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18-10-2008, 03:33
Well, I'm bringing back my high elf tactica thread so we can share the wealth of Asur knowledge.

So I found a good tactic that works with MSU of Elite Infantry. If you have 3 units of 7-10, you can put them in what I call the "T" Formation. The idea is to get them in a "t" like formation, having two units being close together and the top unit to top the "t". I tried it against an all cav army. The Cavalry and Fast Cavalry didn't even get a chance to flank, getting chopped down by the swordmasters and white lions and the spearmen on the far flanks. I also ran a couple chariots up the sides of the "T". They smashed down countless amounts of knights, ending in a big horsey mess. Maybe you guys should try it. I'll do some microsoft pain and show you guys how it works.

18-10-2008, 10:58
sounds good i dont quite get the pictur yet but if you make one on paint then it will help to show your idea,

im not a very good tacticly minded person but a few tips
- only bait and flee if it is actualy going to help your position and not lead them straight into your week units
- for the frst few turns of shooting then you want to try and wipe out units and corse panic and in the later turns then you want to remove ranks of as mean units as posible so your cc stuff can beet them down easyer
- dont jus play a gun line, if you just try and gun line then you wont ever get the big wins and will always be on the back foot, have enough shooting to make the enamy have to think about cove and to take out anythign that is thretaning your flanks but also have enough combat potential to take the fight to them, this dosnt meen charging straght at them, i find going to the ceter of the battle feild then leting them make up the rest fo the distence, this way you get a bit more shooting on them and you will still strike first
- my last point, its nice to take part in all phases of the game and can be very benificial but almost all of the new armys and lots of the older ones realy do have more potential to get spells of so to save points it might be best to onyl have a lvl 1 cady giving you more points for shootign and cc stuff. to be honest DE LM demons VC TK skaven all have more magic potential and they are the armys that are often played more now but that depends on your invoromant if you play against ogers and empire then you might be able to out shine there magic

Dragon Prince of Caledor
20-10-2008, 14:19
I dont like taking units of ten spearmen or elites too easy to be shot to crap. With ASF I dont find it as necesary to take tiny units (none larger than 15 though minus spearmen). The idea of a T formation sounds effective against cavalry.

21-10-2008, 09:23
At a risk of sounding obvious -assuming that your tactics/charge arcs/etc will allow- get your Swordmaster units to have a frontage of 7. Do not take loads of them to get rank bonuses and don't bother with any command models unless you've got a funky magic item lined up (the "banner of move through cover" is always a laugh) or you're thinking that you might have to have a mage join their unit during the game, or something similar.

A good fighter on a Griffon will do almost as much damage as a guy on a Dragon and they don't use up 2 of your Hero/Lord choices, either.

BTW, it might sound obvious, but how do heroes in chariots work? e.g.:
If you take as many chariots as you can have as your only Special choices, but you then want to have Heroes/Lords in chariots too, do the chariots being used as their mounts count towards your Special choices, or not? I don't think that they do, but I think others disagree.

21-10-2008, 09:48
Chariots are chosen for characters the same as a horse- doesnt take a special anymore (and the flipside is chariots are no longer 2 for 1 slot).

How'd the T formation hold up againt shooting?

I dont dont run Elves as mutual support isnt necessary with ASF and high damage output; instead tend to scatter them to minimise enemy shooting. teams of two seem to work nicely. At mv 5 your enemy will also be forced to expose flanks when moving to engage you.

on another note I tried a lord build i was quite happy with- blade of leaping gold & talisman of loec. Great unit slayer

Dragon Prince of Caledor
22-10-2008, 17:55
swordmasters are good in 14 seven across with no command. I give phoenix guard the banner of sorcery to up my magic phase. I give my white lions the banner of i am not afraid of anything/ immune to panic and i give the champion the gem of courage. That makes for a rock hard unit. I like baiting people; especially knights and then charging. Even with ASF. Combining charges with chariots and knights are devastating but chariots make great bait so long as they wont flee into your own units. I aways take two birds. They are so versatile; wizard/war machine hunting, march blocking, adding some extra strength four attacks, and even protecting endangered flanks. Now that we are on the topic of Asur specifically it reminds me that my spearmen always die even though i usually win. How can i keep them alive?/ make better use of them?

22-10-2008, 21:52
although with the asur you have to worry about every loss (becus of the high points cost). i wouldnt worry about the deaths of the spears. they are the cheepist thing we have so it is almost always better that they die rather than anythign els in your army and if you are wining then there really is nothing rong with losign them, the only thing you can really do to improve your spears life span is to put a hero in with them or use the magic spell that gives them a ward save. you could always screen them with a white lion unit :)