View Full Version : Heroes of the Space Marine

16-10-2008, 18:02
Anyone seen this? (http://www.blacklibrary.com/product.asp?prod=60100181093&type=Book)
A new book called 'Heroes of the Space Marine'.

Anyone heard of this? I'm curious what it is going to be about? Short stories?

16-10-2008, 18:22
more pro marine uber-propaganda probably.

16-10-2008, 19:31
more pro marine uber-propaganda probably.

In a book called "Heroes of the Space Marines"? Nah, it'll be about Eldar.

16-10-2008, 19:32
Wouldn't that be interesting!

16-10-2008, 22:48
It's a series of short-stories based on their latest short story competition that they ran for 40k some time ago on the BL site. Some good new authors upcoming in there, if the submissions are anything to go by on their forums.

Brother Loki
16-10-2008, 23:29
Yep. I made two submissions myself; "The Penitent Knight" and "At Last, Back to War!" but sadly didn't make the first cut with either of them.

Might pick it up. Then again, if the writing's not great, then I'll be gutted!