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14-10-2008, 13:52
I got my first game in with the new Chaos Warriors book recently, thought Iíd do a write-up to give an impression of the new kid on the block. And what better opponent that a horde of Khornate and Tzeentch Daemons roaming the wastes, needing a kicking?

My army:
Nurgle Level 4 Sorcerer Lord, Father of Blades, Armour of Damnation, Necrotic Phylactery, Conjoined homonculous
(A pretty disgusting Sorcerer, with a blade that makes enemies hit them themselves on rolls of 1, and they must re-roll hits too! The Necrotic item makes him immune to certain stuff that didnít matter in this game, whilst his sickening conjoined twin can give him +D3 to cast a spell- but make him stupid the next turn)
Nurgle Level 2 Sorcerer, Power Familiar, Scroll, Word of Agony
(Magic support, plus any pesky assassins will have to undergo an evil pox doing D6 S4 hits with no armour once per game)
Khornate BSB on Daemonic Steed, shield, Axe of Khorne, Favour of the Gods
(S6 Killing Blow plus can modify the Eye of the Gods roll if he kills an enemy hero or large target)
23 Slaanesh Marauders, Light Amour, shields, Full Command
(Slaanesh? Nah, itís a new type of Nurgleyness that makes them stoic. They care not for gigantic monsters as they know that tiny bugs can be far more lethal)
13 Marauders
3 x 5 Hounds
5 Khornate Horsemen, Flails, Musician
5 Horsemen, Throwing Axes, Musician
3 Trolls
5 Khornate Knights, Full Command, Banner of Wrath, Blasphemous Amulet
(Extra magic missile for when they havenít hit combat, and an item to make enemies take a T test every combat round or lose a wound)
2 Khornate Spawns
Khornate Giant

So rargh, a brutal fighty army with nice magic supportÖ I hoped! Got a good range of Nurgley spells on my wizards, Iíll fill you in as they are used. The Daemons were originally going to include a foot Daemon Prince but tragically I informed my opponent he canít join units, so he had a Greater Daemon insteadÖ

Lord of Change, Level 2, Scroll
Tzeentch Herald
Blue Scribes
Khornate BSB, Obsidian Armour, Stubborn Banner
~25 Horrors, Changeling, Standard
10 Horrors, Musician
~25 Bloodletters, Full Command
5 Furies
6 Flesh Hounds
2 x 1 Bloodcrushers

So not pushing any particular area, but two special characters can make people groan. Especially when they can turn Giants into weaklings and generate power dice from my spells.

My opponent created a channel to the middle of the table with two big impassable walls of rocks along each flank, whilst I put down a couple of towers in each corner. A forest stuck out into the top deployment zoneís left flank, and then just to make deployment even harder, some difficult ground in the middle of the lower zone. My opponent won the roll and took the top, putting his Khornate Daemosn central, big Horrors to my right, little Horrors left and the fliers free to move around as they wanted. I had my Khornate Knights central, Khornate Horsemen and big Marauder block left, Hounds all over, little Marauder unit right, Trolls right to go around the rocks. My Lord went in the smaller block, other Sorcerer in the big block and the Exalted Champion in the fast cav to surprise my opponent.

Game on!

I got first turn and advanced semi-cautiously, leaving line of sight to good targets. Trolls went stupid, and if they were marchblocked next turn would never be able to get around the rocks in the whole game. Magic saw a pair of attempts to turn the Changeling into a pile of Magnificent Buboes, but one was scrolled. I used the foetus to add to the power of a Plague Squall and got it off; it acts like a stone thrower, but me being me, I rolled a misfire and so the template was placed over my Lord, and the dangers of putting marked characters in an unmarked unit became apparent as I rolled fantastically and killed 3 of my own Marauders. And gifted my opponent a free dice for the scribes in doing so. Wonderful. The Banner of Wrath killed a single Horror (another free dice), so that was my awful first turn over.

Another steady advance, and the Blue Scribes dashed to the base of the right rocks to marchblock my army. Furies charged hounds who fled, tried to go into Horsmen who also fled, and ended up hitting my Spawn. Magic saw a hound blasted by the Scribes and a Spawn annihilated by a Flickering Fire that would have killed a Shaggoth. The Furies managed to wound my Spawn, who killed none in return, the Daemons actually winning combat! So much for fragile Daemons eh?

Since they had a target in the Furies, the frenzied horsemen and BSB charged in, although only one could make contact. The hounds fled the table but Horsemen rallied. Trolls kept advancing on the right, but I passed both their stupidity test and my Lordís. Hounds zoomed up to the end of the rocks to marchblock the enemy and Knights, Giant and Marauders prepared themselves for potential countercharges. Magic was the usual, with Buboes dispelled, Wrath Banner killing 1 horror and another Plague Squall cast, only to scatter off wildly and kill all the Hounds I had so carefully placed to marchblock. Wonderful. I gave the Horsemen regeneration though they shouldnít have needed it. But then this is me weíre talking about, and so with the 4 attacks from Marauder and Horse, none hit, whilsr the one Fury in contact killed the Horseman despite regeneration. My Spawn killed 2, and so it was double one or the whole unit would pop. Insane stability was rolled and they held on yet again!

No charges, but my opponent was determined to make the Changeling do something evil, the big Horror block advancing. A Bloodcrusher placed itself to bait my Knights. Magic saw me scroll an attempt to Glean Pox, Glorious Pox!, but an irresistible Force Goft of Chaos went off, killing a Knight but not much else. The odd Hound and Horseman died to flickering fires and the like, but that was ok. Combat finally saw the damned Furies die at last!

This left the Khornate Horsemen free to charge the 8 Horrors, who were promptly annihilated and overran. The Giant and Sorcerer Lord and his retinue all charged the big Horror Block, determined to do some damage in spite of the Changeling. The other Horsemen ran up to throw their axes at Mister Blue Scribes, but did no damage. The Knights hit the Bloodcrusher, the spawn joining in on the flank. Magic saw regeneration cast on the Knights and a miscast to end the phase, doh. In combat, the Sorcerer Lord had to challenge so the changeling accepted and morphed, the Lord almost killing him anyway but it was warded. The one Marauder in contact with the Herald did a wound but the other Marauders were useless, so it was looking badÖ fortunately the Giant Yelled and Bawled so the combat ended victoriously- but with the Stubborn Banner nearby, no damage. The Bloodcrusher took a wound from the Blasphemous amulet before being stomped by the Knights, who halted their overrun at the Spawn, which overran itself to protect their flank from the nasty Flesh Hounds.

No charges this turn surprised me, the Hounds turned around to try and dissuade my Horsemen from going round the back, and the Bloodletters advanced to force my charge. Magic saw the Spawn destroyed but not too much other damage. The big combat continued, the Changeling taking advantage of the Lordís higher initiative to strike first and cut himself down- god bless the Armour of Damnation and Father of Blades. Out-chaosed, ******! The Herald also died, could the tide be turning? To cap it off the Giant picked up three Horrors, putting two down his trousers for some added toastiness and squashing the third one, hehe. The Horrors held again.

My turn, and the Knights had to go into the Bloodletter block. The Exalted Heroís unit zoomed around the back for a potential rear charge next turn, the Horsemen hiding behind the wide base of the BSB so that if the Hounds charged, theyíd only be able to strike my tough guy! The Axemen galloped over to the Lord of Change but couldnít damage him. Magic saw the Knights blessed with regeneration again, and the Lord tried to cast Pox, Glorios Pox! I rolled 11, so a perfect time to use the twinís ability, since you canít go stupid in combat. It went off, doing D6 SD6 damage with no armour saves to most of the Daemon army! This saw a few Bloodletters and Horrors killed, the Scribes and other Bloodcrusher wounded, but the Hounds and Lord of Change unhurt- not too impressive. The Bloodletter Champion died to the Blasphemous Amulet, a tasty piece of kit if there ever was one. Thusly my Knight Champion and the Herald of Khorne met in mortal combat- though my guy was only at S4, as his ensorcelled blade was nullified by the Obsidian Armour. No damage, but the Champion was decapitated in return, and suffered another wound that was not regenerated. The Knights stomped 4 Bloodletters down, but it wasnít enough to win combat- thank goodness Knights cause fear! However I failed the break test with re-roll from my nearby BSB and they ran off, dropping their standard. In the big fight my troops rolled poorly and the Giantís swing with club action did one wound- saved of course by the ever-fragile Horrors. I lost combat by 1 and so my Lordís unit was autobroken and fled away, whilst the Giant held.

With the Lord of Change in perfect position to run down my Lord and it getting late, we called it a day. Massacre to the Daemons!

Well, a jolly good game, very fun and Chaotic at times, just how it should be! My army worked ok, but my dice crippled me (as ever), so against a Daemon army with stubborn banner, special characters and great dice I had very little chance. If only one of my Plague Squalls had gone off and killed a couple of Horrors (Rather than 7 of my own troops) then the Horrors would not have outnumbered my Lordís unit and Iíd have survived. Damn you, Daemons, damn you back to hell! I was only expecting a 2000 point game, if Iíd had longer to think about the extra 250 points Iíd have added a virtually-unbreakable Slaanesh Chaos Warrior unit for my Lord to hang out in instead, the trolls were not needed at all. But in general I think the army can do well- and itís fun to use as well, which is the main thing.

14-10-2008, 14:43
That was some bad rolling at the start there, but even so for a while there (before everything ran away) it looked to me like you were going to destroy him. But those dice can be evil things...

"Out-chaosed, ******!"- I loved this ; ) That combo does seem kinda nasty and it worked perfectly in that situation.

Anyway, thanks for writing the battle report. Hopefully we'll hear further tales from the hordes.

14-10-2008, 20:13
like malorian says, thanks for the writeup. Glad to hear mortals have a bag full of neato toys, not just blandiness like the WD temp.version... Hellcannon still in I hope?

14-10-2008, 21:02
Thanks EvC,

really interesting and amusing! I like the sword+armour combo, is really than i have ever thinked. BTW the WoC performed well 'til luck runs out and Murphy shows his ugly head....

14-10-2008, 21:29
Can a hero have Word of Agony? I thought it was 40pts...?

And can knight champions carry magic items?

14-10-2008, 21:31
I loved it, good job : )

And it's Rot. Rot, Glorious Rot and not Pox, Glorious Pox =p

14-10-2008, 21:37
Wow nice! Your dice are spectacular(ly bad)! Was there anything you could do at all against a flying terror causing monster?

14-10-2008, 22:35
Really good Battle Report, EvC!

It seems as though the new Warriors of Chaos have the potential to be a really versatile army with plenty of interesting choices! The Nurgle build is terrifying, in particular...

As others have said, the massacre can be attributed more to your appalling luck during the first few turns than to anything else...

Keep the reports coming, they will be greatly appreciated!

14-10-2008, 23:38
Ah yes, I seem to have made a mistake with the Word of Agony on my basic Sorcerer, that'll have to go. Good thing he never got into combat then- bad thing that it makes the gift choices available to characters even poorer :(

Was there anything I could do against a flying terror causing monster... well, I was facing one and didn't really have any way of combating it, other than hoping it'd charge my Lord and then roll lots of 1s to hit :D

15-10-2008, 00:00
i'm surprised you didn't bring a warshrine EvC... that might have swung the tide of the battle to your advantage.

I would substitute that unit of Trolls for 1 Warshrine.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
15-10-2008, 00:32
Great to see the new Warriors in action, EvC! Pity those Khornate Horsemen didnt do much other than munch some expendable Furies. I would have liked to see how well they could have done with the new Marks for Marauders.

15-10-2008, 11:16
Well they barely even touched the Furies, but did go through a unit of Horrors in one turn quite nicely. With the Stubborn Banner nearby they really needed every drop of killing power, as if I hadn't killed every last Horror that turn, they'd have probably held me up even longer...

15-10-2008, 22:19
Awesome to see another warrriors of hcaos player on Warseer!

I played 2 games with the new book, and my Rot cut 3 units down to half and broke 2 off the board.

The new warriors are awesome. Good report EvC.

15-10-2008, 23:04
I think you expected more then you should of from your magic. A single level 2, a single level 4 with a nifty +to cast item, and one bound magic missile that can be dispelled rather easily isn't a whole lot.

Also, you were only facing one special character. The Changeling isn't a character, though he is quite special.

15-10-2008, 23:35
Hehe, I figured when I "killed" him that he was probably not counted as a character for rolls on the Eye of the Gods table, as nice as it would have been. I didn't expect a hige amount from my magic, but I assumed that overall it would have had a positive effect on the battle on my part. But all it did was kill my own troops, force a stupidity test on my Lord and gift my opponent a few dice, whilst killing a few rank and file. It's not unreasonable to expect more than that, is it?

16-10-2008, 00:04
Hehe, I figured when I "killed" him that he was probably not counted as a character for rolls on the Eye of the Gods table, as nice as it would have been. I didn't expect a hige amount from my magic, but I assumed that overall it would have had a positive effect on the battle on my part. But all it did was kill my own troops, force a stupidity test on my Lord and gift my opponent a few dice, whilst killing a few rank and file. It's not unreasonable to expect more than that, is it?

I am not sure if Champions are or are not viable targets for EoG. They can issue and accept challenges as a character, so it's possible they would count when getting killed in a challenge.

That said, I don't know which side fall come down on that matter but it certainly seems reasonable to me that killing one of Tzeentch's favoured tools of discord would be a cause for some sort of happy party. And I'm sure you could find some justification for an EoG roll all the way down to Skavenslave champion.

16-10-2008, 00:44
The book says quite clearly that only characters, not champions, killed in combat earn a roll on the table.

While we could all think of many, many justifications for why besting any unit champ in a challenge is enough, the book says otherwise.

16-10-2008, 00:47
Upon review of the Champion rules in the rulebook, I agree. No EoG for champion slaying.

16-10-2008, 03:13
I thought it said " A champion is a type of character that is limited to its own unit."

Oh well. That makes the plague flail much more tempting...

16-10-2008, 17:16
Couple things I noticed is that your group apparently doesn't rank up the combats, so that when you are charging it often appears that only 1 or 2 models may be fighting.

We always use the suggestion that battlelines stay formed up to avoid clipping, so sliding is always used. So it avoids situations where only one horsemen would be fighting furies and the like, especially since furies are skirmishing and should be ranking up to you anyway and you shouldn't be charging furies and then only get to fight the one fury.

Also, I think I'm a bit confused as to how you autobroke vs the big horror unit with your marauders and giant in the fight. From what I can see you started with a giant(US6) and 23 maruaders + 1 lord. He had killed 3 maruaders to make your unit US21 + 6 for US27.

The horrors were US25 plus a herald who is what? US3?

During the fight you described you killed 3 horrors with the giant, plus the changeling and the herald.

You never described any of your marauders dying. So just based on that your US was still 27 vs his 21.

You should be taking a break test as normal. Not an auto-insane courage break test.

You only do that if your combined US is lower than the fear causing enemy. I'm just wondering if his horrors or herald killed alot of maruaders that we didn't hear about, enough to lower their US to 20 or less.

16-10-2008, 17:37
Some people hate sliding more than clipping.

Malorians group seem to be those people.

I agree with them.

But yeah, if a single Fury is touched the rest have to align to the Horsemen...

17-10-2008, 12:23
You'll note that the furies had already charged the Spawn, and so they were already locked into place when my Horsemen charged. So no alignment for them. If the Furies had been out of combat, then of course they would all have lined up in front of the Horsemen.

"My Lord went in the smaller block", not the big block of Marauders, unfortunately. I suffered for my unconventional deployment of characters! Some of my Marauders had also died, remember: from my own magic.