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Lotl Botl
14-10-2008, 04:28
im gonna start a new army and i have been experimenting with new lists im decidng which to play
any advice on this one

Oldblood: Light Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Jaguar Totem, Aura of Quetzl, Blessed Spawning of Quetzl, Tepok, and Sotek: 262 pts.

*Scar-Veteran: Cold One, Light Armor, Blessed Spawning of Tepok, Blesses Spawning of Itzl, Great Weapon, Venom of the firefly frog: 154 pts.

Skink Priest: 2 Dispel Scrolls: 115 pts.

Skink Priest: Blessed Mark of the Old Ones, Cube of Darkness: 140 pts.

13 Skink Skirmishers: 78 pts. (Screen)
13 Skink Skirmishers: 78 pts. (Screen)
13 Skink Skirmishers: 78 pts. (Screen)
10 Skinks: Scout: 70 pts.

*5 Saurus Cavalry: Spawning Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer: Totem of Huanci: 241(Screened)
4 Kroxigors: 232 pts. (Screened)
4 Kroxigors: 232 pts. (Screened)
3 Terradons: Brave: 175 pts.

3 Salamander Hunting Packs: 195 pts.
3 Salamander Hunting Packs: 195 pts.


Total: 2245 pts.
Pd: 4
Dd: 6 + 2 dispel scrolls and cube of darkness

16-10-2008, 07:10
:) You would have a lot of great looking models with that list! My only concerns would be your lone OldBlood and the lack of a single ranked unit.
While his Jag speed + Spawnings will make him deadly... hes a bit of a one shot scaly missle. Hes quite likely to be picked off by magical missles, pincusioned or swamped by a cheap large unit. If your army gets held in combat........:skull::skull::skull:

I would advise he goes in a Saraus foot unit, with a more simple killer magic Item / Spawning mix. I am aware that foot Saraus are costly, but with an Oldblood they should give you centre staying power and your army a better theme. They could hold up larger units and alow you smaller units to get in a 2nd strike or counter charge. I would drop 1 Krox + 1 Sala unit to pay for em... Happy modeling... LION

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Lotl Botl
18-10-2008, 03:57
thanks i was gonna do a guerilla style base and paint job for the army, (except for the albino priest) but i atually have some saurus to improvise so ill give it a try but if i drop the krox and sla unit should i give the saurus a spawning, spears etc. any sugesstions

18-10-2008, 08:00
:)I have played against a Saraus footblock with that Spawning that improves their Scaly Skin Save. They took one hell of a lot of punishment and still crippled my army..

Spear wielding Saraus dont seeam worth the points + have a poorer close combat save. Good luck LION

Lotl Botl
19-10-2008, 04:29
good to no one last q b4 i go 2 work normally i wouldnt go rare with the saurus unit but i got a free rare slot if i switch up so maybe throw some tzatcotl on that unit 2