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18-10-2008, 20:32
Hello there. Been a bit curious on adding some new units to my army. Ive bought me a Doomdiver and thinking about getting me some 5 squigherds (25 total US). Counting on it.. 150p for a unit of 25 with a front of 2A WS4 S5, immune to psychology and explodes if broken sounds pretty damn good to me? So..they cant use full command.. BooHooohOoooooo! I will use them 6 wide to get as much teeth in, or possibly 7 depending on opponent. Also some more artillery is a good thnig i think.. Will have to remove my trusty(yeah right) giant but i think its better gamewise. The giant usually just dies from shooting and casues panic or is useless in some other way. But hes cool and took me months to paint tho.. Sigh..

Well this is my new plan of an allcommer list. Any ideas or comments on what i could change? I would love to have some more magic but its so hard getting in there.. I got two magic weapons if i need to deal with Etherials. Better than nothing!

WAAAAGH Murdakk Da Fist of Gork!!!

Savage Orc Warboss 295 Pts
Akk'rit Axe, Iron Gnashas, Effigy of Mork
Boar Chariot
(Killing Blow for dealing with Regenerating stuff, chop chop)

Goblin Big Boss 135 Pts
One Hit Wunda, Triksy Trinket
Wolf Chariot
(No wardsaves you evil daemons! I hope i manage my feartest..)

Black Orc Big Boss 164 Pts
Heavy Armour, BSB, Morks Spirit Totem

Night Goblin Shaman LvL1 100 Pts
2 Dispel Scrolls/ Steal Dice

25 Orc Boyz 180 Pts
Full Command, Sh

24 Orc Boyz 174 Pts (BSB here)
Full Command, Sh

24 Orc Boyz 198 Pts
2 choppas, Full Command. 6 wide.

20 Night Goblins 80 Pts (Hanging around mostly)
Shortbow, FC

10 Goblin Wolf Riders 170 Pts
Spear, Shield, Full Command
(These guys rocks, they won me many games and have almost allways made something useful. I know most people shivers at a gobbo unit like this wanting them fast cav.)

5 Goblin Wolf Riders 65 Pts
Short Bow; Light Armour

5 Goblin Wolf Riders 65 Pts
Short Bow; Light Armour

5 Goblin Spider Riders 76 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield; Musician

5 Squigherder Teams (15 Squigs 10 Herders) 150Pts
(munch munch)

7 Squig Hoppers 105 Pts

1 Stone Troll 60 Pts

(I think this is a proper ammount of artillery for various targets)
2 Spear Chukka 80 Pts

1 Rock Lobber 70 Pts

1 Doom Diver 80 Pts
Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3
Models in Army: 175
Total Army Cost: 2247

18-10-2008, 22:25
Seems like a good army, a wolfrider unit like that which works well.....hmmm Id better test that sometime. Personally I would rather have 10 arrer boyz than 20 nightgoblins with shortbows the orcs high tougness makes them hard in any shootout and they can deal a little damage if the enemy comes close, but I quess that depends on what you like.

BTW you have written it all wrong on your summary it should be at least 6dispell dice not three.

19-10-2008, 09:05
i wanted a unit of NG to mill around looking all out of place to be in the way and try get some flank or such. Allways good to have that +5 CR walking around. Shortbows are just because the models have them (skullpass).

Ah yes but the 3 extra DD are added later. But yeah, it will mostly be 6 DD. 6-7 depending if iim going for the sneaky staff or not. Lately i felt that 2 scrolls are more useful against all the heavy spells. TK will be a bit annoying tho..hmm..