View Full Version : 2000pts of gunline cheese - but is it any good?

14-10-2008, 17:52
Disclaimer: I'm not proposing to use this army (it would be very dull) but it was shown to me and I thought I would see what the posters of Warseer made of it.


Arch Lector, War Altar, Great Weapon, VHS

Warrior Priest, Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse

Warrior Priest, Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse

Battle Wizard, 2 x dispell scroll


6 Knights, Champion, Musician

6 Knights, Champion, Musician

5 x 10 Handgunners


3 x Great Cannon



2 x Helstorm

Still got 65 pts left over too. So it this weak or strong for a gunline list? With the knights protecting the flanks and the arch lector in the centre, it has some decent counter attacking options. Looks like it could struggle against a mounted army though as it will usually only have a turn of shooting before getting charged.

14-10-2008, 22:15
* Add some archer detachments to the handgunners, so they can rush forward to serve as marchblockers. I'd use 2 units of 6 archers (so you need at least 2 units of 12 handgunners).

* Replace two units of handgunners with crossbows. There's no reason at all to not do so, as you'll otherwise be unale to shoot in turn one. Also, wood elves will pick you apart without crossbows.

* Ditch the great weapons for the warrior priests and give them shields. They need to survive, and they already will have a weaker armour save than the knights they ride with. Consider the Enchanted Shield for one of them.

* I'd ditch the 5th handgunner unit and one Helstorm. That, plus the leftover points, should make a decent little flagellant unit. Always handy to hold up something nasty that might otherwise eat up your ranged troops.

* General concept note: you'll get massacred by demons possibly VC and dragon armies, unless you're really good at sniping with your cannons. And yes, it's a boring list...