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15-10-2008, 16:30
Here's a question for those of us to enjoy mathhammer.

If you have the following horror squads and only two pool dice. How would you cast?

30 horrors with a banner of sorc (has flickering fire and Bolt of change and gift of chaos.)
10 horrors (flickering fire)
10 horrors (flickering fire)

Assume Gift of Chaos is not a factor.

I want to get Bolt of Change off every turn so I would use one pool die for that combined with the big blocks 3 dice and banner for a 4d6+1 cast against a casting level 12 spell, pretty good odds of getting it off if I donít miscast.

That leaves 1 pool die, 1 power die for each small horror squad and none left for the big block.

Given the above situation would you have better odds combining the pool die with an existing die in a small horror squad for 2d6 against a casting level 4 spell, then have the last horror squad cast 1 die against itís level 4, or would you rather use the pool die with the big block that gets a +1 to cast, meaning all 3 squads roll one die (the big block rolling 1d6+1) against flickering fire casting level 4 spell?

Lord Dan
15-10-2008, 16:34
I'm calculating a 33.3%, repeating of course, chance of successfully casting the spell...

I'm terrible with numbers. I'm anxious to see what someone who actually knows what they're doing comes up with, though.

vinny t
15-10-2008, 16:41
I would do this...
cast Flickering Fire with big block unit... likley go off with a 4/5
Cast Flickering Fire with each of the small blocks.... one will likley go off
Then either the opponant has burned anywhere from 2 to 4 dice
So I would then cast Bolt of Change, making the opponant either save usless DD or risk getting an enormous spell o'death off

Just my opinion!