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16-10-2008, 12:05
Ok, so Iím going to start an undead army and with my love of Egypt mythos and ruins it'll be a Tomb King army.

However, I read the fluff concerning Khalida and Nefferata and well, the term fangasam comes to mind. :D

And so, my army is going to be an alternate reality army where the Asp Goddesses own poison failed to burn Nagash's cursed gift from Khalida's blood and soon she fell foul to the cursed unlife.

Cut forward to current day Warhammer-verse, The two ladies co-rule their kingdoms and when they're not defending from the hated tomb-kings or plotting to overthrow the world of mortals then they are attempting to overthrow the world of mortals.

Ok, so do I use Vampire Counts to represent the army using Tomb King Skeles, no zombies and a healthy dose of 'counts as' for some of the more creative units? (No Archers :cries:)
Or do I use Tomb Kings, with combustible Vampire Maidens but archers and the rest of the assorted Tomb King units found in an undead army raised in the deserts of Khemri?

Any ideas people?

16-10-2008, 13:12
Im using the khalida model as well because I think it is fantastic ( although for the silver princess mentioned in VC book)

but of course if your going to do a TK army do a TK army no need to muck about with zombies etc

the TK will fit your theme more too because your in the dead lands of the tomb kings !

16-10-2008, 13:39
I took apart a bunch of Khemi models and rebuilt them into a BSB for my VC army. My list (at least used to be) Lahmia themed so he's cos-playing.