View Full Version : 2000 Points of Dwarfy !Smash!Smash!

17-10-2008, 19:58
Thought I would put my list up to see if anyone has any comments about its structure. I'm currently sitting just under 1000 points of which this list is basically an extension.

Lord - Sheild Bearers and Runes - not sure exactly what yet but I intend him to be my super hitting power in the army. A likely combo is Alric the mad, Resistance and Spite

He has a Hammerer Bodyguard.

Thane - Battle standard, Rune of stone, Resistance.
Thane - MRoG, Great Weapon, Resistance
Runesmith - another case of 'not decided yet' but he is going to be my magic eater of the army, so likely balance and spellbreaking.

2x20 Warriors, Full Command - Shields
1 x 20 Warriors, Full Command, Great Weapons

20 Hammerers, Full command
20 Ironbreakers - Full command

I am considering reshuffling things a bit to give the Hammerers and Iron B's some runes for their standards - ie. Courage on Ironbeards, Sanctuary and that is about it.

Overall this sits at just over 2000, like 2012 bearing in mind the Runesmith's points cost is higher than it likely will be.

Now, just a few insights. Why no Quarrelers? They have yet to do anything for me other than die, albeit slower than Thunders who I consider little more than overpriced pet monkeys. Neither have ever availed me anything.
Why no Cannon - there might be one, but another case of I don't like having a liability and for an army that operates as a walking tank the Cannon is just a thumb.

So there you have it, principle is warriors hold up people on the flanks, great weapons aim to hang back and get a charge. Ironbreakers and hammerers are on the other side with the battle standard hidden nicely so almost everyone gets benefits.