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I love Lelith
14-10-2008, 23:33
grimgor ironhide - 375pts

Orc shaman - 140pts
staff of baduumm

night goblin shaman - 135pts
dispel scroll
dispel scroll

29 orc boyz - 233pts
extra choppas
standard bearer
orc boss

20 night goblins - 60pts
all with bows

30 night goblins - 195pts
standard bearer
night goblin boss
2 fanatics

5 forest goblin spider riders - 70pts
all bows

29 black orks - 465pts
standard bearer
black orc boss
morks spirit-totem

2 goblin spear chukkas - 80pts
2 orc bullys

1troll - 40pts

1gaint - 205pts

total - 1998pts.

please C&C.

many thanks

15-10-2008, 00:03
Looks fairly good, but in a personal note I'd like to get another unit of boyz in there. Also there's a lot of points invested in the main unit of Black Orcs (including Grimgor), bit risky, but obviously it's just my opinion...i've been wrong before(ask the missus;)).

Another idea would be to give the scrolls to the Orc Shaman and pop the Staff of Sneaky Stealing on the Goblin- the extra DD for you and 1 less PD for your opponent is always good.

Just one question- no fanatics with the bow-armed night goblins? I'd really suggest you manage to give them a couple, its about the only reason to take NG (short)bowmen...

Let us know how it works out for you, and be careful with Grimgor- if his unit gets flanked and he can't fight, you could end up with over 800 points worth of unit being run down...

15-10-2008, 15:21
Big pretty much said what I was going to say, give the scrolls to the orc shaman and get the staff of sneaky stealin to the goblin shaman. also get another unit of boyz and some fanatics for your bowmen. only thing I have to say is be careful with Grimgor, almost everybody who plays knows him and will try to avoid a direct fight with him. protect his flanks well. and try to get a counter charge when you can.