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14-10-2008, 14:22
Doing an artillery themed army for a best of comp with a couple of mates. Here's the list...

Orc Warboss- Heavy Armour, Martogs Best Basha, Best Boss 'At, Enchanted Shield, Gnashas or Boots- 226
Orc Big Boss- Boar, Light Armour, Porkos Pigstikka, Shield- 140
Orc Shaman- Lev 2, 2x Disp. Scroll- 150
N. Gom Shaman- Lev 2, Staff of Stealin'- 135

28 Big Unz- Shields, Full Comm, Morks Spirit Totem- 360
20 Night Goblins- 3 Fanatics- 135
20 Boyz- Shields, Full Comm- 150
20 Boyz- Shields, Full Comm- 150

9 Boar Boyz- Full Comm, Warbanner- 261
3 Rock Lobbers- 210

Doom Diver- 80

Takes it to around 2000.

The armies I'm facing are combat Empire- no shooting, lots of knights...

Magic heavy Ogres- 3 Butchers and lots of units of 3 Ogres...

and combat Dwarves...no shooting, big blocks of troops.

Basic plan is (animosity willing): Use "castle" style defense with 3 units of orcs defending hill, with NGs spread out in a line a safe distance in front to deliver fanatics and cause 1 wound (at maximum) with their shortbows. Boarboys move up the flank to get behind opponent.

On occaision I've used a Warboss on Wyvern to go with Boarboyz, but as the Ogres and knights wont take to long to get to my main defensive line, I figured he'd be best placed with the orc boys.

9DD and 2 scrolls out to be enough defense. I know the scrolls and banner are useless against the Dwarves, but they'll be useful against the other 2.

The list isn't finalized, only restriction is that I have to take at least 4 warmachines and one unit of archers, and I'm considering slipping some fast cav in there...possibly.

Any queries or thoughts/advice?

14-10-2008, 18:37
Artillery based and no chukkas ? :confused:

14-10-2008, 18:59
I'd switch those boar boyz for either some black orcs or more boyz, if the latter option then throw in some chukkas aswell IMO. And then switch the boss on boar for either another shammy (magicy goodness) or a battle standard to keep them boyz from runnin' ;)
But that's only my opinon ofc.

14-10-2008, 21:29
If yor goin shooty my best advice wud be ta drop da Warboss an' take a lvl 4 shammy(or level 3). den drop da baor boyz and take 2 chukkas. wif da left over points buy more boyz anna battle standard bearer to keep da ladz in dere place were the fightin is!

14-10-2008, 23:16
Unfortunately years of experience have taught me I'm far better with Rock Lobbers then I am with spear chukkas, so I'd pick 1 of them over 2 chukkas anyday of the week!

With regards to the extra magic, I should have mention that for the comp we all drew lots for what style army to take- combat heavy infantry, cavalry heavy. magic heavy and shooting/artillery heavy. In order to allow superiority in the certain areas other armies were limited in the magic they could take, ie anything that wasn't deemed magic heavy could take no more than 2 wizards, and those could be no higher than level 2.

As for the Boar Boys, dropping them would probably be a good idea in order to allow me to get another unit of boys and some more troops to hold up the opponent, allowing the rocklobbers to deal their stony death to ogres/humies/stunties (gotta love rock lobbers vs tightly packed units of dwarves!)