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26-04-2005, 21:30
Me and some friends (8 or 9) are having a 2k point tournament. their will be all types of different armies like high elves, dwarves, undead, orcs, empire, beastmen, skaven and not sure yet but possibly brets. so here's my undivided army with a bit of tzeentch:

Chaos Lord great weapon, helm of many eyes, book of secrets, rides in a chariot 373pts
Sorceror lvl 2, dispel scroll, spell familar, barded steed 176pts
Exalted Champion MoT, dispel scroll, spell familiar, great weapon, rides in a chariot 334pts
Aspiring champion banner of wrath 130pts
5 chosen knights full cammand, warbanner 300pts
11 warriors sheilds, musician, champion 183pts
12 warriors halberds, full command 222pts
15 marauders flails, full command 115pts
5 marauder horsemen flails 75pts
6 furies 90 pts

1998 points
60 models
8 power dice
6 dispel dice

The bsb will join the small warriors unit. I'm going to use him first in the magic phase to try and draw out dispel dice. I know the book of secrets sounds knd of stupid but for 40pts on a lord it gives me 1+power dice and 2+ dispel dice, also I can try to cast the small fire spell(don't have a rule book so I don't know the names) with one dice if i have it left over. the chariots will be charging together and the marauder horsemen will be screening the knights. I'm going to have my furies attack warmachines/lone mages as they were designed to do. I gave the tzeentch champion the spell familiar so i can get as many tzeentch spells as possible(ecspecially orange fire *druling*)

plz give you're thoughts they don't have to be long post just any suggestion or comment would be fine.

27-04-2005, 18:17
i like the lord you've taken, exellent flanker and still able to take down small units solo :eek:

what i do not like very much however is the low number of hero's, the bsb is really not worth it and for his points you could field over 10 more marauders!, also you dont have a solid block of infantry to take a charge and you arent all maneuverable either.... i would recommend bumping up one of those warriors to have a larger number of troops so they have ranks ect.. and dont have to rely purely on wounds to win/tie combat which i dont even see happening very often with the infantry units... my way of thinking is, dont make a unit to be a speed bump for your opponent, use it to tie him up and flank with chariots

27-04-2005, 19:59
ok if I drop the bsb and a fury I can get one more warrior in the shield unit, give the horsemen a musician, add another unit of horsemen with a musician and then I can either:
1) give light armour, shields, and add another model to the maruauder unit and give the warriors with halberds shields.

2) get 6 more marauders and give the fury back.

3) add another chosen knight to the unit

4) or get either armour of damnation or warrior familiar and enchanted shield to my lord

5) or buy an extra 3 furies(including the one I dropped for a total of 8)

ahhh so many choices

I need help and the tourny is in like 2 weeks.

27-04-2005, 20:17

Sorry but it seems like the obvious way to decide.

28-04-2005, 19:14
ok I've played some 3 turn games with my friend and I've decided to go with choice number 1 I'll post (or edit in the new army list soon)

edit: here's the revised list doesn't look much different but it is

Chaos Lord great weapon, helm of many eyes, book of secrets, rides in a chariot 373pts
Sorceror lvl 2, dispel scroll, spell familar, barded steed 176pts
Exalted Champion MoT, dispel scroll, spell familiar, great weapon, rides in a chariot 334pts
5 chosen knights full cammand, warbanner 300pts
12 warriors shields, musician, champion 183pts
12 warriors halberd, full command 252pts
16 marauders flails,light armour, shields, full command 153pts
5 marauder horsemen flails, musician 81pts
5 marauder horsemen flails, musician 81pts
5 furies 75 pts

thanks for the advice on the bsb I played a few games with the changes and wow it really helps. the extra fury didn't really make a difference as warmachine crews normally have less than 5 models(at least after combat :D)and the other horsemen unit really helped and the sheilds and light armour give the warriors and marauders more protection from shooting.

any other comments are greatly appreciated

24-05-2005, 15:02
I've found through a number of battles that the Lord at 2,000 points is almost overkill - you can get some Ex Champs for less points, or add ranks or screening units. I have done this recently 4 or 5 times and never really missed the lord character - but this looks like a fun list to play.

24-05-2005, 18:35
I am not crazy about a lord in a chariot. Especially if he has the helm of many eyes. Perhaps you might consider the gaze of the gods. This will protect him better in combat and against cannons etc. You lord will have a bulls-eye on him. This is not so bad because it will stop your elite troopers from getting shot up instead. Besides, you can usually break most units with the impact hits, horses and a charioteer as well a lord.

Be careful about challenges with your lord when you hit units. A small champion can take a beating and still allow his unit to get some atacks back maybe. I might want to run the fast cavalry beside your lord. So that you can really make short work of units.