View Full Version : 2250K Nurgle and Slaanesh WoC list

17-10-2008, 08:21
Well I am throwing around starting the Warriors of Chaos and got the first look at the book, and I now know that I have to make an army. Last edition I played an all Slaanesh list and am deciding to break a little from that.

Any feedback is welcome, and appreciated. My goal with this Army is to be a viable tourney list. So overall good comp, a fairly balanced army, and still able to win games. Let me know what you think.

Heroes - 32%
Chaos Lord - Shield, Demonic Steed, Mark of Nurgle, Armor of Damnation, Chaos Runesword, Favor of the Gods -390
Exalted Champion - BSB,Mark of Slaanesh, Barded Steed, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield - 191
Sorcerer of Chaos - Barded Steed, Mark of Slaanesh,2 x Dispell Scroll

Core - 40%
17 Warriors - 352 Mark of NurgleShieldFull CommandRapturous Standard
25 Maruaders - Mark of Slaanesh, Hand weapon, Shield, Full Command -180
25 Maruaders - Mark of Slaanesh, Hand weapon, Shield, Full Command -180
5 Marauder Horsemen - Flails - 80
4 x 5 Warhounds - 120

Special - 20%
4 Chaos Ogres - Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Armor, Great Weapons - 230
5 Chaos Knights - Mark of Nurgle - 230

Rare - 06%
Chaos Warshrine - Mark of Slaanesh - 140

I still fear magic some, and I am not certain of the Marauder Horsemen's points, could not remember. The lord would typically go with the Warriors, though he could fit into a unit of marauders too depending on the army I'm facing. Sorcerer with one of the units of marauders, and the BSB with the other.

Have a few good flanking forces, and plan on weighing one side with the knights and the ogres and the warriors on the other side while trying to keep the BSB near the warriors. Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen used to bait, redirect and flank when possible.