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17-10-2008, 14:23
Hiya guys, I got a few newbie questions here needs help with.. so here I go..

BSB: After the bsb had been broken in combat and rallied in the subsquent turn, can he still provide break test re-roll support?

Magic banners: After the unit has been broken and fled, does the magical banner still function after the unit has rallied?

Do the units fail to rally at end of the game counts destroyed and provide full VP?

17-10-2008, 14:28
Banners are captured by the breaking unit when your unit flees from combat, which means that your unit no longer has a banner, and it grants 100VP to the enemy at the end of the game. Same goes for BSB IIRC, but check your BRB (I'm at work, and do not have mine. I should leave a copy on my desk here.).

As for the being broken at the end of the game, you count fleeing units as destoryed.

17-10-2008, 16:21
No, banners are captured if the unit is destroyed or the unit is pursued in combat. If you flee and the opponent units do not pursue (either because they restrain or because they're still engaged), you keep the banner and its effects.

Once the BSB rallies, the reroll applies again.

Units which fail to rally count as destroyed for VP purposes.

17-10-2008, 16:57
And i think the only way to get rid of the BsB flag is to kill the BsB. :)
he is so cool and kicking that he don't drop it when he runs! :D

17-10-2008, 18:48
This should be in the rules forum.

1) A normal Standard is 'dropped' as soon as a unit that breaks in combat, flees.

2) A selected pursuing unit wins this dropped banner but if no units pursue the banner is lost from the game.
However if a unit is completely destroyed the banner is automatically won.

3) BSB banner is slightly different in 1 impt. respect - it can be lost and is lost when the bearer is slain otherwise it can also be 'picked up' by a pursuing unit.

17-10-2008, 19:58
Let me see if I'm understanding this right.

The BSB's banner can be captured like a regular one (that much I read in the rulebook), but if he rallies after being pursued (and not caught), do you or do you not get the reroll?

Danger Rat
19-10-2008, 18:31
If he rallies you get the re-roll