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15-10-2008, 13:45
When playing my last game i came across a problem, I charged my vampire lord and a unit of blood knights into a unit of chaos chosen, everyone used a lance on the charge but the chaos didnt break, in the next round of combat I wanted to use my lords Blood Drinker sword but my opponent said because I used my lance in the first round of combat I had to use it until the end of the combat. This sounds like a stupid rule because it doesn't take more than a few seconds to drop a lance and draw a sword.

Any help please.

15-10-2008, 14:03
You couldn't have used the Lord's lance, as if he has a magic weapon he must use it.

Otherwise your friend is correct, once you choose your weapon/shield you're stuck with it until the end of the combat, unless you're a Bretonnian.

15-10-2008, 14:04
1: If you have a magic weapon you must use it. So your general MUST use blooddrinker even when he charges, so he would hav had S5, not S7.

2: You are stuck with the weapon you choose until combat ends.
2b: if You and me were fighting in closecombat to death, those "few seconds" would have meant the death to you as a a few seconds without weapon gives me lots and lots of chances to kill you :)

15-10-2008, 14:18

NB: There are exceptions to the rule, most notably the Bret's Knights' rules.


15-10-2008, 14:33
quick question where is the rule for bretonians as i cant find it

15-10-2008, 14:44
In the bretonnian armybook, just above the magic weapons section I believe.
The rule that forces you to use a magic weapon is on page 121 of the BRB.