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17-10-2008, 21:16
Im looking to start up warhammer and was wondering whats a good army that focuses more on tanks/ armor. Id like to play an army that has a good portion of tanks or i suppose powerful armored units. Still being competitive would also be nice. Any suggestions?

17-10-2008, 21:25
Well you could try an IG armoured company but thats all tanks and its expensive.Also theres a fully mechinised SM army as asn option and they are cheaper but the tanks that you could use to transport troops are either too small too expensive or dont have much weapons.

Maybe a Eldar wind rider host not to expensive but there more fast

Well good luck with the army

Mr. Smuckles
17-10-2008, 21:25
You can do armored lists for many different armies.

Tau: Have a very nice tank in the Hammerhead, plus it flies
Orks: Looted Wagons (tanks from any other race!), Skullhamma for Apocalypse, Battle Wagon (Comming Soon!), and Trukks
Eldar: Have a couple of different tanks, not too sure about them, haven't played against Eldar in years.
IG: THE tank army
Chaos: Couple of different tanks and powerful armored units
Space Marines: A good selection of tanks and transports with a mix of direct fire and powerful blast weapons.

Just a quick rundown... It's 4:30 on friday and I'm a little retarded.

17-10-2008, 21:29
Imperial Guard, Tau, and Eldar are the only armies for which the Tanks are a defining feature of the army. These armies in fact rely on their tanks to be competitive.

18-10-2008, 02:55
Depends on what type of tanks appeals to you the most. Tau have some pretty cool looking sci-fi tanks (hovering and railguns etc). IG are in fact THE tank army and their tanks look similar to WWI or WWII tanks and the Baneblade (while not normally allowed in regular 40k battles) is pretty badass. Orks have the "post apocalyptic" looking vehicles made out of scavenged pieces and such. Space Marines can be a tank army especially using the Landraider which is the second toughest vehicle in the game with many weapons in multiple variants Space Marine vehicles look like a mix of modern, World war era and future form.

As for an army focusing on Armour and tough tanks with a wide variety of selections. It would be The Imperial Guard who have many tanks and prety good ones at that. Space Marines have one of the best tanks in the game second only to the Monolith but i wouldnt quite call them tank-centric you could take landraiders whirlwinds and even several dreadnoughts but the main strength of space marines is their infantry. Space marines are definitely competitive especially with the new kickass codex, hehe. The Imperial Guard is going to be updated pretty soon so that will affect its competitiveness. I cant comment too much on Eldar or Orks since i dont know much.

Shas'o Zor'bas
18-10-2008, 10:39
-I think IG is the best choice for you as they have real TANKS with good armor and descent weaponry. They also have many different tank models (chimera, hellhound, basilisk, battle tanks, demolishers and sentinels). Also they are getting an update soon.

-Tau are a good choice too I play them and know what their Tanks can do. The bad think about them is that they don't have big varitety like the IGs.
They have the hammerhead, Skyray, Devilfish that are pretty much the same model with different weapons and the piranhas which are great models but not so good at my opinion.

-Eldar Skimmers are also good but only have 10-12 armour. I don't think that's what you are searching.

-Orks are fun too and you can model the Tanks with many different ways but I don't have much experience with them.

18-10-2008, 14:08
Definitely go Imperial Guard (IG) if you are a tread head. All the tanks in the basic codex are variants of two hulls. The Chimera and the Leman Russ. THere are many variants for both hulls, and hopefully with the new codex coming out we will see many of them returned to the basic game.

If you are well off and have a very well ventilated work area check out Forgeworld and their gorgeous resin tanks for the IG. I love their tanks, but am neither well off nor have I a well ventilated work area. :cries:

After Guard would probably be Space Marines for tanks. Their tanks are based on two hulls. The Rhino and the Land Raider. There are multiple variants for each hull like the IG, but not as many, and as someone else said the strength of Marines is in the Tactical Squad.

Tau and Eldar have powerful tank options, but no variety and they all fly. That may not be the kind of tank you are looking for. If it is great! Their tanks can pound the enemy without mercy, but are more fragile in the armor department.

Chaos has mostly the same, but fewer, options as Space Marines, but with spikes added. :p Their defining vehicle is the Defiler. A crustacean looking walker that can tear things apart with its giant claws.

Orks don't have traditional armor. Their armor is cobbled together from the scraps left on the battlefield when the fighting ends. It can be powerful, but tends to me more fragile due to the ramshackle nature of it. If you like to convert things Orks can't be beat. Anything you make is a viable Ork vehicle. :evilgrin:

Tyranids are all biological weapons (critters and bugs) so don't bother if tanks are your thing.

Good luck.

18-10-2008, 14:17
Eldar - you have lots of exotic units if that is what you are into. You can have your entire army on jetbikes if you want, with every third jetbike having a heavy weapon. You can then have transports and flying tanks.

Tau as a tank army - not really, they have no variety in weaponary.

Imperial guard - good as a tank army, especially if your opponent will allow the use of an Armoured company :D

Fully Mechanised Space Marines - don't play spacemarines, end of story :p

18-10-2008, 19:52
Imperial Guard, with lots of armored fist troop selections, units in transports and maxed out tanks in heavy/fast attack. You can even get stuff sentinels in the command squad if I remember.

18-10-2008, 20:01
Perhaps Dark eldar? The best lists you can build are nearly entirely transport based, the vehicles in question aren't that tough but you do get lots and you'll be packing enough anti-tank to cripple a warlord titan.

19-10-2008, 04:46
Thanks for all the help guys. It came down to eldar or imperial guard. I think im going to go eldar, i think id prefer the smaller unit count, and i like their style. Though imperial guard are also nice! Now i have go search for a mech eldar list. Thanks again.

the neckbone
19-10-2008, 08:05
yeah um dont bother with actual armoured company cause the only troop choice is leman russ therefore you have no scoring units.
luckily you can still make a mean imperial guard tank army just use chimeras to transport troops
and since imperial guard are getting a vamp soon chimeras will prooly be cheaper or at least better

The Base
19-10-2008, 23:51
IG, using the codex list you can mount every unit inside a Chimera. They are costly but pack a big punch. Move your guys towards the objectives and hope the Chimera keeps them safe. You will need at least 3 to 5 of these for a codex list.

Next the heavy support, Leman Russ' and Basilisks. What better way to clear your path than laying down large templates worth of fire. Only draw back is the Russ is expensive on points. Basilisks however are dirt cheap.

Lastly the fast attack. Hellhounds can just roast enemy infantry en mass. And don't forget sentinels, you are allowed up to 12 of these an in army, and they are only about 10 points more than putting the same gun on an infantry guy.

It is full of strong armor, but is also competitive because you will have few scoring units and also because any enemy army with large number of heavy weapons will probably give you a bloody nose pretty quick.

20-10-2008, 00:15
hi,if i was you i would play IG tank company or tau with 3 hammerheaads but i dont suggest that but you could be able to if you wanted but its not a good idea to play that list so i would play the IG tank company list :D

20-10-2008, 00:29
if you want some nice tanks mixed with decent units i would suggest marines.
either normal or chaos, both have access to one of the best tanks in 40k (land raider) and both have solid troops that arecapable or winning most fire-fights.