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sing Sang a song
15-10-2008, 00:12
Ok i had IG as my horde army, but turns out that i didnt like their playing style. (sorry IG players :() So i decided to try either tyranids or orks, and I just need some question to be answered before i start getting stuff for my army. so here we go
AND i cant access the UK website somehow, and US one doesnt give me much info so please dont tell me to go check the website :)

1. What's the cons of both army (already figured out the pros)
2. What should i get as starter: thinking about buying Da Green Tides box for Ork, and The Assault Brood box for tyranids.
3. which army is cheaper to play? (dont have much money ;) I'm a junior at High school)

15-10-2008, 00:17
Well i can only awser number three for you. I would say about the same becasue there swarm/horde armies. and they both relie on big numbers to win.

15-10-2008, 01:07
Yep, a horde army is a horde army and that means lots of models.

As to cons for both, you wind up painting lots of models either way. With Orks, you wind up painting a lot of green. There's a lot of 'put 'em on - take 'em off' during play since you're going to go through Boyz or Gaunts pretty quick. Other that, they're both neat armies and folks seem to enjoy both. Orks have a newer book and rather easier conversion options if you're into that sort of thing.

In terms of what to buy, try to get an idea of which 'army plan' you want to go with. If you plan to do Nidzilla, make sure you're scoring enough Carnifex and the like. If you plan to do an Ork Deffwing army, then Da Green Tide is probably one of the last things you need to buy. eBay is probably not a bad idea initially, especially if you're really not sure what you want to do.

15-10-2008, 01:07
Personally I like the gameplay of the orks, there's a lot of versatility and maneuverability that the nids don't have. The ability to put down a bunch of bikes and buggies and trukks to zip around the board and cause all sorts of havoc while da ladz slog forward is pretty cool.

That said, Tyranids can be downright awesome. Big bugs are usually much tougher than tanks in my opinion, since they don't fall prey to the crappy vehicle rules in 5th, and with their special rules they can't be insta-killed.

As far as box pricing, take a look at what's in the boxes, and compare the normal shelf price. Some boxes are practically worthless with next to no savings at all. Others are pretty awesome - the Ravenwing box for example gets you 6 bikes, an attack bike, a landspeeder, and three upgrade sprues that have a TON of stuff on it, all for the price of just the 6 bikes. It saves you about $45, not including the extra bits.

15-10-2008, 01:09
Cons? For Orks? Um...nope, can't think of any...oh, wait- storage space.

15-10-2008, 01:22
1. What's the cons of both army (already figured out the pros)
Painting (if you do not pick up a quick-to-do color scheme you're hosed), and for the orks assembling too (the kit is more suited for simple conversions and dynamic poses, but once you start converting orks ... well, next thing you know you're scratchbuilding whatever you need)
Then there's the background for tyranids, it's a bit flat and they do not have many special guys.

3. which army is cheaper to play? (dont have much money ;) I'm a junior at I'd say orks, with a mob of boyz, some nobz and maybe a killa kan or two you have a good all-round force. With nids you get a lot more variation with the basic troops, so you might discover you like an all-stealer army after having painted a kilo of gaunts.

However, remember that ebay is your friend there, you can get good deals on painted minis (that's assuming you do not mind brake fluid stink).

sing Sang a song
15-10-2008, 06:45
hehehe thanks for all the advices people!
Anyway i forgot to mention this so i will post it here. What im planning to do with ork is try all sluggas boyz with rokkitz, Nob bosses with PKs, with 1 warboss and 1 mek with kustom field. Why do i want this army? because DA BOYZ R AWESOME!!
And for Tyranids, i just wanna do all around army with bit toward nidzilla army.
At this moment I am toward going green but i just don't know what i want(read above) as an ork army is ok in compatibility.
And as for tyranids i dont get whats synapse creature stuff.

15-10-2008, 07:32
1. What's the cons of both army (already figured out the pros)
Cons for Orks:
a. Tanks, at range anyway
b. Low armor. Die in droves
c. Corollary to b, fearless hurts a lot (no retreat).
2. What should i get as starter: thinking about buying Da Green Tides box for Ork, and The Assault Brood box for tyranids.
a. a couple AoBR and a battleforce
3. which army is cheaper to play? (dont have much money ;) I'm a junior at High school)
a. If you go with lots of models from the starter boxes (black reach and macragge) it will help with cost a lot.

15-10-2008, 21:42
As mentioned many times before, painting and assembly is going to be a pain. However, Tyranids probably win out in that area. Orks are mostly comprised of boyz and nothing else, so you won't have a very large variety of different models to put together. Tyranids, on the other hand, have lots of different critters that you can put together, making them less tedious as a whole. Also, as Tyranids can get Without Number on their hordes, you can get away with significantly less Tyranids than Orks.

Chromatically, Tyranids are a bit more constraining on the palette. Orks just about have to be green, or should at least be uniform-looking in skin color, but at least you can paint their outfits however you want. Since Tyranids don't wear any clothes (all "Jeanstealer" jokes aside) they can truly be any color, but they have to have a uniform color scheme or they look reeeeeealy bad. (I would suggest picking up one of those small $8 boxes of 4 Gaunts, becuase you'll have to find a paint scheme you like, or painting all your Tyranids the same way is going to torment you.) Thus, Tyranids favor a smaller palette and lots of assembly-line style work.

In terms of gameplay, both are very hard armies to beat. However, Tyranids* fail to balanced lists that are played well (like Eldar or Chaos Marines), while Orks* get decimated by skewed anti-horde lists almost exclusively (Berserker spam, Railhead spam, Land Raider Crusader spam, Monolith spam...). With Tyranids, you're best off building a horde that hits the enemy in waves based on their table speed, while with a Mekboy, you're best off marching while arranging your Orks in "Star Power Formation" around him, thus giving every single Boy in your army the benefits of 4+ cover.

*This assumes that the builds used for both Tyranids and Orks are the "traditional" fluffy builds, while Speed Freaks, Deffwing, Ork-quizition, Stealer Shock, and Nidzilla all skew these general assumptions.