View Full Version : Two 1000 pt army lists (what do you think?)

18-10-2008, 04:25
Here are two 1000 point army lists for my dark elves and my empire armies. Any critiques, thoughts, and advice would be appreciated!

1000 point Empire Army

Captain of the Empire
full plate, shield, warhorse, von horstmann's speculum, talisman of protection
115 pts

10 greatswords
full command
130 pts

8 Knights
full command, banner of valor
254 pts

20 halberdiers
full command
120 pts

detatchment for halberdiers:
5 handgunners
40 pts

11 crossbows
full command
108 pts

1 hell blaster volley gun
110 pts

1 warrior priest
great weapon, heavy armor, icon of magnus

total: 1000 pts

1000 point Dark Elf Army
heavy armor, shield, sword of might, talisman of protection, enchanted shield
129 pts

2 bolt throwers
200 pts

10 repeater crossbows
100 pts

15 spearmen
full command, shields, warbanner
175 pts

5 cold one knights
full command, standard of slaughter
210 pts

11 witch elves
full command, witchbrew, warbanner
185 pts

Total: 999 pts

So, what does everyone think?

Lord Dan
18-10-2008, 04:58
Empire list:

Make the crossbowmen a detachment for the halberdiers by dropping a model, and adding a handgunner to the other detachment. This way they don't cause panic if they choose to run around the table. Otherwise it looks like a fun 1,000 point list.

Dark Elf List:

I see nothing wrong with this list apart from the fact that you paid for both a shield and the enchanted shield on your Master.

18-10-2008, 05:43
drop can horstmans spec...noob item...

as for the De's mabey a mage will do better since it is very ranged

18-10-2008, 06:03

Drop the talisman from the captain. VHS is probably unnecessary in a 1K game, because very few things will have better stats then him, and you could use the extra points for troops.

Give the priest the armor of meteoric iron over the heavy armor.

Swap the greatswords and halberdiers for swordsmen. Take your missile units as detachments for these swordsmen blocks (no command in missile units, huge waste of points).

Give the knights the war banner. Drop 3 or 4 to help pay for more foot soldiers, because you do not need a huge unit of knights. Consider making them IC if you have the points.

Drop the helblaster for outriders, or a great cannon or mortar, depending on points and models available to you.