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18-10-2008, 18:52
Hey all

Im getting the dark elf spearhead, and I have access to 10 more of the plastic foot guys, as well as ten witches and ten executioners.

I was wondering, since I dont have the book yet, what else I should pick up, and if this is a good starting place for an army? Is there anything critical I should get, and should I bolster the numbers on the witches and executioners or even take them at all?

Thanks for any help!!

Thomus Darkblade
18-10-2008, 19:08
dark riders and harpies provide critical support for a dark elf force. The rest really is up to you. Cold one knights or a hydra are good heavy hitters, and will speed up your list. If you're looking to go more defensive, reaper bolt throwers are a good way to force the enemy to come to you. And if you want to support your infantry. You should get an assassin or 2 and a cauldron of blood.

Dark elves are quite possibly the most flexible army in the game. so you can really do whatever you want with them. What models do you like? what kinda of force do you want to play?

18-10-2008, 19:27
Executioners are not very good, sadly. Low armor, low toughness, high cost, and they are all armed with great weapons. Black Guard are so much better that it is hard to justify using executioners, and you only have 1 ASF banner to go around.

I agree that dark riders and harpies are amazing. A couple units of each is all you will ever need (well, maybe 3 dark riders for a pure mounted force), and you will never regret using them.

For killing power, CO knights, GW shades, or a war hydra are all great choices that are very difficult for your opponent to avoid. ASF black guard or executioners hit plenty hard, but are easier to dance around.

18-10-2008, 21:06
Thomus - Thanks for the tips. I probably will use the cold ones and Hydra since they are in the spearhead. I have n o idea what the Hydra does and Im surprised to hear that is a faster unit. I assumed it was big and slow, especially since it has (im guessing) movement 5 buddies tagging along on foot. Ten inches is still pretty fast in this game though, just not cav fast.

How many dark riders are a good unit? Are they the typical fast attack that is good in 5 or should htey be heavier for fighting. What do you equip them with?

Kalec - I posted this over on Dakka too and got the same expression toward executioners. A guy made some good comments about how other units are better for the same cost.

You mention shades, which are those. Are they the plastic guys that come in the spearhead, or a metal unit?

Thanks guys for the help!

19-10-2008, 02:23
Don't know if they are in the spearhead or not. All I know is that they are WS5, M5 skirmishers with great weapons and hatred. And they tend to carry an assassin with them.

reign beaux
19-10-2008, 10:29
shades are metals they now come in a box of 5 the cheapest i can find is 10.80 pounds and they aren't in the spearhead it was only the new models.
i personally love assassins and would field at least one probably in shades cos you can get them where they need to be and he can have 5-7 attacks at str4-6 and he can have a cloaked stead of shadows so he can scout and marchblock or rip an entire rank off a weak unit from behind or rip up some warmachine crew turn 1 to get rid of those annoying artillery units. But that's just me