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14-10-2008, 23:40
Lady Celeste Widdermark of Marienberg
Level 4 Wizard, PowerstonesX2, Luckstone, Ring of Volans

Councellor Frederick Barstucth
Level 2 Wizard, Powerstone, Rod of Power

Advisor Jurgen Prostrat
Level 2 Wizard, Staff of Sorcery

Consort Sir Guy de Lucret
Captain, Pegasus, FUllplate, Shield, Lance, Pistol, Doomfire Ring


10 Handgunners, Musician, Marksman with Repeater Handgun

25 Swordsmen, Full Command
det 1: 10 Swordsmen
det 2: 10 Halberdiers

25 Spearmen, Full Command
det 1: 10 Swordsmen
det 2: 10 Halberdiers

6 Knights, Full command, Warbanner

6 Knights, Full Command





Hellbalster Volleygun

15 Flagellants, Prophet of Doom

15-10-2008, 03:43
Usually if you have to ask, don't.

In your particular case, however, I think the list is fine.

Sure it's fairly heavy on magic with 8 levels but you're sacrificing those handy fighty characters to get there and sinking in a ton of points. If that's what works for you it's fine.

Your troops are hardly over the top and you don't have an egregious excess of shooting. I'd think long and hard about some changes to your detachments (take one shooting/screening detachment for each block).

So, not unkind, just a little heavy on magic.

Try it and see how you like the playstyle. Of course you haven't told us what lores you'll choose but this may be somewhat dependent on your opponent as well.

Lord Dan
15-10-2008, 04:11
Let's see...

One cannon.
10 Handgunners.

No, I'd say you've answered your own question in the same post.

15-10-2008, 16:05
One Cannon...

+ Mortar and Hellblaster...

I don't know if it is too nasty but it seems pretty nasty.. at least, for me...

15-10-2008, 16:10
this isn't that nasty, with only 1 cannon, and a mortar/volley gun. sure you have a lot of magic in your army, but all it takes is one failed miscast. if you want to be nasty bring a steam tank or two lol.

16-10-2008, 03:57
Thanks for the input guys.

Do you think it would be competative against a horde army?