View Full Version : Best Stormtroopers for a Praetorian Army?

Lamont Cranston
18-10-2008, 03:46

I was just wondering which models you guys/gals thought would make better stormtroopers for a Desert Themed Praetorian Army, the old metal ones that are still available from GW online store or the new Cadian Kasrkins models?

Thanks for your imput,

Admiral Samuel Eden
18-10-2008, 05:49
I really prefer the newer models, but its all a matter of opinion.

18-10-2008, 06:57
There was plastic ones in 2nd edition i kinda missed. they had berets on there heads. had a special forces look to em that I think would fit better to your theme then the choices we have now. to bad they discontinued them.

18-10-2008, 10:56
berets would be best. maybe convert some? theres various companys out there will sell you just the heads. add those to cadians and maybe add a more assault style weapon. Check out pig iron and hasslefree for ideas.

Heres one I did (with drop pack and pulse rifle from hasslefree and pig iron head )

18-10-2008, 11:09
If your looking for Preatorian Storm Troopers you could consider using the Empire Pistolier heads on cadian or whatever body suits your theme.

18-10-2008, 11:34
I think there are plastic stormtroopers coming out in afew months. might be worth holding on to your wallet until then.