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Captain Keen
14-10-2008, 20:21

I'm fielding a ulric army of middenheim next saturday against the orcs and vampire`s if all goes well. 2250pts. Now I am using the rules of the vault/shrine of knowledge regarding the cult of ulric.
It seems the site is down now (lol),... In de rules it says that I may upgrade one model in my unit of spearmen, halberdiers and warriors of Ulric to a priest of Ulric! And that goes for every unit. Me like, cause: extra dispell dice, the unit hates every enemy model of LD<7 , and 4 bound power lvl 3 prayers:D3 to charge of unit, one S4 hit to every touching model,Ld test to all touching unit->-1 to hit in combat, and remain:unit is immuun to psych!!
Not too shabby I'd say. Lots of talismans they can use too...10pts (Wolfshead Emblem):get one dispell dice when you sac it,
25pts(Fang of Winter Wolfs):sac to cast prayer with irr force. And then there are some good ones too. And you can buy for 50pts a priest, and buy as much as you want, and use more then one against each spell.
The balance in U-clan is different, cause there is less to choose from, so they gave WW-knights a hammer that gives +2 when charging, and +1 all the other time without the last strike and they remain core when inner circling them, and spear-men and halb's are specials with the obvious reasons. No flaggees here too. No wizards/canons/engineers.
But my Q: It says that the priest doesn't come with the same equipm's as the unit, but you can buy equip as normal. Do I pick equipment from the priest list, or the spearmen list? In the priest list, it is slightly more expensive, and there is other stuff there.

15-10-2008, 02:55
Assuming your opponent doesn't mind you using a cult of ulric list then you equip the priest with priest-based equipment and items.

The list, like the other SoC lists, is no longer considered 'official', 'legal' or whatever other label you like and so some may object and you will have real problems in tournaments getting this accepted.

That said, if you enjoy it, go for it. Almost everything you'd make to go in a cult of ulric list can be reasonably translated to a straight-up Empire list in 7th ed.

The white wolf rules (core for IC, cavalry hammer, etc) are all 6th edition standard rules.

Captain Keen
16-10-2008, 23:09
ok, thanks. I don't play tournaments, only casual game against 2 friends. They don't mind. Plenty of races that are only 6th in the armybook up to now too, to state that I am obliged to play empire only with 7th armybook rules? But that is my opinion I guess..or are all races upgraded with 7th armybooks already now? Not sure...
I think that the balance in the U-list will be gone if I change some things to 7th rulings and leave others in 6th. List is smaller and troops have other abilities, like changing model to priest. Hard to change some things and keep others. How to choose. Do I change for the better? Opponent could want me to pick the worst stats of both I guess. To keep things 'fair' maybe ,lol. But as I said...fun is our middle game around here, so I guess I'm searching nails in low tide now. (Dutch expression)

17-10-2008, 11:54
Thing is, use either all rules for 6th, or all rules for 7th. Otherwise balance could be severely lost and you can run into "conflicting rules"-troubles.
Other than that, no-one can say what you have to use, you only need to find an opponent that agrees. You could even play 1st edition if you liked that better.

Storm of chaos is a fine book to use, but use it with the corresponding 6th edition armybooks and BRB. If you use it with a 7th edition armybook (with some modifications), or against 7th edition armies, and you find after a few games that your army seems unbeatable, you might consider cutting away some points from your list to even things out. That way its most fun for both of you, and you make sure people still want to play against you.

17-10-2008, 18:44
Cult of Ulric list was not in the SoC book, it was in Annual/Chronicles 2004.

At a quick glance, you could almost play that list without using the Empire army book at all - most of the things in the list are self-contained. The only regular item/rule I did not spot explained was the full plate armour. For the magic items, you could need to refer the Empire book, unless you are content with the cult specific magic items given in the list.

Captain Keen
17-10-2008, 20:09
I find the items in the cult list an even match for the normal empire items. A banner that gives imm to psych at all times, and one that lowers the break roll in your favour and also all those talismans are very good against vampires and other casters. A whole bunch of empire goodies are offlimits, and the book says this is so cause it is consigrated in the name of sigmar, and not ulric. Makes sense to me.

I found the rules somewhere else :chrome:. GW has removed it's shrine of knowledge with all its cool stuff from her site it seems. :mad: I want to field felix with his poet too. Lets see if I can find their rules too

found felix: