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15-10-2008, 08:17
10-12 with Great wepaons/Additional Hand Weapons
Weapon upgrades are expensive, so I'd field them in smaller units without command to be able to afford them. Mark of khorne would be a good choice.
15-18 with Sheilds
These are cheaper and will rely on some more static, so they should have full command. Mark of Nurgle or slaanesh would be a good bet.

20-25 with Light Armour, Sheilds
These have decent save and will rely on some more static rather than wounds, so they should have full command. Mark of Nurgle or slaanesh would be a good bet.
10-15 with Great wepaons/Flails
These will rely on doing damage while being rather cheap, I'd avoid command and keep their units rather small. Mark of khorne would be a good choice.

Marauder Horsemen:
Give them throwing axes and mark of slaanesh and they will be a great fast cavalry unit. Or Mark of khorne and flails for some killing power. I wouldn't give them command.

Chaos Knights
You wont be able to fit any more into combat, and knightsare too expensive to try to get ranks with. I wouldn't buy lances, proably not command either, but give them mark of Khorne or slaanesh.

Chaos Ogres
You wont be able to fit any more into combat, and ogres are too expensive to try to get ranks with.
Great weapons with mark of nurgle or khorne are both good choices. Slaanesh could also be usefull if you want a cheaper unit.

These are my general opinions, now share yours. :)

15-10-2008, 09:37
Quite similar for me.

Warrior: generally 14, 'cause I use a hero to fill a rank. My prefer combo is shield+ halberd, so to max the defence expecially vs shooting, while halberd is very good in attack and mantain I 5.

Marauder: I always field 25 (24 if I add a hero) unit strong with full command. For defence I depend by the enemy; against S4 piercing fire-weapon even shield-ligh armour is a waste of point. As weapon I always take great weapon/flail (simply because I have pianted over 25 flail armed Marauders). For Wulfrik's Merry-Marauder Force, I take around 20, so when I deploy them the next turn I can charge anything in the enemy deploy zone. Generally I don't mark them and don's spend to much in armour/weapon.

Ogre: 4 models, for me, is the best. 3 are too few and 5 become difficult to manouvre..

16-10-2008, 03:42
Warriors: 15-20; Needs to have 15 so even if they get a character they can ake shooting and still maybe retain rank bonus. FC. I will give them a mark that's not Khorne.

Marauders: 19-25; Sorcerors can fill out back rank, units of 20 are not bad, untis of 25 don't really help at all. FC.

Marauder Horsemen: 5; Spears, Mark of Slaanesh, light armor, and shield.

Chaos Knights: 7+; 7 is the minimum that can fit. 8 is very useful so I can take shooting and have numbers on my opponent, which is just ebough to tip the combat and make them auto-break.

Any less won't win combat.

Chaos Ogres: I would say at least 4, so you don't lose musician.

Chaos Trolls: 3-5; need lots of attacks to win combat.

16-10-2008, 04:33
Trolls: 3-6, depending on size of the game

Warriors/Chosen: 12 or 18, 6 wide to maximize attacks

Dragon Ogres: 3, never more

Marauder Horsemen: 5 for normal fast cav uses, or 15-20 if I feel like taking a big block of ranked cavalry

Hounds: 5 for screening, 20-25 for adding ranks to a mobile army

Marauders: 18 for a 6x3 block armed only with great weapons, or 25 for a block meant to have some staying power.