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18-10-2008, 11:11
After playing 40k for a couple of years, ive decided to try my hand at fantasy, and so started daemons. Now admitedly ive never been good at thinking up tactics, And in the case of daemons its proving very difficult.

The problem is i know i want to include all the gods, with my main 2 being khorne and nurgle. And i know i want either a Great unclean one or lord of change to lead my army. The only option i dont like are horrors (i dislike the models) .

So my idea for my army would be to use plague bearers as my main core choice with herald for regenerate, then aside them use deamonetts or bloodletters (depending on oponents toughness). I see this working s the plague bearers holding up units for as long as pssible until the other units can come in for the kill.

I can see a herald on juggernaught with blood crushers to take out tougher oponents. maybe just a herald alone (not sure how this idea would work out)

Hounds and fiends to get something up the table quickly and hopefully take out some vulneralbe units early on. (not sure on how well the 2 units will perform againts different types of opponent)

Flamers for some needed ranged attacks. (not sure on what these will be most effective against)

Other possible otions would be a herald of tzeench on chariot, and quite a few beasts of nurge as i really like them. (not sure how to use these effectively or what to use them against)

Now, this army is based basically on that i like the look of and the background to the units.

My question is would these units work well together against the majority of oponents? (dont really know about other armies as ive not really being interested in fantasy until recently) How could i expant this army or what could i change to make if more effective (still including all gods with a focus on khorne and nurgle)?

19-10-2008, 06:38
In reality, daemons are pretty forgiving when it comes to running a mixed army. I would make the army on theme of some sort. Now you did say that you like the background on the models, and GW made the book in design of running a mixture of powers so you are good there. From there it is up to you as the general to figure out the tactics.

A good place to start is a solid army line of plague bearers. From there, go for your hammer which can be your bloodcrushers. If you want some flank security, go with the fiends or fleshhounds or seekers. For the heros' and lord go with what model and theme you like the best.

Before I even saw the book, I wanted a Tzeentch army with a small mixture of slaanesh, then I tried to make the list work from the theme in mind.