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13-10-2008, 23:17
ok guys i dont have any of these models but after im done skaven i plan to buy and convert them. tell me what you think.


Choas Dwarf Lord(255)
Armour of the Furnace
Black Hammer of Hashut

Level 2 Wizard
Lore of Death
2x Dispell Scrolls

1x Power Stone
1x Dispell Scroll
Level 2 Wizard
Lore of Death

Choas Dwarf Hero(114)
Battle Standard Bearer
War Banner
Heavy Armour

20x Choas Dwarfs(210)
Heavy Armour

20x Choas Dwarfs(210)
Heavy Armour

20x Choas Dwarfs(250)
Heavy Armour
Great Weapons

10x Choas Dwarfs(140)
Heavy Armour
Blunder Busses

10x HobGoblin Wolf Riders(180)

20x HobGoblins(100)
Light Armour
Standar Bearer


20x Orc Boyz(150)

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower(30)

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower(30)

20 Sneaky Gits(130)
2 Hand Weapons


Earth Shaker(110)


This army will be pretty good IMO. Every Unit(besides wolf riders) has a unit stength of 20. I wont have to worry about being outnumbered in close combat. heres what i plan to buy.

Skull Pass(gives me enough for almost all the Blunderbussers and ill convert the dwarf engineer with the staff into a scorer.) $45

Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer $12

Dwarf Warriors $35

Dwarf Miners $25

Wolf Riders $30

Goblins $30 (Convert into HobGoblins)

Night Goblins $30 (convert into gits)

Orc Boyz $35

2x Goblin Bolt Thrower $30

Dwarf Grudge Thrower $20

Brings my total cost to : $292

Pretty good huh? Tell me what ya think:p:p

14-10-2008, 00:29
Oops. forgot about the secon scorcerer. hmm maybe a rune smith sor some thing. any ideas would be help ful for that

14-10-2008, 04:52
Your only problem is that you have a little shooting and a whole lot of very slow combat units that really aren't that deadly. Yes, your warriors will make a mess of most things in combat. Most things. There is still quite a bit that is much faster then them, and will butcher them on the charge.

You need more shooting, or more mobility. CD don't have access to much mobility, so shooting is probably the better option.

14-10-2008, 07:19
;) I have never played with Chaos Dwalfs, but have faced them 4 times over the past 10years in competative play. Won two lost two. Thinking back on what each of those four different opponents fielded & what hurt
my armies most I have formed the below advice:

Bullcentaurs are a must. If my memory surves me, they have two s6 attacks each via Gweapons and movement 8 at around 2O pints a model.
That is a game winning unit and all 4 of my opponents fielded a unit. One fielded two. Three of them also fielded a Bull Centaur Hero with a unit.
In the games that I lost the BullCentaurs caused me a great deal of trouble and even in the battles I won they did well.

Chaos Dwalf Sorcer Lord: Again all Four armies had a L4 Sorcer Lord backed by a L2 Sorcer. In todays magic heavy games this would still make sense. If the Sorcer Lord was in a Bunker of BlunderBus CDwalf Warriors then it would make for a great defensive block. I think that a fighting Lord on foot is just to slow. Go for the L4 and a meaningful magical attack.

Ok so I advise you get a unit of Bullcentaurs...a Bullcentaur Hero and a Sorcer Lord. To pay for the changes drop the foot Lord, Battle Standard one L2Soc and one 20 dwalf combat unit. Keep the other units. Good luck.

If you consider making / converting Bullcentaurs drop me a line or look at my thread...I may just have an idea LION

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26-10-2008, 13:18
Bull centaurs are definetly a must, 21pt each with shields. And blunderbusses need the extra ranks for the strength, a three rank unit has st 5 shots.

27-10-2008, 03:58
I have a competitive cd army, and it