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18-10-2008, 03:37
Well with no BoC tactica around, I thought we should have one. Share the tactics, the bashin, and the all powerful power of Chaos.

18-10-2008, 15:00
Annoy people by fielding Morghur and surrounding him with loads of units of 5 Chaos Hounds!

Chicago Slim
19-10-2008, 02:05
Khorne-marked Chariots. 10 of them.

19-10-2008, 05:27
4 Tzeentch-marked chariots ridden by 4 tzeentch-marked characters with full gear. Pray the enemy doesn't have anything with S7.

19-10-2008, 11:51
4 Tzeentch-marked chariots ridden by 4 tzeentch-marked characters with full gear. Pray the enemy doesn't have anything with S7.

Sorry buddy, but in BoC only lord level gors may ride chariots. If you're gonna offer duff advice do it properly...

Well, I've read the best way to beat DoC and elves is massed missiles.

Tzeentch is the obvious choice then. Take the biggest, baddest, worst choice for general; a shaggoth lord.

Obviously he'll want some combat resolution so lets put him in a unit of bestigor (terror immunity, yay) with a tzeentch bsb. For more killiness lets have poison attacks. This block is slow so we'll add a brayshaman in a support herd with staff of darkoth. Those tzaangor are a fast unit so lets add beast banner to the bsb.

Going back to the original advice we need shooting. This means maxing out on centigors (good redirectors) and tzeentch spawn (breath weapon is magical flames, a good thing for etherals).

Chariots are good against ASF and for snipeing characters so we'll add a tzeentch one and an undivided one to fill out our points.

Tzeentch shaggoth: extra hand weapon, light armour
Tzeench bsb: heavy armour, banner of beasts
in 20 Tzaangor full command, vitriolic totem.

bray shaman: level 2, staff of darkoth, dispell scroll
in 12/8 herd full command

tzeentch chariot
undivided chariot

4x5 centigor. musician, throwing axes

2 tzeentch spawn

10pd, 5dd, 1 scroll
1997 points.

Now thats a well thought out really terrible army and fully legit as far as I can see :angel:

If you'd like real advice instead of this tripe, head to the herdstone (http://z2.invisionfree.com/herdstone/)

19-10-2008, 16:34
Sorry buddy, but in BoC only lord level gors may ride chariots. If you're gonna offer duff advice do it properly...

Not everyone plays 2K

19-10-2008, 18:45
Not everyone plays 2K

True, but there is a decent chance at 4k+ your opponent will have some strength 7.

On a more serious note (mainly concerning 2kish games):

Army selection:
Giants, minotaurs, hounds and chariots are all good choices.

Slaanesh (best lore) great bray shaman in a small slaangor unit is good in an army lead by an undivided wargor (for undivided minotaurs and cherry picking marks).

Don't go over board with khorne chariots; maybe take a couple for snipeing weak characters, but generally most your chariots should be undivided.

Don't over-rate ambush.

Doombull armies are also good (core minotaurs). Bestigors or 5 ogres are arguably the best place to put a doombull (look out sir).

Use characters for a support role as generally they are not combat monsters.

Gameplay tips:
Consider panic lines/bubbles when moving troops.

Try to make ambushed units land behind expected enemy flee paths.

If combo charging a herd and a chariot delcare the chariot first. If you do not then the herd will absorb all the enemy frontage leaving no space for the chariot.

Generally herds will not get rank bonus when charging small frontages (monsters, lone characters, cav flanks or during combo charges). If you are going to charge and only rank up 4 wide you want to be sure you are going to win the first round of combat so you can expand frontage.

Use chariots in combo charges to deal ASF troops.

All your units should be cheap. Every unit in a BoC army can be considered sacrificial should the need arise.

20-10-2008, 01:55
Wow, I like the Shaggoth army. It sounds nasty so maybe I'll run that list once in a while. I also like the Slannesh Shaggoth with GW and light Armor. He's a Str 7 beast with ASF! That would be the ONLY reason I'd ever run Slaanesh. I Also like the Khorngors with Khorne BSB with Beast Banner. You get the charge, you have 18 attacks! Most are STR 6 which means, lots of dead units. Its completely worth it against Rank-And-File troops or infantry heavy armies like skaven.

20-10-2008, 11:59
The shaggoth army was kind of a joke... there isn't enough 'real' units in it.

I wouldn't completely write anything slaanesh that isn't a shaggoth. As I said slaanesh is arguably one of the top lores in the game.

If you like the slaanesh shaggoth, perhaps you could have him and 3 slaanesh bray shaman as the basis of your army?

20-10-2008, 13:52
Can a shaggoth character in centigors move through woods?

20-10-2008, 16:57
no. the unit always moves with the slowest speed. which is the decimated shaggoth speed.

21-10-2008, 02:01
Well at 7, sure. But can the unit move through woods?

21-10-2008, 12:35
'move through woods' is a rule for centigor units. Even if a shaggoth joins them the unit is still a centigor unit, so I'm not sure if they forfeit this rule. I guess this is similar to how fast cav don't lose their fast cav rule when a character joins them?

EDIT: even if the shaggoth doesn't gain this rule, you can always have him pokeing out the side of the wood, so he wouldn't be slowed down, right? :D

21-10-2008, 18:55
When a High Elf character (like a mage) joins a unit of White Lions, I have never seen them slow down, so I wouldn't expect a Shaggoth to either.

22-10-2008, 04:45
Does he get drunk?