View Full Version : Fast and angry Vampire Counts, 2k

16-10-2008, 17:54
I finally figured out that if I leave the extra models from my core regiments out, I'll get more points for the cool stuff. Decided to drop Mannfred and his abyssal terror for black knights:

Lordi: lvl 3, dread knight, forbidden lore (takes vampire lore for certain vahel's dance and wind of undeath), summon creatures of the night, walking death, book of arkhan, 2 power stones, cadaverous cuirass, balefire spike=455
wight king: bsb, barded steed, lance, shield, harmour, drakenhof banner=257
necro: nehek, 2 scrolls=105
necro: nehek, scroll, periapt=95

20 zombies musician=84
10 skeletons: musician=84
10 skeletons=80
5 dire wolves=40
5 dire wolves=40

3 fell bats=60
3 fell bats=60
8 black knights: barding, full command, warbanner=289

1 varghulf=175
1 varghulf=175

Lord and WK go to BK, first turn cast the wind of undeath to either burn a scroll or get another unit, summoning it as far forward as possible, while everything except skeletons march forward as fast as possible (vargs try to hold back a little to keep a line with knights). Necros stay within nehek range of zombies, strolling alone in the woods maybe. Second/third turn spam spam spam vanhels dance with power stones to get the hammer in there.

One would think that a moderate gun line would have some troubles with fire disciple when 2x3 bats, 2xwolves, 2x varghulfs, and big regenerating unit of heavy cavalry thunder down on them... Right?

I'd like to have more fell bats maybe... My usual opponents play DE, empire and HE.