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18-10-2008, 04:40
In the UK every store I've visited is happy to exchange products if it is unopened (in the clear wrapping), I was wondering if this extends to Australia as I'm currently in Singapore on my way to Australia and have 3 boxes of 5 Pink Horrors (AUS$33 each) and wondered if I could exchange them for something else (I don't want my money back). If it makes any difference I'll be visiting a GW around Brisbane, probably Chermside.

Thanks for any help.

18-10-2008, 05:28
I used to buy stuff on sale in the US and then take it to GW stores in Canada to get stuff I really wanted. Especially if I knew it was a huge price discrepancy.

Of course, then GW Canada lowered their prices, GW US raised theirs, and the Canadian dollar sank thanks to the US Stomach Flu of an Economy.

It was fun while it lasted - MINIATURES ARBITRAGE!

18-10-2008, 06:15
Na, that won't happen around here. Not with independent retailers anyway. For all I know GW stores could be a different matter (we don't have one in my town) but I doubt it.

18-10-2008, 07:45
As long as its still in the strink wrap, you can exchange it for something else of same value.

At least thats the policy of the GW at Hornsby.


18-10-2008, 08:13
(for the below please note I am not well versed in consumer law and am only interpreting as best I can)

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (http://www.accc.gov.au) has details on the laws and rights consumers have in regards to returns/refunds and whatnot. These are statutory rights upheld by law, and signs in shops saying simply 'no refund' or the like don't hold water if they would violate these statutory rights.
The document for consumers is here (http://www.accc.gov.au/content/item.phtml?itemId=792149&nodeId=d95cca31e65abbd498cf96806b0f839f&fn=Refunds.pdf).

Essentially from that document, as there is nothing wrong with the product in itself, and it doesn't seem to fit any of the other clauses where you can return it (and from what I can tell you didn't even buy it in Australia) you're not really covered by the law. Essentially you're trying to return it because you've changed your mind, which is one of the specific exclusions they mention.

There are also state specific laws around fair trading, the Queensland version is here (http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/OFT/OFTWeb.nsf/web+pages/72B8E5F06BACB9374A256B57002052FE?OpenDocument&L1=Business)

I can't see anything in the QLD one that gives you more options either.

The store itself may be willing to organise something with you if you approach them the right way about it, but from what I can tell you're not able to simply walk in and demand an exchange from them and expect them to have to comply.

Hope this helps - as I mentioned I'm not a lawyer or anything so my post should be only taken as an attempt to provide the info for your own reading and use. [/disclaimer]

18-10-2008, 09:16
As above, there is always the law.

18-10-2008, 11:00
I don't think I'm covered under law in the UK either, but they tend to be quite understanding. I think it's something to do with the fact that it's a hobby where it's fairly easy for someone to get you the wrong thing as a present (eg, I got given a Imperial Rhino whilst I collected Chaos). I'll find out in a couple of days I imagine.

18-10-2008, 11:04
wont be covered by the laws mentioend sa he bought them in Singapore so therefore wont count i would have though. on the other sie, of course they will

18-10-2008, 15:05
As above, there is always the law.

Indeed. As per the long legal quote, I would completely any common sense in this matter and move to bring an attorney with you when making the return.

All GW stores will take back unopened current range product.

Who quotes long legal stuff anyway?