View Full Version : Aldred's Casket of Sorcery

Lord 0
15-10-2008, 02:37
Quoted from the Empire Codex:

At the end of each of his movement phases, the bearer may remove and capture one randomly determined spell from an enemy Wizard within 12 of him on a roll of 4+.

Given that it says *remove*, would I be right in thinking a spell captured by the casket cannot be cast by the wizard at all until the spell is released?

I know it doesn't specifically say the spell goes back to the wizard once it is released, but it seems a bit harsh that once captured it is gone from the target wizard for the rest of the game.

I tried searching, but both my google-fu and search-fu failed me.

15-10-2008, 02:54
Once the spell is captured, it is indeed removed from the game, except for when it is cast as a bound spell.

15-10-2008, 02:59
Of course Shamfrit is correct.

The key issues are:
a) 12" range (most wizards aren't just running alone and naked toward your line waiting to have their knowledge siphoned from their pointy little heads)

b) Random spell (relevant for level 2 and up since you may siphon off a spell that was actually useless to them in the first place while leaving them with the devastating one you fear)

c) On a 4+ (my dice karma virtually guarantees I'll roll a 3 when it's critical)

And lastly, by taking it you're tying up points you could otherwise use to protect your character or help him fight better.

So, while fairly good, it's not necessarily game-breaking.