of spearelves in the centre and the other infantry on the right. After deploying the usual central warhound screen and the flanking marauders I decided to make a strong push on the left flank with my general leading the Chosen, keep my chariot central to aid where necessary and run circles around the enemy on the right flank. :)

From that moment on thing went (mostly) according to plan. Warhounds lured the Cold One Knights into a failed charge, stranding them in front of the Chosen. The following charge killed all of them and the overrun got the Chosen into a flank charge on the Cold One Chariot who was guarding against the flanking marauders. :)

Meanwhile in the centre a unit of spearelves found themselves being charged by the Chariot of Khorne and my general Ö they decided to leg it and ran out of harms way Ö which left my Chariot in front of Kirby. In the following battle the Chariot managed to kill the apprentices who were leading Kirby, but the big nasty decided to stick around anyway and beat, broke, but didnít quite catch the Chariot in the following round.

The battle wasnít going very fast due to a lot of explaining and tactical discussions, so we were still in round 3 when we ran out of time. We could either continue the battle during the break or stop and go out for a snack Ö easy choice, snack time! :D

Due to a lack of time it was only a minor victory for me, but the tactical situation on the board was good enough for me that I was confident that continuing would have probably resulted in a massacre: his infantry on the right flank were cut-off from supporting each other and were desperately trying to guard their flanks and rears from the encircling warhounds and marauders. The Chosen had rolled-up the left flank and were ready to make another sweep. Only Kirby remained as a serious (but lonely) threat.

Results: Minor Victory for me

Medals: The Chosen of Khorne for affirming their meat-grinding ability. :evilgrin:

Next up: Skaven

16-11-2005, 14:46
cool :)
keep up the good work, let us know ASAP how the next game went :P

16-11-2005, 15:22
Nice Job. Can't wait for the next game results.

16-11-2005, 16:52
Battle 3: Skaven

Okay, I have to admit … this battle had me slightly worried. So far I have never fought against the Skaven since they got their new army book and they do have a bad reputation for having incredibly destructive magic and war machines. :skull:

General, dunno what he had but it gave him a good save and high strength
Engineer, Storm Daemon (ofcourse)

Large unit spearrats + ratling gun (ouch!)
Large unit spearrats + ratling gun (more ouch!)
2 bases of plague rats
6 tunnelers

The battle-field was largely open terrain … which is good because it gives a lot of room for manoeuvring and charges … and bad because it also gives excellent targeting opportunities for his shooting. He deployed with his two infantry regiments in the centre and the plague rats on the right. I deployed in the usual way with screens, flankers and a strong concentrated thrust aimed at his centre … let’s just hope my screens will hold long enough for my assault units to do their job.

I got first turn, which definitely helped a lot!

I move everything forward at top-speed, towards the waiting ratling guns and away from those damned tunnelers somewhere beneath my lines. The Furies landed in front of the enemy, forming a long screen in front of the warhounds, the Chosen and the chariot, the right flank marauders headed for the plague rats and the left flank marauders were on their way to threaten the flank of his infantry line.

So far, so good.

Only his plague rats moved forward, towards the intercepting marauders. His engineer zapped my Furies with an irresistible blast of warp-pain, but I dispelled his Storm Daemon and luckily (for me) it ran out of juice for the rest of the battle! The ratling guns destroyed what was left of the Furies and also vaporised a unit of warhounds … that’s just one turn of shooting and magic and I’m already low on screens.

Some fancy footworks saw my remaining warhounds throw themselves in the firing lanes of the ratling guns with my Chosen and the general following close behind … waiting to take advantage of any opening that would present itself. The right flank marauders charged the plague rats, killed one base and suffered no wounds (I believe) in return while the marauders on the opposite flank positioned themselves for a flank-charge on one of the units of clanrats.

His tunnelers popped-up, right on time and right on target … and charged my chariot in the rear. Dammit. Here we go again. Though unable to even scratch my Chariot of Khorne, they did manage to get themselves slaughtered and overran during the pursuit … which offcourse brought him back at his starting point, very far away from the action.

He turned the clanrats that were threatened in the flank towards the marauders and his engineer gave them a good dose of warp-pain despite my futile attempts to dispel it (Oh look, more ones!). Bye bye marauders. The first rating gun vaporised a unit of warhounds (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) but the other one, despite 8 hits, only killed 2 out of five, which didn’t panic, but stayed right where they were … blocking my unit of Chosen from charging. :cries:

Allright, time to get creative again.

The general decided it was time to claim some personal glory, and charged out of his unit towards one of the ratling guns while the few remaining dogs ran towards the other to block its line of sight once more. The right flank marauders finished off the last few plague rats, good lads! It turned out the general was just (we threw a d6 for it) within half his charge-range, so he managed not to get shot! That’s one ratling gun down, one to go!

The clanrat unit with the engineer turned back towards the action and unleashed another blast, this time aimed at the Chariot of Khorne which was just returning from his detour. And no, ofcourse I didn’t manage to dispel it … whatever gave you the idea that 5 dispel dice should be enough to stop a single spell? Two wounds, but the chariot was still rolling.

The remaining ratling gun vaporised some more warhounds and the enemy general lead his clanrat unit in a charge towards the Chosen of Khorne. Oh yeah!

(note from the author: the “Oh yeah” statement was made from the assumption that a unit of Chosen of Khorne with their considerable might of 16 strength 5 attacks should be able to turn small rats into smaller pieces of rat any day of the week … but failed to take into account my strained relationship with my dice)

After rolling the usual handful of dice, I was rewarded with the sight of three measly threes and in between a horde of single and double dots. Dammit. Thank Khorne I payed the points for a musician because his stunning solo performance managed to tie the combat. :cries:

Again we were running out of time, so we only got to play four rounds. The Chosen made up for their poor performance by going into chainsaw-mode and trampling the rats into the ground, my general got illusions of grandeur and charged the remaining clanrats on his own … but he managed to hold on until the Chariot of Khorne came to the rescue and together they routed the unit. :evilgrin:

… and the final ratling gun? Well, it misfired when it had the chance to give my Chosen a good dose of warp-pain.

Results: A massacre! I got more than enough points from kills and table quarters to make up for the loss of nearly all supporting units.

Medals: The general, for taking a chance and stopping the deadly barrage of warpy-badness.

Next up: Dwarves

16-11-2005, 23:38
Nice job against the skaven, I love 2 kinds of chees ;)

I would really like to see more.

17-11-2005, 10:51
Battle 4: Dwarves

A battle against dwarves can go both ways for my raiders, depending on the choices my opponent made during selection. I know that my charge is deadly enough to beat even the most determined defenders the dwarves can field, but I must be able to time my charge perfectly because I do not want to get bogged down in large multi-unit combats. If the dwarves have enough shooting to pressure me into attacking fast it will become even more difficult … we will see:

Thane with the rune of I-hit-first-and-hard

Large unit Ironbreakers with a runic standard of I-get-extra-CR
Large unit clansmen
10 clansmen with great axes
10 thunderers

1 stone thrower with runes of re-roll and extra strength

Again we played on a mostly open battle-field. Not much terrain around this tournament is seems … too bad because some cover would have been nice.

The dwarves seemed very determined to defend the right flank corner at all cost (maybe they stashed the beer over there?) because he deployed all his unit in just one quarter of his deployment zone. The stone thrower on the right flank, Ironbreakers and clansmen forming a solid centre and the great-axe unit guarding the flank, the thunderers in front of it all.

I adjusted my usual set-up slightly to his refused flank strategy. A unit marauders and some warhounds would make a fast advance through the empty left flank, the rest would advance on the right with the usual screening set-up. The right-flank marauders would go after the stone-thrower with the Furies as back-up.

He got first turn. The stone thrower didn’t do much, but the thunderers did a good job of shooting all of the marauders on the right flank of their horses. Dammit, time for plan b. So I advanced. The Furies flew into position to threaten the stone thrower and the left flank completed their manoeuvre and were coming in on the dwarven flanks now. So far everything was going fine, although shooting did hurt, so I was eager to get into combat.

Another volley of lead decimated one of the warhound units screening my central advance and the stone thrower used his re-roll to launch a stone directly into my Chosen of Khorne, one died … very flat. Looking back I think this is the moment I was started to make small mistakes again.

(note from the author: generals leading a fast and frenzied cavalry army into battle should be very sharp and focused when it comes to moving and timing charges because an army like this does not, contrary to popular believe, “play itself”.)

The stone thrower was about to be taken out by the Furies, so all was fine on that flank, but the thunderers aiming their guns at my advancing Chosen made me a bit nervous. The remaining warhounds blocked me from charging them, but were to few to screen them effectively. Dammit.

What I should have done was charging the left-flank marauders into their flank, I used this approach previous tournament and it works like a charm. What I did was taking a huge risk by charging my warhounds frontally into the thunderers, hoping they would survive the stand and shoot, hoping they would survive the following combat, hoping they wouldn’t break. :eyebrows:

That’s taking a big chance … and if anything would go wrong I would have presented my Chosen at close range to a unit of trigger-happy dwarves with big guns. My (stupid) gamble paid off though, because the two surviving warhounds remained locked into combat. The Furies defeated the stone thrower and crew but somehow overran into the flank of the nearby Ironbreakers … a place where I did not want to be.

(note: I’m still not sure if we played that one right though. He thought that since his war machine was angled a bit towards the Ironbreakers, the overrun should also be angled towards and into the Ironbreakers. I thought that since both the crew and the Furies are skirmishing, they will align themselves at a straight angle from the charge direction, which will cause the overrun to be also in the exact same direction as the charge.)

The left-flank marauders threatened the great-axe unit, the left-flank warhounds didn’t quite know what to do and the Chariot advance a bit more.

The thunderers killed-off the warhounds and braced themselves for the coming attack and the Ironbreakers made the Furies go “poof” … they killed one of the heavily armoured dwarves though.

By now the previous mistake I made became more obvious, and a bit more serious this time. :cries:

Instead of taking out the thunderers with my supporting flankers, I charged the Chosen into them (Finally! Blood!). Not that I had much choice at this moment … yeah for frenzy! Although I killed off the thunderers with ease, it also made me overrun into the clansmen behind them (which is good) and exposed my flank to the waiting Ironbreakers (which is bad) … and he could flankcharge me before I had a chance to defeat and break through the clansmen. Dammit. :eek:

The marauders charged to great-axes to keep them out of the other flank of the Chosen and the Chariot hurried itself to the right flank to charge the Ironbreakers in their flank.

After that things got ugly and very bloody. The Chosen were killing clansmen left and right and due to massive amounts of wounds caused even managed to win several rounds despite a +6 static CR advantage for the dwarves. My general shoved his way to they flank and killed the dwarven general, but got killed himself a few rounds later due to my inability to throw anything but a one on a single save.

When the Chosen lost their frenzy due to a bad roll and ran out of clansmen to kill, not even the charge of the Chariot could help (rolling a one for impact hits didn’t help either). Both the Chosen and the Chariot broke from combat and only the Chariot rallied.

In the end the massive carnage resulted in a draw.

Results: A draw, a very bloody draw (more skulls for the throne of Khorne!). :evilgrin:

Medals: hmmm … dunno really, maybe the suicide warhounds that charged the thunderers.

Next up: nobody … time to go home.

17-11-2005, 19:39
nice work mate :)
good batreps, and sounded like you had a good time!
so overall thats a massacre against, a draw, and a minor victory and massacre for then?? not too bad overall :)

17-11-2005, 20:08
nice work mate :)
good batreps, and sounded like you had a good time!
so overall thats a massacre against, a draw, and a minor victory and massacre for then?? not too bad overall :)

Not too bad, but not that great either ;)

I don't really mind losing when I know I played a good solid game, but making obvious and stupid mistakes like I did just makes me think I could (and should) have done better.

Anyway, it gave me a good reason to take another look at my army and I will be making a few minor changes.