View Full Version : Anyone in the Nashville area want to game?

13-10-2008, 21:06
I am working on a full game table with some nice home-made scenery.

Looking to get some games in with a mature crowd on Saturday or Sunday nights.

Anyone in the metro-Nashville area that wants to play WFB?

Let me know here or at leerossberg@gmail.com


13-10-2008, 21:09
There's a 2500pt fantasy tournament this weekend up the road in Memphis at the GW battlebunker. Can't promise any maturity but you get lucky occasionally.

14-10-2008, 00:15
Well by mature, I simply meant that I don't have the patience to baby sit middle school kids. :D

But no, I like to have fun and goof off just as much as the next guy. After all, why do we play games?

Still looking for a great gaming friends for the weekends.


14-10-2008, 04:20
I live in macon county,its about a hour/hour and a half away from nashville. I'm also in need of another player but im also very very new to actually playing the game as i have never played a game :(.

CPT Commissar Ginn
14-10-2008, 06:07
Im in Afghanistan now but will be back in Clarksville in about a week on leave. I have a table and terrain as well.Havent played a lot of games under the current system. So Ill have quite the learning curve. PM me.

I play: