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16-11-2005, 05:56

This was painted for the 'there can only be one' article in white dwarf, it never was shown in the u.k so i thought i'd show it here. I was influenced by the art work of John Blanche, i think the colours work well together.

thanks Daz

16-11-2005, 06:11
Nice paint for one of my favourite armies.:D

16-11-2005, 06:45
Oh... Love the paintjob :)

Anvils Hammer
16-11-2005, 10:54
absolutly fantastic,

what colours did you use to get the loin cloth like that. is it layering or blending? basecoat?


16-11-2005, 11:10
Very nice indeedy!

16-11-2005, 13:08
A beautiful miniature! A painting guide perhaps?

16-11-2005, 16:47
thanks for the feedback, i'll post a painting guide later

16-11-2005, 17:03
wow! that is nice. what white dwarf no. was it going to get shown in?

Brush your teeth
16-11-2005, 17:04
thats nice, you said it was for white dwarf, is it the one which is in the painting section in the codex?

16-11-2005, 20:51
It was painted for the second 'there can only be one' article, the first was the 40k chaos lord if you remember, martin footit won that one. for some reason the article was only shown in oz white dwarf(gutted). Seb Perbet won this one with a great paint and colour choice.

16-11-2005, 23:05
I saw that article:) I'd also love to see a painting guide:)

May I ask why your other thread was locked?

20-11-2005, 21:34
Here's the paining guide you asked for...

1. first off i used a white undercoat, i almost always use black but i wanted a strong red.

2. The armour was given a few coats of blood red, then shaded down with thinned brown ink. I mixed in bronzed flesh with blood red for the highlights and then with bronzed flesh on its own. The armour was then given a red glaze. I wanted the armour to be strong so i kept the highlights and shade to a minimum.

3. Next i blacked out the rest of the mini, then i gave the loin cloth and gloves a coat of bestial brown mixed with a little codex grey, then i added more bleached bone for each highlight, finishing off with a little white. i dropped a little brown ink in any deep recesses.

4. The cloak was painted bestial and bronzed flesh mix, adding more bronzed flesh for each highlight. then i mixed in bleached bone. inks were used for the shade and the dirt at the bottom. The cloak has a trim on it painted with regal & black mix. first the line was painted and then the dags added after.

5. all the gold ares were painted brazen brass then shining gold then burnished gold this then had mithril silver mixed in. any shade was done with....brown ink!

6. the wood on the weapon was painted scorched brown then i mixed in snakebite, then snakebite on its own, this had bleached bone added to it. (snakebite leather is my favourite wood colour)

7. The staffs were stippled with regal blue, i mixed fortress grey with this for more stippling. white was addes to this for the stone grain lines on them. they were glossed after.

8.I painted the skin last ( i always do this, if it's done first i can come out darker when the mini is finished) i wanted a pale look for her (no sunbeds in 40k). I mixed dwarf flesh with a little fortress grey for the base coat then white was added for a few highlights. i painted some old purple glaze on the eyelids and added some red gore on the lips.

9. For the hair shadow grey was used, then spacewolves grey then white.

I try to use similar colours throughout the mini to tie it all in at the end in this case it was bronzed flesh, bleached bone and the brown ink.

Hope this is o.k. cheers, Daz

20-11-2005, 21:41
Very much appreciated, Thank you!

21-11-2005, 02:38
Wow, you made an ugly mini look great!

I never like that miniature, but you really managed to pull that off really well! Great work!

21-11-2005, 20:32
Thank you very much, if you want to see a helbrecht painting guide let me know.(or the new terminator chaplain)

21-11-2005, 20:59
Please post a guide to the terminator champlain. I don't even play Marines but that chaplain looks fantastic.!

21-11-2005, 21:14
Very, very nice, I can see alot of John Blanche in it.
Although if you really wanted to go JB with it you needed a heavy gloss varnish as he did in days of old....

21-11-2005, 21:20
Thanks for the comments, i will post the terminator paining guide tomorrow(i will have more time), as for the gloss varnish, i painted it inspired by Johns artwork and personally hate large areas of gloss on figures, sorry. Daz

21-11-2005, 21:29
Yeah I understand/understood, just having a bit of fun at John's expense.
Looks totally cool, do you feel that John's style has changed a bit of the years?
I used to own a copy of Ratspike, and don't think his stuff now is as dark as back then.

21-11-2005, 21:56
Johns stuff has always been cool to me, but most of my work is in a clean style and the two dont work well together. have a look at this, it's by neil green, myself and seb perbet, it's much more to my taste, i love the colours and finish of the mini.

21-11-2005, 22:02
my god i would love him for my imp guard ,hes soo cool
Your skills are out of this world m8 :eek:

old guard
21-11-2005, 22:40
Proper job! the best Yarrick I think I've seen. That is the kind of thing I've come to expect from you guys, the stuff I've enjoyed the most is when they let the odd one of you show off your own figures in WD. Hope there's more where that came from

22-11-2005, 07:01
Here is the terminator chaplain painting guide(fantastic fig!)

All chaplains are black so this can be used for any force, the one i did was black templar, just change the shoulder pad.

1. black undercoat, then mix chaos black with codex grey 70/30. keep the paint thin and apply a thicker highlight than usual to the edges of the armour.
next i used codex grey on its own, this time a thinner highlight than before. last was fortress grey with an even thinner highlight.
when highlighting black less is more, keep the highlights to a minimum or the fig will look grey.

2. all the scrolls and purity seals were painted bestial brown, mix this with bubonic brown for the next coat. then bubonic on its own, then bleached bone, to finish i used white. the scrolls then had a wash of flesh wash, then brown ink.
for the script on the scrolls i used dark flesh, black is to harsh for this. i wanted the script to be stained by time.

3.the skull and chest eagle(s) were painted bestial brown, mix in bronzed flesh to this, then use bronzed flesh on its own. bleached bone then white to finish. run some brown ink into any recesses for contrast.
i like using bronzed flesh on bone it makes it look more 'alive' and gives it warmth.

4. the gun case was painted scab red then scab & blood red mix50/50 to this mix i added in dwarf flesh for a few highlights. then dwarf flesh on its own. for a shade i mixed scab red with a little black.

5. the crozius handle was painted scab red then i mixed in worlock purple, to this i added bleached bone for a few highlights. i washed a little chaos black where needed.

6. the terminator crux(shoulder pad) was base coated with scorched and codex mix50/50. then codex, then fortress then a last highlight of bleached bone. it had a wash of chaos black.

7. any gold was base coated with brazen brass then shining gold. mix shining and mithril for the highlights. wash the gold with flesh wash then brown ink. last add a final highlight of mithril

8. The iron halo is done the usual metal way, boltgun, chainmail, black ink, mithril. but i gave it a turquoise glaze to make it look a bit more special.

9. the orb hanging down was done with beaten copper(i know we dont sell it any more but the colour is great) to this i added mithril and then washed it with brown ink then scaly green.

add a bit of scribble on the armour with bleached bone and he's done!

any questions? Daz

22-11-2005, 11:27
Love the paintjob on the Inquisitor!

I saw you register at Chest of Colors but unfortunatly no postings yet...

P.s: Nice avatar! ;)

22-11-2005, 12:01
Sorry, I cant seem to find this Chaplain...anyone?

25-11-2005, 16:28
the chaplain is on the g.w site

Hideous Loon
25-11-2005, 19:35
It is? What version of it? It sounds promising.

25-11-2005, 19:48
the chaplain is on the g.w site

do you have a picture of him?

btw. yarrick looks awesome!

26-11-2005, 09:44
:eek: thats by far the coolest and best painted Yarrik i have ever seen! plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaase can i have a painting guide for him
. The other figs are both pretty cool too
Regards Oldbury

26-11-2005, 10:23
i'll get neil to write one out on monday, i'll post it then. cheers

another one of my minis.... cheers, Daz

26-11-2005, 10:25
thank you i look forward to reading it. and i wish i could paint like you:cries:

Regards Oldbury

26-11-2005, 11:49
My heck! That nurgle guy (I forgot the name, my brain got overloaded my that pic) looks amazing. Amazing! You are one helluva painter.

07-12-2005, 19:54
i believe you mean Typhus

Regards Oldbury