View Full Version : Mounted Frenzy: 2.5Kpts Chaos Mortals of Khorne

14-10-2008, 14:08
Though my Daemon list sometimes ago is pretty strong from others' view, it's just not the army I want. I want some really fast and furious army and I came to Khornate Chaos Mortals and Bretonnia (the list will be posted later).
If either list is any good, I'll give it a go.
Note the Mounted Khorne theme here so I don't want Sorcerers/units with other marks/models with M-rate <5 unless necessary.

Chaos Lord with MoK, Diabolic Splendour, Axe of Khorne, Armour of Morrslieb, Collar of Khorne on Juggernaut-425pts

Exhalted Hero /w Flail, Bloodcurding Roar, Chaos Runeshield, MoK on Juggernaut-249pts
Exhalted Hero /w Halberd, Shield, MoK on Chariot /w MoK-299pts

3x 10 Horseman /w Flails, Musician, Standard, MoK-198pts*3=594pts

2x 5 Knights /w MoK, Musician, Standard-260pts*2=520pts
2x Chariot /w MoK-150pts*2=300pts


Total: 2492pts
46 Models

If this list any good as a themed Calvary army?

14-10-2008, 16:22
Not a bad list, but one that can easily be led around by the nose. Be wary of cheap units at angles and hope for good over-runs.

15-10-2008, 13:08
I'll pay attention to that in game.

So any other improvements can be made?

15-10-2008, 13:21
I would split out the horsemen into groups of 7. I don't know how the points work out with that, but having a second rank doesn't really help CR that much, as you'll lose the rank bonus to shooting early on. I would go with 4 groups of 7. You save a little on points (maybe, no book in front of me), you have some wounds to soak up and keep the front 5 still there, plus you have the benefit of an extra unit. I think I maxed out my marauders at 7 for that effect.

I just relooked at your character, and I would remove the flail or the runeshield. A flail takes two hands, meaning that if you use it, you won't be able to use the shield, which is a lot of points. Go for a sword of +1S instead, or some other cheap magic weapon to keep the shield, or drop the shield entirely and put the points elsewhere. You can use the shield to defend against shooting, but with a flail, the special rules for the shield become useless.

16-10-2008, 05:03
Make your knights 7 models per unit, otherwise they will lose combats.

Overall, the list is a bit insubstanttial and lacks a backbone, but I think it will do well.

Take a sorceror. Seriously, a scroll caddie, or you may be in deep, deep trouble.

09-11-2008, 09:49
After taking some advices from the local guys I decide to change my list for a bit.

Chaos Lord with MoK, Diabolic Splendour, Axe of Khorne, Armour of Morrslieb, Collar of Khorne on Juggernaut-425pts

Exhalted Hero /w Fury of the Blood God, Chaos Runeshield, MoK on Juggernaut-245pts
Exhalted Hero /w Glaive of Putrefaction, Shield, MoK on Juggernaut-205pts
Exhalted Hero /w Rending Sword, Shield, MoK on Juggernaut-210pts

3x 7 Horseman /w Flails, Musician, Standard, MoK-153pts*3=369pts

3x 5 Knights /w MoK, Musician, Standard-260pts*3=780pts
5 Knights /w Musician, Standard (Banner of Rage)-265pts (Joined by Lord)

Total: 2499pts

Is this list better than those bfore or it sucks?

The Red Scourge
09-11-2008, 10:04
Your list is fine, as long as you get the first turn else fast cavalry and eagles will make a mess your battle line, and your frenzied troops will do nothing but bang their heads together.

If you run into something like a steamtank, you'll be in over your head, S5 just isn't good enough.

Magic could ruin your day too.


And on a side note. Your tactical options are extremely limited, you might surprise your opponent once or twice with the speed of this list, but from then on you'll be on a one way losing streak.

19-11-2008, 03:48
I would say an all khorne cavalry army may sounds cool, but the combination of all being fast and frenzy means you will be baited alot. your knights are still tough as nails if they get charged, but not so much if they get charged on the flank. Still there are things you can do too maximise your chances of winning despite having little to no control over your army.

Horsemen are weaker versions of your knight but also cheaper, i'd say invest the 1pt to give them light armour and make thm 5+ armour save its 1pt a guy and helps against basic shooting, and ASF HE spears or daemoneetes.

So a list ?...

you really don't need a lord and 3 heroes. as they are 1085pts of your 2.5k army. hero on basic jugga is not exceptionally fantastic it is 8str 5 atks between them but you don't need 4 of these guys running around. anything that ignores armour like bolt throwers or cannons could take out your characters quite fast. Remember even if you put them in a unit, if the unit is too small you won't get look out sir. I'd minimize the character count, too 2 heroes, one to be a general one too be a bsb.

keep em cheap so a hero marked khorne with shield and collar of khorne on a jugga 205pts for a model with a 0+ armour save 6+ ward and magic res 2, you got 5 str 5 atks already, remember you have to declare challenges, so str 5 is good enough against most unit champions and well your frenzied so they aren't exactly going to let you mosh their characters if they can help it. but if you think 1+ armour is good enough take a halberd over the shield.

take a 2nd hero marked khorne as a bsb on jugga with shield and fury of khorne. 225pts simple effective, its a bsb so i'd stick with shield, keep him alive and he is a combat resolution on his own.

take 2 units of 10 horsemen full command, spears, light armour and shields marked khorne 220pts each (put these 2 units around your bsb and general, they are heavy cav with 4+ armour save so they do get rank bonus, they are where they want to be hopefully turn 2, so 4+ should be enough too keep them alive. they give look out sir to your character, unit strength and and the 4 guys in front rank add 9str4 and 8 str 3 attacks on a charge, combined with the 8 str 5s from your general or bsb, this is enough)
and if you break them off a charge you got horselords... this will help you get good pursuits.

2 more units of horsemen with flails and light armour 7 big, no command, marked khorne. 156pts each

2 units of knights x 6 , marked khrone, musician and standard bearer 300pts each

2 chariots marked khorne 150pts each

4 khrone spawns 300pts together

3 x 6 hounds 108pts together (you want the hounds to equal the frontage on your cavalry units if possible at the start of the game)

total 2490

the hounds and spawn are not fenzied so if you have too you can let them go out first, and maybe pull some units fowards with the hounds, or have the spawns tie up some units with their unbreakability.

19-11-2008, 04:52
If you take fury of the blood god you can't take magic items so you have to drop the runeshield. But an exalted hero with MoK, Jugger, Fury, shield and flail is a perfectly nice combo (before someone says it, yes, you can't use shield and flail but you can use either one depending on what youre in combat with!).

I don't think you're in for that rough a ride with all that magic resistance on your characters. Your chariots and spawns etc will get nuked but ur knights will stick around.

One thing though is this: where are your doggies? Warhounds make the world go round as far as WoC are concerned. They screen, they flank, they get in the way of enemy chariots that would otherwise hurt your knights. They can even hunt down lone warmachines. Doggies FTW.