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13-10-2008, 16:58
Well my friends have been nagging me to finally stop buying space marines and to expand my deamons to 2000pts, well not much to say here it is...

Herald of Khorne / juggernaut, armour of khorne / 165pts

Herald of Khorne / soul hunger / 125pts

Herald of Slaanesh / level 1 wizard, battle standard / 165pts

Herald of Tzeentch / power vortex / 145pts

20 bloodletters / full command / 270pts

15 horrors / 180pts

19 deamonettes / full command / 258pts

5 flesh hounds / karanak / 250pts

6 flamers / 175pts

2 juggernauts / standard / 260pts

Well this list i think works well in theory, but i have a felling it is to divided between the gods.

I need this list reviewed as harshas possible i dont care how bad it is i want a mean list (no nurgle).

c and c plz

crimson fists tactica imperialis -"find me a hill, findme a hill NOW"

13-10-2008, 23:04
Your army will be a nightmare to coordinate. It has every movment speed imaginable between 4 and 8. How can you hope to have your army hit an enemy at the same time when just about every single unit moves at a diffrent speed than other unit?

As far a menagire goes it might be funt to play though.

14-10-2008, 02:56
the unit of bloodletters imo has no place in the army. They're a huge point sink and are slower than the rest of the army, so they'll get left behind and then slaughtered. Better choices would be plaguebearers with herald of nurgle so they're resilient enough to endure the long slog across the battlefield, daemonettes for speed, or horrors for pew pew

14-10-2008, 15:24
yh im on a very low budjet at the moment the bloodletters have to stay

and really what army every strikes at the same time ibn the real world of inifnite tactics any way

if any of you could re-write the list and tweak it a little that would be great

i have to get ney christmass list ready