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Gharof von Carstein
17-10-2008, 13:35
hey all. after much consideration me and a mate settled on vampire counts for a doubles tourney army of 500pts each.

heres what you need to know:

-vamps are capped on 140p max and were allowed to take only one hero.
-we can be facing any number of combinations seeing as every army can ally
-3 scenarios in total with 1 being tablequarters capture and 1 being hero killing and another is a normal battle.
-we cant take the same magic items.(duh)
-we cant take more than one rare OR special choice each.
-both players generate one set of 2PD and 2DD a turn.
-summon ghouls can be cast on your allies unit.
-models with more than 4 wounds on their profile are not allowed
-special chars are not allowed
-we cant join each others units.
-dogs of war units are not allowed

so to face this tourney we came up with these 2 lists to mush together:

vampire lvl 1, black periapt, summon ghouls = 130p

varghulf = 175p

Ghouls x18 + ghast = 152p

Dire wolves x 5 = 40p

total = 497p

list nr 2:

vampire lvl 1, dread knight, enchanted shield = 140p

black knights x5 +barding standard bearer and banner of the strigoi = 191p

dire wolves x5 = 40p

Ghouls x 16 = 128p

total = 499p

weve weighed every option so far and this is just the best (thx to advice from malorian as well, thx mate). we just recently found out that we dont each generate 2PD and opponents dont get 4DD so summon ghouls is viable (4 dice rolls on 3+ to their 2DD is just aces) which is why weve gone with some smaller core. the reason the varghulf is in is because for 175p hes just a killer. we expect a lot of armies invested in warmachines as they rip apart small armies, this guy is gonna destroy them for us easy. Dire wolves can take table quarters, negate ranks and shield the knights and varghulf from shooting. we have had builds with more core but i think diversity is key to winning here. a varghulf can also be used in the second scenario to ram down the throat of any hero. and with the points capped at mostly 100-140 no hero can stand up to him.

going with a all out magic build is a possibility but not a really realistic one. without the added benefit of the plus magic levels were mostly locked into place with a build like this: vampire+black periapt+summon ghouls. and with that second scenario being about hero killing thats just not a nice outlook. we need our vamps to be tough or shielded in a ghoul unit. when challenged the ghast comes into play.

so what do you guys think?

17-10-2008, 13:54
I'd drop the summon ghouls on the vampire that will be moving forward with the knights.

The one back with the ghouls will be the one raising them and using the pool dice. The other vampire will only have his one PD and being further away from the ghouls I don't think I'd bother with it.

Gharof von Carstein
17-10-2008, 14:04
agreed thats a typo, should be enchanted shield :D