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16-10-2008, 07:43
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the November issue (US 346, UK 347 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

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The WarSeer Inquisition

16-10-2008, 21:56
I have mixed feelings about this issue...I am angry over the coverage the new game board is getting (see below) but did enjoy parts of the WD. I gave the issue a 5.

* 6 pages of advertising for new mortal chaos...good stuff!

* 3 more pages of advertising for other stuff

* 18 pages of new chaos mortals...history, background, three good army list, etc...good stuff!

* 8 pages of the new game board coverage...what the hell were they thinking? The use cost of the product is $250-$300 ($200 board, $40 paint/flock kit, $10 taxes, and a table to put the thing on average $50).

That's too much for Jimmy, too much for Jimmy's parents, too much for a grandparent gift for Jimmy...and WAY TOO MUCH to convince a person who has their homemade board to replace them.

Phenomenal product at a ridiculous price point. This could have been the 'new' army without models. They could have priced it to sell and got us to buy a few new tiles each year...year after year. I would have bought it in heartbeat...but at $250+....no ******* way.

AND their terrain bundles do NOT save any money and just ask you to spend more...hundreds of dollars more...

And lastly...increase the price after publication during the worst economic downturn in two decades.


* 2 more pages of advertising for AoBR...? Why? I bought three of these sets already and everyone knows about them...

* 8 pages of tale of four gamers

* 6 pages of LotR

* 20 pages of battle report...mortal chaos vs. dwarfs. Of course, dwarfs lost...

* 3 pages standard bearer. In a nutshell, Jervis insults us into painting. The statement...(BOLD AND HIGH-LIGHTED in WD) " Let's face it, everyone can spare 2-3 hours a week to paint..." is insulting. I am NOT motivated by intimidation or humilation. I hate people who preach. Bad Jervis...bad.

* 12 page of basic painting tutorials...good.

* 2 more pages of advertising

* 6 pages of master class painting of Cpt. Sicarius...good stuff.

* 15 pages of stores, events, advertising

* 5 more pages of new mini advertising

Gaz Taylor
17-10-2008, 14:35

Just because it's something that you'll never buy doesn't mean that it's a waste. At the end of the day, WD is a catalogue for selling new toys. Eight pages does seem a bit excessive though. ;)

Phoenix Blaze
18-10-2008, 22:46
I have yet to get my WD through the post, but, I'm just wondering if anyone from the UK has gotten theirs yet?

I don't want a repeat of two months ago, resulting in me getting my WD around the 5th Nov.

18-10-2008, 23:42
I gave it a 9.

Jervis' article was so inspiring, he is a God among us mere mortals. Every time my WD arrives, I turn first to Standard Bearer. Last month's Blanche article was nice, but Jervis is where it's at.

He's SO right. I CAN spare the time to paint. Off to paint right now in fact... orks, of course!

And sadly the 8 pages featuring the game board were torn out of my copy and used to wipe my ****, because that's all the pages and the freaking-piece-of-Chinese-made-overpriced-eat-my-shorts-GW-game-board is worth.

19-10-2008, 00:18
Think sheck2 views are spot on... but I gave it a one, why should people pay good money to look at adverts? Turn WD back into a Hobby magazine and then it'll improve a lot. I've recently been reading some very old White Dwarfs 180-290, back then they were worth the money.

19-10-2008, 01:42
very old White Dwarfs 180-290, back then they were worth the money.

Those were indeed heady days. I had 170 all the way to current, sold everything up to GW Canada issue 1, and then recycled all the 1-present, as they are pooh.

But I still behind my 9, as I think WD has improved dramatically. At least we don't have that idiotski who thought he was the White Dwarf "editing" the catalog!

Lord Damocles
19-10-2008, 09:40
I have yet to get my WD through the post, but, I'm just wondering if anyone from the UK has gotten theirs yet?

I don't want a repeat of two months ago, resulting in me getting my WD around the 5th Nov.
I've seen neither hide nor hair of mine either. Oh well. I'll live.

...and there was me thinking that the whole point of a subscription was that the publication in question would arrive at roughly the same point each month:rolleyes:

Sorry for the off-topicness Wintermute. I'll edit this post to avoid a double post when my copy finally arrives.


White Dwarf! Get 'yer White Dwarf! Hot off the press! Well, luke warm... OK, colder than a Valhallan's choc ice.

Editorial - Buy terrain. Buy the gameboard. Buy Warriors of Chaos. All neatly disguised by a picture of a shockingly green Sicarius. OK.

News - Lots of pretty pictures as we've come to expect. Not too bad I suppose. The only thing of real note is the explanation of the spraygun's not so glorious return to stores, 'problems with some mischevious Snotlings...' Come on GW! We all know why it was taken off sale. Stop patronising us and grow a pair! OK.

Chaos designer's Notes - Once upon a time these were written by the the designer. Not anymore it seems. The bits by Phill kelly are reasonably interesting, but there isn't enough focus on the REASONS for changing how the WoC work on the tabletop for my liking.
The sample armies are so-so (I don't know enough about Fantasy to say if they're reasonably sensible or not), the little map/diagram showing how Byrne's army works is my favourite part of this article because it looks like somebody acdtually sat down and thought about it before shoving it in. OK.

Origins of Chaos - Erm... OK... one page? This sucks. the breakdown of the knights is alright if you like that sort of thing, and the artwork is alright, but I just can't get over the fact that the 'article' barely covers a single page. Poor.

[B]Realm of Battle - Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it... I'll admit it: I don't understand the point of this article. If it was to sell me the Realm of Battle it failed. If it was to present lots of mini-scenarios it failed. if it was to show me how to flock a bit of plastic, it technicly succeeded, but insults my inteligence in the process.
It would have been far (far) better for them to have given the board sections to various members of the studio, and shown us the interesting boards they came up with. poor.
Oh, and it turns out that in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there are only big piles of buried skulls :wtf:

A tale of Four Gamers - See this? it's a car wreck of a series.
The Marines add a redeemer with Forge World doors, while the Chaos Marines add a squad and a Techmarine (as an aside, this model is the best thing to come out of the whole series IMO). This is why they should have a budget. The battle reports were also so poorly presented that they might as well not have been there. Poor.

The Magic of Middle Earth - See previous coments on LoTR articles for the gist of this. Poor.

Battle Report (Chaos vs. dwarfs) -
Chaos Lord: 'Charge!'
Dwarf Lord: 'Fire!'
Chaos Lord: 'Charge!'
Dwarf: 'Arg! I've got an unfeasibly large axe in my face'.
Oh Alessio, what have they done to you... Poor.

Standard Bearer - Not as patronising as usual, but then again there's no real point to it, so...
Bring back Blanch! Poor.

Hobby Essentials (Spray Gun) - Oh look, it's just like the spraygun article from the last time they released it. Poor.

Painting Space Marines - It's OK, if a little excessive. Why not just tell people to buy 'How to Paint Space Marines'? Ohwait, they do! OK.

Painting Sicarius - Didn't we just have how to paint power armour? Poor.

Frontline - Boooooooring! Poor (as usual).

Wow. And there was me thinking that White Dwarf had already hit rock bottom. Turns out they can go lower than an olympic limbo champion.There's just nothing I *want* to read in this issue. You used to be able to go back to a WD again and again, but now you're lucky if you even bother to read to the end.
-Sigh- A 2 from me.

Just one final thought:
Next Month: 'In a Space Marines special, the Emperor's finest get a whole host of new datasheets courtesy of Jervis Johnson, as we return to the Liber Apocalyptica series'.
Oh wargaming Gods! Why do you torture me so? Did I not offer up enough sixes in your names? What have I done to deserve this?!?

20-10-2008, 02:55
I enjoyed the Warriors of Chaos article by Phil Kelley. I didn't like the modular gaming boards article however.

This White Dwarf was more packed tha oter editions.

Foolish Mortal
20-10-2008, 08:17
Still yet to see mine turn up as well - maybe today!!!

Ditto about editing post if and/or when it arrives.

EDIT: Still no WD - For ******* sake - 3rd issue of a subsciption, 2 issues late. Really not good.

21-10-2008, 00:18
At least we don't have that idiotski who thought he was the White Dwarf "editing" the catalog!
This'll make you laugh then. Mate of mine spoke to Latham at Gamesday. Apparently the reason they brought Grombindal in was so they could "make the games designers and the model painters/sculptors the GW celebrities, not the WD staff".

The decision to remove him was made because they feel they've accomplished this.

On the actual WD itself, thought it was crap. TO4G really needs scrapping and starting again. Their just shoving random stuff in their armies without much thought.

And the games table, too much on it. Its just an expencive table, not the second coming of the flying spaghetti monster.

23-10-2008, 01:31
I gave it a "4" - while I enjoyed the Warhammer Fantasy battle reports, there really wasn't much else there for me. Plus, I had to fork over eight bucks American for it instead of six...

With that price hike, I doubt I'll be buying many more WD issues. They'll have to have something useful in there (rules, codexes, etc.) to justify that kind of money. I flatly refuse to pay eight dollars for a freaking glossy catalog.

23-10-2008, 23:06
And the games table, too much on it. Its just an expencive table, not the second coming of the flying spaghetti monster.
I disagree! It is an expensive table TOP not an expensive table. ;)

I like the Jervis article, it is a nice rag on taking the time to paint and it admits that Jervis rambles (quite often). :D

I have not decided how to vote yet.

25-10-2008, 12:20
anyone in the UK actually got theirs via subscription yet ?

25-10-2008, 12:47
anyone in the UK actually got theirs via subscription yet ?

This is a feedback thread, not a thread to discuss the problems with the distribution of subscriber copies from GW. This subject should be discussed in another thread.

Further posts on this subject will be deleted without notice.


Templar Ben
25-10-2008, 15:50
I gave it a 4. The saving grace of this magazine was the background on Chaos Mortals. Here is hoping next week is better.

Miggidy Mack
25-10-2008, 20:17
It wasn't bad if you play Fantasy. I don't so a lot wasn't really targeted towards me so I can't really comment on that, the rest of the magazine was so-so but the marketing aspect is way to prominent.

28-10-2008, 00:28
I give it a 5, some of the stuff on chaos wasn't bad but most of the other stuff was pretty lousy. I thought the battlereport to be epecially lame, "I'll just take one of everything" yeah there's strategic planning. And the pariah that is the new table got wayyy to much coverage, it was just a sick joke even for the price before they jacked the price up again.

28-10-2008, 10:35
I gave it a 2.

The tale of 4 gamers was an article with promise but is poorly covered and layed out very confusingly. the 4 painters also don't seem all that bothered...

No SM articles a month after the release? Odd - I was expecting a new unit tactica or something. couldn't quite believe it when I got to the end (quickly) without seeing one.


Phoenix Blaze
28-10-2008, 12:34
WD came this morning. The apparant delays due to the battle board having the wrong price seem odd as it still says it's 100.

So anyway, Warriors of Chaos! Gar! Nice images, an excellent bit by bit image of the Knights, exactly what I wanted (WD giving me something I want! That's new!).

Not enough info on the new book though, and the Origins of Chaos Warriors" article, well page was a let down. Could've been excellent. Wasn't. No suprise there. Rest of the ag, space marines, yawn, at least the painting marines article was pretty in depth as that it covered everything you'll ever paint as a marine player.

LotR article, kill it please! I'd actually rather see battle reports for LotR than these boring things.

Oh, and an alarming thing! They kind of hinted that the Beasts book won't have Dragon Ogres or Shaggoths as they are mountain dwelling creatures, whereas the beasts live in forests. Not sure how I feel about that.

So a 6, and that's just for the pretty chaos pictures.

28-10-2008, 15:13
I am one of the long time readers of White Dwarf; my collection goes back to #2 and I have a fairly complete run from #90 up to date. This is just to give a little background so that people can follow me in the following explanation.

White Dwarf, at least from the point where the "GW Hobby" was created, has always been a catalog disguised as a magazine, designed to sell GW product. So long as it does so in an inoffensive manner this is a forgivable conceit. As a hobbiest, of course, I don't mind seeing what new product is coming out, but that is not why I buy WD. If anything, it can be a reason for me to not buy if it seems like a product is being crammed down my throat.

What does influence my willingness to plonk down money for WD is the hobby articles that it contains. Ergo, GW is welcome to continue to promote it's product so long as it does so via it's hobby articles.

Case in point, the 8 pages promoting the very overpriced "Battle Boards". This product probably did need the full 8 pages to show off the versatility of the boards; the question is, did they show any hobby tips that any player could use to build their own terrain while showing off this new product. The answer is, yes, they did; tips on painting and flocking boards are as relevant to homemade terrain as it is to the new boards.

Therefore, here is how I score a WD: the more I can read through a magazine and not feel like it's simply a product catalog, the higher I score it. The more I feel like I have gotten tips and techniques that might improve my painting and modelling, the higher I score it. The more likely I am to go back through the issue at a later date because of some tip or techinique it demonstrated, the higher I score it.

White Dwarf has gotten much better over the last couple of years; it still might not compare to those golden days of WD 100-200, but it's doing a better job than it had been.

I gave this issue an 8. It's unlikely that I will revisit this issue in the future, and I don't think it showed me anything that I didn't already know, but I realize that just because I didn't find a thing useful doesn't mean other gamers won't.


28-10-2008, 19:03
The batrep was particularly poor this time.
Alessio decides it would be boring to take a dwarf army tailored to fight a CC army like Chaos, so he decides to take a bit of everything. It seems likely this is going to be a massacre before we even get to the description of the game. Surprise surprise, it's a massacre. Turn 1: dwarf shooting misses. Turn 2: Chaos units contact dwarf units and slaughter them all. Turn 3: Chaos units contact more dwarf units and slaughter them all. Turn 4: see Turn 3 etc.
Mortals of Chaos army designers notes. Hmmm... I can understand a Khorne Lord with Slaanesh units in his army. But a Lord with a Khorne axe of bloodiness and a Slaanesh amulet of perversion? Do you guys even read your own background material?

The rest of the mag was pretty disappointing as well, very little in terms of actual content. Nothing unusual for WD the last few years however.

Gave it a 3 for the pretty pictures.

Phoenix Blaze
28-10-2008, 20:07
GW are pushing this "pantheon of chaos" far too much. Stop being bitches and let the chaos gods hate each other again! I'll certainly not be giving my Chaos lord a mix of slaaneshi and khornate weapons. Hells no!

Something I've just thought of, I never really go back and flick through the issues of WD from the last couple of years. But the ones from say, 221 (my first issue) to around 300 say, I look back to *a lot* especially for just designers notes, sample rules, IA and CA.

But the ones of the last couple of years, never, nothing really makes me.

30-10-2008, 16:43
I'm not sure I have talked to anyone that acutally likes the whole pantheon of chaos thing. Better were the days, I believe, when the powers actually hated eachother so much there were penalties for fielding rival forces. I think this new chaos deal takes on a whole new low with weapons/items combinations mentioned above. Never before could you do something like that.
The funny thing is, I seem to remember a few Standard Bearers ago that Jervis said they wanted the rules to the games to more closely reflect the background of the universe. I cannont find the actual magazine as they are mostly packed away right now, but does anyone else remember him saying that?
Guess he didn't have chaos in mind for that.
Anyways, same ol stuff here. Pretty pictures, a major price error for the battle boards, a somewhat crummy battle report (Alessio might as well put a bow and ribbon on that dwarf army and handed it over as a gift), and a picture of a pretty sad looking twentysomething year old holding socks up when his wishlist somehow got lost in his parents basement.
The Standard Bearer was alright for what it was meant to be...rambling about the hobby of painting.
The LOTR tactica was useful for beginners, but I have a feelings vets of the game will be scratching their heads, looking for some hidden meaning because, well, they've known this stuff for years.
The painting articles were pretty good. Again, basic stuff, but explained pretty well.
A decent Dwarf, but not the greatest.

Fire Harte
31-10-2008, 23:45
I gave it an 8 at a glance, big mistake, shoulda read the articles.

If I EVER meat neil langdown, I shall ignore him, how many marines do you want armed with powerfists that are pointing at the fudging floor? :eyebrows:

I agree with the statement someone made about the 4 gamers not putting in any effort. Although it was nice to see the battle wagon. get an idea of the scale and such.

Also I found that techmarine nice, and the fact matt's army is based from stories, very good, told him that at games-day. Still awful stuff though, I expected much better, and I can see it is a load of crap.

More later rantz later...

01-11-2008, 09:33
I gave it a 4 this month - the chaos designers notes just weren't very interesting compared to what we've seen with previous articles of this type. The tale of 4 gamers article which I had been enjoying each month went a bit skewiff this month - if they'd stuck to the same format as the last few months it would have been enjoyable, as it was it was a bit of a mess. The LOTR article just seemed a bit tired as if someone had sat down and said 'we've done everything we can for LOTR - what can we do now?'. Finally Standard Bearer continues to be a pain in the posterior - Jervis my dear man no not everyone can spend 2-3 hours a week painting and it's stupid to make such a claim. Bring back John Blanche his crack at Standard Bearer was actually quite an interesting read.
Last but not least of course is the price - the magazine just isn't worth 4.50.

02-11-2008, 09:05
A few pluses... There was a slight hint of a proper future news page this month (which reminded me of good old culture shock) with teasers about forthcoming ork models. Comments and notes about what GW staffers were up to. Advance information about next issue which will take a look at the Perry Twins and their contribution to the Warhammer worlds. Finally, an 'ask the 'eavy metal team letters page. Seems to me that WD is slowly changing, with new ideas gradually sliding in. The editorial is getting longer each month.

Minuses... Criminally short article about the creation of chaos warriors. In the last year or so WD has started delving into its own past and I find these really interesting. This could have been a fascinating look back. Not enough information about the Warriors of chaos.

04-11-2008, 05:25
I gave it a 1 as I managed to read it in all of 15 minutes. Compare this to the latest Terrorizer which took about several hours!

For an army as cool as Chaos, I really wasn't inspired. The whole mix and match wargear from different gods irritated me to no end.

The battle report was rubbish - not only was it a bloodbath it was also very poorly written.

The Lord of the Rings article seemed inane.

Tale of 4 Gamers is rubbish. It's a lame summary of nothing.

Painting Marines and drybrushing - yay for the millionth time.

The new board - I couldn't care less for a $450 bit of plastic. I was surprised it has skulls built in - kinda kills the universality of it.

Jervis Johnson article - a fair point but it seemed to be an advertisement for a paint station.

I think the problem is that White Dwarf simply doesn't have the calibre of staff required to create a decent magazine.

06-11-2008, 12:12
i bought it since i was ill, despite the increased price, and i have to say i've been disapointed one time too many now.

Nothing of note at all, except possibly the sprue breakdown for the new knights.

Jervis' rants are very thinly veiled, poorly disguised adverts. "This all changed when i brought the paint station!". He simply extends the image of the company as cliquey and elitist. "Everyone has 2-3 hours a week to spare painting!". They might not and that doesn't make them any less of a gamer. Some people have to work a lot harder than you do to earn their pennies.

At least it's not the Matt Hutson times anymore, although Nick Bayton is in the lion's share of photos.

06-11-2008, 14:45
The problem i have with Tale of 4 gamers is:
-they have literally no budget, so can but what they like, the really old WFB one from so long ago was great (even if i'm primarily a 40k player) because they started with a set amount of cash and spent that and that only on stuff month on month, and every month there was something finished, cumulating in a very good WFB battle report, this one is just 'lets add new/unreleased/expensive stuff as we see fit. Even the WFB return to Tale of 4 gamers has some semblance of cohesive structure

Fil's army has changed so dramatically over his original planned army that some models that he started painting are not even shown anymore.

i would have much preferred them to have a pre set plan on purchases (50 for the 1st month, then, 20 or 30 per month after that for 5 months), showing people the different styles of army builder (those that but the cool stuff, those that are a bit power gameresque, a good painter etc etc, whilst giving us a breakdown of how much was spent each month and even giving a specific gamer their own article throughout the series to show off their particular techniques, both hobby wise and gaming wise.

Enjoyed the painting articles, haven't yet read the gaming board, origins of chaos warriors and standard bearer articles.

Oh and despite my whinge above, am getting a subscription on Monday to get the limited 2007 marine, and save 14 in the process

Mr. Smuckles
06-11-2008, 16:07
Didn't enjoy much this month... Last month's Space Marines issue really did the trick for me, especially the Blanch section. I'm giving it a 3. And give Blanch a collumn!

Atherus Shadowstorm
06-11-2008, 20:09
What can i say about this issue... well its a step up from last months 'buy marines *******s' issue but thats not a huge thing to boast about.

News (and i use the word losely) & new releases
Not much in this to bve honest, finally confirmed the 40K orc 2nd wave but weve all known bout it for months. beyond thats its a load of nonsence and a few Heavy metal pics of the new WoC stuff

WoC stuff.
better than the marines buy-me-fest from last month. Least it gives some background and thinking on a few of the changes. Couple of army lists too (dont know whether they suck or not dont play WoC)

New game board article.
Just when i was starting to think this was actually a fairly good issue they stuck this crap in. Its over priced (over 100 for just the board nvm terrain to go on it.) And frankly you can make one yourself for less than half the price, it might not have the pointless inlaid skulls etc but who cares.

Serriously whats the point of this, no price limits so ppl are just buying any random crap and painting it. Along with that some of the worst written battle reports ive ever seen.

LOTR: magic thing
Dont play it, but a lot of this is basically common sence and nothing anyone with half a brain couldnt have worked out themselves from what i can see.

Big featured battle report.
Dwarves v WoC: not a hugely bad pairing. very strong def army (dwarves) vs a very attacking one (WoC)
But then the dwarves guy put a only 1 of any unit type limit on himself for some stupid reason. What was he smoking hes just severely limited his capbilities for no reason. Rather expectedly given his "bit of everything but not good at anything army" its over by turn 3 (turn 4 is a bit of a gimme for WoC)

Standard bearer
Ok, a 3 page preachy reason for buying the painting station. Or at least thats largely how it comes over.

Painting/hobby section.
Feel free to correct me if im wrong but isnt most if not all of this on the net site for free....

Captain Sicarius: nice model and great paint job but lets get serious for a minute here.
Who other than the heavy metal guys and mabye the odd golden demon entrant actually does this sort of paint job on 1 model ? Power armor alone is 2 layers followed by 4 highlights nvm the rest of it.

Overall far from the worst issue ive seen recently but not the best either 7/10

06-11-2008, 21:14
The restrictions of the Dwarf army (and any other battle report army with strange choices) are purely because of the models that the studio have, although the excuses they give are pants, i wish they would just say 'i used what we have in the studio'

Hivefleet Kara'don
08-11-2008, 15:21
Captain Sicarius: nice model and great paint job but lets get serious for a minute here.
Who other than the heavy metal guys and mabye the odd golden demon entrant actually does this sort of paint job on 1 model ? Power armor alone is 2 layers followed by 4 highlights nvm the rest of it.

Oh I don't know.............. How about anyone who might want to improve there painting beyond basecoat then dip! Someone who might want to spend a bit more time on the characters for there army, but doesn't have any decent painters in there area to ask for advice.

I think the Master class articles are one of the best things in WD. They provide simple instructional advice on how the 'Eavy Metal guys paint so that I can at least try to copy it.


08-11-2008, 17:56
Captain Sicarius: nice model and great paint job but lets get serious for a minute here.
Who other than the heavy metal guys and mabye the odd golden demon entrant actually does this sort of paint job on 1 model ?

I do, on every model I paint...

The painting articles have recently improved a great deal and provide a better insight into how the Eavy Metal team achieve their results.


Finn Sourscowl
09-11-2008, 14:36
Gave it a 5... not great, although maybe my score is biased by the fact that I really hate what they've done with Chaos (although that's a rant for another thread!)...

The Bat Rep was rather predictable, although the dwarf army is similar to what I would field... I'd have had more troops and less shooty stuff but that's just me!

To4G has become pointless since there's no BUDGET! This was the whole point of the original series and what made it so interesting. Remove that and you have an article that is all about how GW staff collect an army. This is OK, but is rather missing the point of what the original was about.

The WoC stuff was short and didn't really cover the changes in any detail. But I've come to expect that.

Oh well. My WD hadn't arrived by friday so I gave GW a call and they told me they're having real trouble with their new distributers. Teething trouble, they hope. Since he had no idea if my sub copy would actually turn up at all, the Mailorder guy said that I should go and buy a copy of this WD and he'd add an extra two copies on to the end of my subscription to cover the cost... which was nice of him!

12-11-2008, 19:06
4. Pretty weak sauce.

The Judge
14-11-2008, 17:08
I have no idea why my issue has not arrived yet. I will be inquiring at my local store tomorrow. Quite angry.

14-11-2008, 17:27
Has anybody else noticed that every time they do a feature on a newly released codex or army book, and talk about the changes made, it's a whole lot of " I wanted..." or " I didn't like this so I changed it...", "I, I, I, me, me, me" ?

It's always an "I, Me" thing on GW's part and they seem to make changes not based on fan feedback or what the players would like to see changed, but what they decide should be changed in a seemingly arbitrary fashion. I would like to see changes made based on what the hobby community sees as needed to be changed and updated, not what they think will help line their pockets. If that was the case, the Necrons, Dark Eldar and Inquisition codexes would be much more current, as well as the Space Wolve's and Blood Angels (who, although they have a current codex, is kind of lame IMO).

Gazak Blacktoof
14-11-2008, 17:31
Design is always a bit like that, its difficult to pursue somebody else's vision.

07-12-2008, 13:12
What can i say about this issue... well its a step up from last months 'buy marines *******s' issue but thats not a huge thing to boast about.

Yes, it is really too much that GW promotes the latest Codex to be released in WD :rolleyes:

SM coverrage may be too much all round, but there is really no reason for the marine hatez when they actually have a Codex out. Do you really suggest that SM alone of all should not get WD coverage on release of their Codex?

Captain Sicarius: nice model and great paint job but lets get serious for a minute here. Who other than the heavy metal guys and mabye the odd golden demon entrant actually does this sort of paint job on 1 model ? Power armor alone is 2 layers followed by 4 highlights nvm the rest of it.

I do.

My rank and file Blood Angels' armour sport 6 layers and a glaze on top of the basecoat. My Eldar sport 4 layers and a glaze on their armour. Centrepieces/character models for both usually get more....

So seriously, please don't assume that your standarts apply to everybody, nor is it IMHO a very valid point to base your critisicism on...:eyebrows: