View Full Version : Do I have anything approaching a fantasy army?

17-10-2008, 19:14
I'm not sure where best to ask this question, so I'll try here. I'm a 40k player (Necromunda really), but I've been buying up demons for an upcoming campaign. I'm wondering how far off from a Fantasy army I am. I have a few friends that play and if I'm close I'd pick up the relevant books & the extra minis I need. Ok so I've got:
10 Daemonettes
1 Fiend
8 Plauge Bearers
1 Beast of Nurgle
7 Flamers
3 Horrors (1 Pink & 2 Blue)
2 Flesh Hounds
2 Chaos Spawn
& I may soon have a greater daemon of Khorne.

Is this in anyway approaching an army? If so how far off (how many units am I missing)? Would it be of a reasonable size? Please note I'm not looking for specifics, I more want to know if I'm in a good spot to fill a few holes and go play some friendly games.

17-10-2008, 19:29
You need some more core choices (bloodletters, horrors, plaguebearers, daemonettes) and their minimum unit size is 10 (your daemonettes are fine, minus command models if they aren't the new palstics). The spawn won't work in a daemons army (Warriors of Chaos or Beasts of Chaos). The flesh hounds have a minimum unit size of 5. You could use the horrors as heralds, for the command choices, but that's up to you. You'll need something to be a general (a lord/hero choice), plus a minimum of 2 core units. After that, you are set for a fun game. You can play using warbands rules, available on the GW website, but not yet with what you have for a regular game.

17-10-2008, 22:36
Yup, lookin good for maybe 1000 points you got there i dont play demons so maybe im wrong. I would reccomned bloodletters or more plague bearers as regenerating poisoned attcks are just nasty.