View Full Version : 2500 Point Lizardmen for Tourney

15-10-2008, 05:23
This is a list I threw together for a tournament this weekend I might enter.

7 units of 10 Skinks - 1 with scout

1 unit of 3 Jungle swarms

25 Saurus with Blesing of Quetzl and full command

4 Kroxigor

3 Terradons

3 Salamanders

1 Stegadon

3 Skink Priests all Lvl 2
- 1 with Diadem
- 1 with Cube of Darkness and Blessing of the Old Ones
- 1 with a single dispell scroll

Saurus Oldblood w/ Lt Armor, Blessings of Quetl, Tepok, and Itzl
- Cold One, Blade of Realities, Shield of the Mirrored Pool, Aura of Quetzl

General idea is have 3 units of skinks screen my units, 1 scout, and the rest try to keep the squishy priests alive. Mostly magic defensive with the hope for a thunderbolt or two. For dispelling i will have 6-8 dispell dice with a 75% chance of ending a magic phase with the cube and reroll.

Generally I will have my steg and kroxies on each side of the big unit and keep them all on one flank. The sallies and terradons and maybe a priest unit as well on the opposite flank. Relying on some magic, terradons and the scouts to disrupt my opponent's battle line and hopefully handle artillery.

I know if I face a gun line I will have to go headlong and try to make it to the line, and that the stupidity on the cold one will inevitable fail once a game, but I feel some minor Fear immunity and a slightly better armor save is worth it.

Any suggestions?

Lord Dan
15-10-2008, 06:00
7 units seems a little excessive. 4-5 sounds about right.

What is the big block of Saurus for? I like Saurus myself, but right now it looks like one big expensive target with no real purpose in life.

I'd like to see some more kroxigors.

Make it happen, Capt'n.

15-10-2008, 11:26
Drop the swarms for 3 more krox.

15-10-2008, 15:04
yes, drop the swarms they are just not good enough anymore. also I would suggest take the mirror pool shield off your lord. It looks great on paper and I have had great successes with it, but once your opponent finds out he'll just target another unit. switch it out for a maiming shield for another attack. also why do you have the Blade of Realities, are you planning on fighting deamons or wood elf forest spirit army?

15-10-2008, 22:42
The reason I keep the swarms is simple. I find that keeping them behind my saurus unit is the only thing I have to truly slow down flyers like dragons. If they can tie them down for a turn or two at most then I have half a chance at bringing something to bear on them before they fly away to another flank.

As for the mirrored shield I know its a one trick pony, buit the idea is to deter my opponent from targeting the vulnerable sauri. As for why I take a large block, I just like saurus warriors. I know they will get mauled by anything from this edition so I take numbers and the mirrored shield to try and make them survive to the line. I have little faith in kroxigors due to their low ws and my bad luck when using them.

I am keeping the blade of realities simply becaus ein a tourny there is bound to be at least one demon army, and I have had absolutely no luck against them. I figure its a small chance, but it should help me take out a demonic herald or dark elf with inverted ward save should I get the oppourtunity.

As for the number of skink units I am worried having that many will give me a low comp score, but I have no better idea of how to keep the priests alive than giving them the 10 extra wound bodyguard and hiding them.

Thanks for the comments and keep em coming I will need all the help I can get.