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16-10-2008, 07:27
So I know that when you choose to re-roll or give a new unit a chance to roll on the eye of the gods table, the prior effect is removed, but my question is what happens when the warshrine itself is killed. The book makes no mention of the effects already in play being removed, which I'm guessing was an oversight on the designer's part, but hey, maybe it is written as intended...

Edit: I just realised that the section about the eye of the gods roll starts with the word "Furthermore" which I am sure is terrible grammer, but also leads me to believe that the eye of the gods effects may indeed be removed upon the warshrine's destruction.

16-10-2008, 07:49
Seeing as the book doesnt seem to be out yet...I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark about how this would be resolved.

The effects remain in play, the shrine only allows you to re-roll the result of the eye of the gods table while it is in play.
So removing it has no effect whatsoever on those effects gained from it being in play at an earlier time.


16-10-2008, 10:19
This question is on the list to be submitted to the Design Team by Direwolf.

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16-10-2008, 12:29
How many.... :O

And most of us cannt even get the book for another two weeks.... :S