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15-11-2005, 22:10
OK, this is just a basic Archaon's Horde list I knocked up today. I want to get off my ass and actually collect something, instead of just constantly making lists, so this might be the one, assuming it gets the seal of approval from the Warseer crew :)

Exalted Champion (286) (General)
Armour of Damnation
Great Weapon, Shield
Slaanesh Chariot

Sorceror (165)
Level 2
Dispell Scroll

5 Chaos Knights (285)
Full Command
Rapturous Standard

25 Marauders (175)
Full Command
Light Armour, Shields

5 Warhounds (30)
5 Warhounds (30)
5 Warhounds (30)

Total points: 1001
Casting Dice: 4
Dispell Dice: 3
Models: 48

Basic plan, Marauders in centre, Chariot on 1 flank, knights on the other. warhounds screen everyone as much as possible, and protect chariot from things like kroxigor etc. General advance. Hopefully the chariot is capable of taking out a ranked unit from the front, at least thats the general idea if the enemy have more than 1 ranked unit! The sorceror either joins the marauders or hangs around somewhere, depending on things like flyers, assassins etc, and generally tried to disrupt the enemy as much as possible with the slaanesh magic.

So there we are then. Hopefully you dont think it's too terrible, feel free to suggest changes if you want. I quite like it because its a bit different (IMO), and i reckon it might even work.

BTW, vaguely planned expansion to 2000 points would be; add another chariot or 2, another unit of marauders, some flayerkin, and maybe some chosen knights or warriors. And maybe upgrade to a lord, or just an aspiring champ BSB and another sorceror, i havent decided.

Thanks a lot

16-11-2005, 13:34
Looks pritty good.

I prefer to not stop a general in a chariot, but it does fit your theme. The only thing I would change are the marauders. You will need some help in CC with your cav and chariot so, I would drop them for 2 units of 6 marauder horseman. They can take flanks and you will see them in combat. Marauders are great to use but I think one big unit just will be flanked, because all the other things in your army have M6+

So you could better take:
2x 6 marauder horseman with flail and musician
5 warhounds? (or 6)

16-11-2005, 13:53
I quite like the idea of a hard champion in a chariot. It is a bit of a shame he's the general, but as I'm playing Slaanesh, so most of my army is immune to psychology, it shouldnt be too much of a problem.
The whole idea behind the marauders is to give me a ranked unit for combat resolution... The rest of the army would hang back a bit with them, remember the chariot cant march, so will be moving 7 initially. Might send off some warhounds to marchblock or harrass or something if they arent needed as screens...
Hopefully i can use the hounds to prevent the marauders being flanked, especially as I will be trying for some flanks myself...

Might consider it though. maybe get another chariot to support my champion, and drop one unit of warhounds for 5 marauder horsemen with flails. hmmm might fit, i'll have a look.

Anyone else got opinions on this to make my choice easier?? :)


16-11-2005, 14:10
Would have to drop 2 units of hounds really. Then i could fit another slaanesh chariot, and a unit of 5 horsemen with flails, throwing axes and a musician...
do we think its worth it??
(not sure it is financially, but i can work around that... :))

16-11-2005, 14:35
I don't know what you mean by the chariot can't march.. but indeed a second chariot wouldn't hurt :)

It would make the list hard, but you still would need to get the core full.

Trowing axes are useless on horseman, I tried it and it can kill crew, but thats about all, and you are save in CC were you wouldn't be save if you trew axes ;) so flails are enough.

16-11-2005, 16:27
Hmmm... If i remember correctly, chariots cant make march moves, so can only advance their base move. They still charge double distance though. (Not entirely sure though, havent actually played with a chariot before. Was just under that impression)
Well the marauder horsemen would be core, so that wouldnt be a problem there.

I could even put the mage in a second chariot, but not sure thats such a good idea! :)

I'm still undecided, i still like my marauders. however, no rush to decide, ordered the chariot/champion conversion today, so wont be getting anything else until thats done... :) (This way i might actually paint the whole army :))

About the throwing axes, you might be right... but 5 S4 shots might do some damage, you never know, especially if you are trying to get into flank arcs, so cant charge. Might lose them though, i'll have a look.

Thanks for the continued comments, everything is welcome!

16-11-2005, 22:30
Well I always marched with my chariots... (well if it was possible) But I haven't played with them in ages (not after a s7 accident, and I hate the model)

Still you COULD indeed kill some, but I just think that points are better used on warhounds protecting the chariot or knights.