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16-10-2008, 02:22
Hey all, i'm playing a game tomorrow against my friend. He'll be playing what he calls a "wicked" dark elf army and i'll be fielding tomb kings. Here's my tentative list:

295: Tomb king, chariot, armor of ages, crook and flail of radiance
173: Liche priest, dispel scroll, hieratic jar, steed
165: Liche priest, cloak of dunes, plaque of mighty incantations
100: icon bearer, la, steed, banner of undying legion

80: 10 Skeleton archers
80: 10 Skeleton archers
77: 5 skeleton light cav, musician
101: 5 skeleton heavy cav, mus+ standard
150: 3 chariots, mus+ standard

85: scorpion
85: scorpion
298: 20 tomb guard, mus+standard, icon of rakaph (free reform)

90: SSC
220: Bone giant

Any and all help would be appreciated.

16-10-2008, 02:52
Drop a few things i think.
The icon bearer, light cavalry & heavy cavalry are pretty useless.
Instead get another liche priest with a dispel scroll.
Keep your chariots without upgrades and take another unit of 3.

Combine your two archer units into a unit of 20 and take another unit of 20 archers.
All those arrow shots in conjunction with smiting can seriously narrow out ranks or wipe out smaller units if you concentrate your fire, and the majority of dark elf units are toughness 3.

Drop the musician on the tomb guard, the benefit is'nt worth it for undead.
Otherwise the unit is good as is.
Equip your Tomb king inexpenisvely ie great weapon, collar of shapesh & vambraces OR give him the destroyer of eternities and collar of shapesh.
And plonk him with the Tomb guard.

add the skulls of the foe to your catapult.
The scorpions are good.
And finally the Bone giant is a bit hit or miss but i've used him quite successfully several times. Just make sure he doesnt get charged/stuck against ranked infantry.

Good luck :chrome:

16-10-2008, 04:30
I'm just worried that if i do, the army will become a little shooty, and do I really need 3 priests and a king to move around 2 units of chariots and tomb guard?

Are Ushabti any good? or do I only think so since i've been conditioned with rat ogres?

16-10-2008, 07:02
I haven't played with Tomb kings for over 2 years, so take my advice at your own risk: ;)

Since dark elves have hatred and a bucketload of attacks, they are bound to cause some casualties on the charge. Thus, having a few sturdy, reliable units would help a lot.

The tomb scorpions combined with the Icon bearer nearby have the potential of holding units indefinitely, the same goes for the Giant (who can also potentially break them on the charge)

Tomb King and Chariot unit: I cannot understand the Crook & Flail of Radiance in this setup... With your chariots, you need to hit, break and run the enemy down, then reform and repeat! I'd prefer giving the tomb king the chariot of fire (for the extra impact hits and the flaming potential against Hydras), maybe even the spear of antarhak for its regenerating capabilities.

Icon bearer: Where are you going to deploy him? If you're looking at the heavy horsemen, I'd say you need to bulk this unit up and give it a War Banner.

Liche priests: Plaque of mighty incantations seems a bit of a waste on a liche priest.. It really shines when used by the High Priest. In your case, I'd forego this item in favor of the staff of ravening (S2 against low-armoured elves works nicely).

You could always combine the 2 archer blocks into a single, 20-strong one with a command group. (so that you can reform and help out in combat if needed)

Finally, to answer your question, ushabtis are great but can prove to be very fragile against shooty armies, as their wounds are depleted quite easily and your raising capabilities aren't that good.

16-10-2008, 12:35
Some observations/suggestions:

1) There are 4 to 7 units which would be shredded by an assassin in a spearmen unit in 2 turns or possibly less.
One unit will hold in several rounds with or without magic support - Tomb Guard.
The DE player will throw his Black Guard against this unit and then use his spearmen.assassin combo against the smaller units.
Against the heavy horsemen - Hydra.
Considering all this, where will your Hierophant hide in safety?

And I haven't mentioned DE shooting yet!

2) Drop all musicians. Substitute both units of horsemen with chariot units or maybe another TG unit?. Drop the Plaque and substitute Spear of Antarhak for the Crook.

3) Icon bearer is a quirky choice. Another Liche Priest is a better alternative.

4) Banner of Undying legion, Icon of Rakaph and Hieratic jar are good - almost essential choices

5) Boney the Giant is a matter of taste and can be capricious in performance. Against DE, I would drop him like a hot potato - he will be the obvious pin cushion for their arrows and bolts.
2 SSCs will worry DE more.


16-10-2008, 15:18
Ok, i've posted a new list, fixing my characters eq, getting rid of cav and icon bearer, adding another solid block of warriors, and a casket of souls

307: Tomb king, chariot, spear of antarak, chariot of fire, armor of ages, shield
165: Liche priest, cloak of dunes, hieratic jar
345: Liche priest, dispel scroll, casket of souls

80: 10 Skeleton archers
80: 10 Skeleton archers
170: 20 Skeleton Warriors, standard
140: 3 chariots,standard
140: 3 chariots,standard

85: scorpion
85: scorpion
292: 20 tomb guard,standard, icon of rakaph (free reform)

110: SSC with skulls of the foe

thanks alot for the advice so far

16-10-2008, 18:05
If my calculations (Army Builder's calculations, to be precise) are correct, your list currently stands at 1960 points, as you've miscalculated some stuff.

As it is, the list seems pretty solid; the addition of the casket provides a boost to your magic phase, the spear will ensure the survival of the king's unit and the skeleton block will bolster the centre of your battle-line.

I hate to see Mr Giant go, but such are the fortunes of war...

Now, a few suggestions for using your remaining points:

-Give a shield to the king for that 3+ save
-Give Light armour to the warriors (you'll find the 4+ save in combat invaluable against corsairs, witch elves, spearmen and the like)

A question for you: what is the reasoning behind the Armour of Ages the king is donning? Do you really think that the 5 wounds are necessary for his survival?

If not, I have the following suggestion: Drop it, buy the Enchanted shield and a light armour (same save, only a wound less) and get yourself a single Tomb Swarm!

Why, I hear you say? Well, because against elves, it can do the job of a scorpion, it's cheaper and expendable. You can send it tunneling and not be devastated when it misfires and is killed. And its 5 poisoned attacks are enough to kill the crew of a bolt thrower or two. You pay 45 points, and it will make its worth back in triple!

Try it out, it always worked for me!

16-10-2008, 18:11
Thanks for all the advice, i'll try to put up a battle report sometime this weekend. i'd do it earlier but i have a midterm tomorrow and i'm indulging myself with a bit of warhammer to take a break from studying.